Traitors, Murderers, and Scum

There apparently persists a dwindling cadre of sniveling twits who know little and care less about the real world — the kind of self-satisfied sucklings who still live in mom’s basement, wear pocket protectors, and attend Libertarian meetings on Friday evenings because they can’t get a date – who argue Open Borders are great, 10 or 20 of 50 million illegals practicing identity theft and rape and machete murder and homicide-by-drunk-driving are no problem (the victim dies, I run away to Mexico for a few weeks, come back with a new name, “No Problem”), and that ANY level of immigration-law enforcement is bad because it “empowers the fascist state” and “makes some Hispanic people nervous.”

It makes you want to round up a few and cage them, so we can prove to our grandchildren that such curiously inbred creatures — urging the suicide of the very culture that gave them birth and made them affluent enough that they didn’t need to work at anything productive, leaving them at leisure to sit around theorizing about such barf — once walked the earth.

The mostly Hispanic Cuban-American population of Dade County, Florida don’t seem real nervous. Their support of Donald Trump and his promised crackdown on illegal aliens and restoration of a Great America (slashing of regulations, liberating coal and oil from the brainless superstition of “global warming,” reciprocal tariffs, ending forced technology transfers, etc.) was largely responsible for his carrying the crucial state of Florida in 2016.

You can’t get a lot more “Hispanic” or “Latino” than Cesar Chavez (1927-1993), organizer of the United Farm Workers. Yet Chavez led numerous delegations and demonstrations to the southern border, insisting that our immigration laws be enforced, since he knew illegal alien labor was undercutting his attempts to get better wages for his members.

Enforcement of our immigration laws didn’t seem to make Cesar Chavez “nervous.” Did it make him “a racist”?

In fact, it’s now projected Donald Trump may carry as much as 50 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2020: . . .

. . . despite all the cynical Democrat-RINO-Globalist-U.S. Chamber of Commerce-Lying Lamestream Media propaganda about “American families living in fear and terror.” And if he does that, he will finish blowing the Democrat party and their captive communist news networks to shards.


So perhaps we should ask these mewling dweebs who it is who’s really “nervous.”

Is anyone asking those who claim to be “nervous” whether they voted for the Far-Left, Open Borders politicians who created the “sanctuary jurisdictions” that welcomed so many illegals that we’d now have to deport 20,000 a day just to get most of them out in four years?

They’re “nervous” today? Can you envision what an operation deporting 20,000 illegals a day – the endeavor now made necessary by 30 years of politicians lying to us about how they were going to “secure the border” — will LOOK LIKE?

“A little nervous”?

Has anyone asked these supposedly “nervous” Nellicitos how THEY would get rid of 20 million illegals? It never occurred to any of these supposedly “nervous Latinos,” supposedly now living in “fear and terror” (Ha!) to ask, 10 or 20 years ago “Gee, are you sure we want to harbor and encourage this many illegals? When the pendulum finally starts to swing back and the American citizenry rises up and demands we deport 20 million alien invaders (the only other reasonable solution being to watch 19 million self-deport after the first million are hanged from trees and lamp posts), hasn’t it occurred to you that the methods used to accomplish that might cause some of us to be inconvenienced or “made a bit nervous”?

Did you put it in writing? America has always been among the most generous nations on earth when it comes to accepting legal immigrants, who apply and enter by the rules. Yet you contend the nation doesn’t have a right to question such would-be newcomers about their loyalties, their desire to blow up buildings or overthrow our government or replace our legal system, about their parasites or infectious diseases, their grasp of and dedication to our Constitution, the skills or assets that will keep them off the public dole?

Please show me how you protested the blatant, snickering, sneering violations of one of our most basic, sensible, generous, Constitutional sets of laws over a 30-year period – the failure to honor sworn duty and solemn vows that got us to this point.

How about California state Senate Leader Kevin de Leon? He didn’t seem to be too “nervous” to declare he has illegal alien family members living in California.

Has he turned them in? If not, doesn’t that make him an accessory to their ongoing crimes? Doesn’t that mean he should be in jail, awaiting trial? He OUGHT to be nervous. But he’s actually not nervous at all (yet), is he?


In fact, even the ILLEGALS — who the communists/globalists constantly try to purposely conflate (mix up) with legal residents — don’t seem very nervous, to me. I still see them waving to get my attention just outside the nursery supply store and the U-Haul truck rental, hoping I’ll hire them for day work. I still see the lined up at the post office (where signs IN SPANISH welcome their business) to send their “remittances” to Mexico – draining money out of our economy, where the local restaurant owner and clothing store and car dealer used to expect most of those wages to STAY and CIRCULATE in our local towns.

If ICE really wanted to get the job done, wouldn’t they start by staking out and questioning people who send “remittances” to Mexico or Central America? Probable cause to run their IDs through E-Verify, in any sane world where judges want criminals to be caught, surely.

Don’t our judges want criminals to be caught? Yes, protect the rights of the innocent, by all means. But don’t they want criminals to be apprehended and punished? If not, aren’t they in the wrong trade? Shouldn’t they resign or be removed?

If the food at a local eatery suddenly goes downhill, ask if the kitchen staff got rounded up and deported, and when they’re expected back. In actual Las Vegas cases where local immigration attorneys and judges have told me the details, the food gets better again because they’re back in about two weeks.

Gosh, they sure seem “nervous” about our “draconian police state” immigration enforcement system, which gives them a paid trip home and then allows them to keep returning four, five, six, seven times, World Without End!

The obvious answer to the complaint that illegal aliens are “getting nervous?” Like a hundred lawyers drowned on the ocean floor, “It’s a good start.”

“You really think we need to build a WALL?!” the simpering gerbils ask, their whistling, high-pitched voices full of ridicule.

Actually, since you’ve purposely and criminally delayed it so long (while ASSURING us “Of COURSE ‘Job One’ is to secure the southern border!” —

( )

— the job may now require a double wall with minefields in between. So you can drop your tone of fake incredulity, asswipes. The President and the military are charged first and foremost with “protecting us from invasion,” right? You expect them to do it with pamphlets, Pampers, and baby food? Doesn’t this nation have any tanks?

(Democrat Congresscritter Shelley Berkley once spouted this lie to my face in a Review-Journal editorial-board meeting, in front of multiple witnesses. “Of course we’ll start by securing the Southern border,” she said. “Are you going to use land mines?” I asked. She displayed a look of absolute horror. “No one’s talking about THAT,” she said. Well then what the hell were they talking about? If I promised you I was going to “secure a border,” and it turned out TWENTY MILLION people had slipped across on my watch, inconvenienced by nothing but the local topography, would you give me a gold star on my report card and send me off to my next assignment with a glowing “job well done”?)

Rather than repealing our immigration laws (which they could certainly try if they wanted), Democrats try to block EVERY attempt to ENFORCE the laws they themselves participated in enacting. Why not call a vote on repeal — to repeal EVERY EXISTING IMMIGRATION LAW? Afraid your endless obstruction wouldn’t look so good, after you lost that vote 400-to-30?

If the Trump administration tries to house these uninvited invaders — with square meals and free diapers, at taxpayer expense — till their almost universally bogus “asylum” claims can be heard, you go to court, shopping for selected Democrat district judges in Hawaii or San Francisco who’ll order them all given a free bus trip to Kansas City within three days (especially if they rented a child and dragged her along) while you meantime accuse our overworked border guards of “operating concentration camps.”

Really. They’re actually willing to degrade, belittle, and trivialize the HOLOCAUST, by implying the Nazis were merely (reluctantly, you understand, but out of their innate humanity and generosity) providing free room and board to the Jews of Europe, who swarmed to the gates of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, begging and demanding to be let in for the “employment opportunities.”

Really. My assigned deranged weasel Friday called the places where America feeds, clothes and shelters the unwanted “guests” invading across our southern border by the tens of thousands (visitors who are welcome to leave and go home at any time) “concentration camps.”

The world pauses to blink in wonder.

What if the desperately overworked (in 110-degree heat) Border Patrol told you, “Gosh, we didn’t want to be accused or ‘running concentration camps,’ so the 650 we caught today? All shot while trying to escape. Is that better?”

You haven’t left the basement to spend a lot of time out in the real world, have you? Think everyone trying to storm across our borders is a basically nice person? Heard about the young D.C. couple who decided to bicycle through Africa and Asia to “prove evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own”?


But things like that don’t happen in the basement, do they? Nobody REALLY dies in the video games. And it’s FUN to call hard-working Border Patrol agents (who continually risk their lives to rescue invaders abandoned by “coyotes” in desert and river) “Nazis,” Isn’t it? Makes you feel so “grown up”!

But should we ask why the seven-time-felon drug addict arrested as Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez (later revealed to actually be José Inez García Zárate — oh, he has LOTS of names) was allowed back in the country a SIXTH TIME to murder Kate Steinle down by the harbor in San Francisco in July of 2015 with a stolen gun, after said junkie was deported FIVE TIMES, we’ll be told by our assigned sniveling “Open Borders” weasel “I can’t comment because I don’t have any facts about that. I don’t have to answer that; I don’t have to offer any solutions because I’m not political, I’m just Socratic, I just use the Socratic method.”

Really. One of these whining dickheads told me that, just yesterday: Friday, August 16th. Is there a Mount Rushmore for simpering twits? Because I think we have a nominee.

(Zarate was found innocent by a San Francisco jury, of course — they ruled there was “no intent” to murder anyone when Zarate just started firing off rounds into the crowd at random. Don’t you just love this “no intent” defense? It seems to be working so well for the Clinton Crime Family — Hillary had no INTENT to profit by tens of millions of dollars in bribes thinly disguised as donations to the Clinton Foundation when she sold off our uranium to the Russians; the FBI had no INTENT to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States. I’m sure it’ll work for me next time I get pulled over for “expired auto registration,” don’t you think? Or if I decide to start dropping 40-pound cinder blocks off a highway overpass onto the cars passing below? After all, I wouldn’t be doing it with the “intent” to kill any SPECIFIC driver.)


Nor did I know Kate Steinle’s murder was so obscure — I’m pretty sure it was in all the papers. But I guess news of the real-world activities of our prized “undocumented guest workers” isn’t considered a welcome contaminating influence on all our fine theories in the Cloud-Cuckooland of mom’s basement.

How about these FACTS?

“The accused 45-year-old shooter, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez” (later Jose Garcia Zarate) “admitted to killing Steinle in a jailhouse interview with reporters, saying he was on sleeping pills when he found the gun wrapped in a T-shirt on the ground on July 1,” reported the New York Daily News. (Right. This guy didn’t STEAL the stolen government service pistol which could be sold for a couple hundred bucks in half the bars in town. No, no, it just got left, wrapped in a T-shirt, lying on the ground at the Embarcadero! Of course!)

“Federal authorities say Lopez-Sanchez, whose criminal history includes seven prior felony convictions, is an undocumented immigrant who has been deported from the U.S. five times, most recently in 2009.”

“Undocumented immigrant,” (the term heavily favored by the sniveling soyboy cadre) actually meaning “illegal alien,” of course.

Deported five times? But the twits on the left whimper that our current enforcement of immigration laws (actually deporting fewer people than under Barack Obama) is “draconian . . . too harsh . . . pays no attention to due process . . . makes some people nervous?” Have you ever heard of anyone “deported a fifth time” from Russia? From Switzerland? From any other country? I don’t think so.

Except for the most serious and depraved felonies, for a judge to show mercy to a first-time convict is admirable. But when our courts no longer impose sentences calculated to make third and fourth offenses unthinkable, they betray civilization itself.

Yes, courts are supposed to protect the innocent. But they’re also supposed to protect society from predators. If a given criminal can laugh at the joke “penalty” he faces while violating a given law the FIFTH TIME, that’s not a “law,” that’s an “optional suggestion.”

We can see the results in front of our eyes. In the “sanctuary” jurisdictions of Commiefornia and once beautiful Seattle, tens of thousands of depraved, diseased, and dangerous people now live on the streets, defecate and discard their hypodermics on the sidewalks.

This second video — about how Seattle is dying — takes a little time. (You don’t have to watch all the way through.) But both these videos are stunning and vital. .

These are no longer safe places to raise a family. The police and “code enforcers” try. They literally arrest the same offenders scores of times. For their trouble, they are ridiculed and assaulted.

The cities are already unsafe at night. But of course the ruling class is driven home four night a week (they no longer work Fridays, really) to gated and guarded communities — they’re “protected.” In less than 50 years, they’ve duck-marched these jurisdictions back to the kind of squalor last known before the French Revolution.

But it’ll be OK. Just “use the Socratic method.” Play 20 questions with that inconvenient adult, use “verbal jiu-jitsu” like you learned in the seminar with the midget in the blue blazer, pretending you’re Hamilton Burger or that great, whining defender of Communist spies, Joseph N. Welch: . . .

( ) . . .

. . . sidestepping all inconvenient facts, evidence, and real-world concerns, wheedling and whining at those who oppose open borders, asking “What is your CLAIM? Is this your CLAIM? Well then wouldn’t your agree . . .” “Well then can’t we conclude . . .”

I’m sure such memorized schoolboy cant, twaddle and windbaggery — along with “case histories” of American citizens supposedly deported by mistake (offered without a single name, date, or place) — will make all these problems and concerns disappear, since any simpering twit can thus easily prove, ipso facto, ad carborundum, ad nauseam, in proper hoc, that anyone who wants to deport these millions of criminals is a police-state fascist.

Just tell ’em that as you frolic about, cross-dressed as a court jester, jingling the bells on your toes while spinning your “socratic method” like a pastel parasol. Oh! how your fellow peg boys will swoon!

That’ll shut ’em up. Providing you remember not to answer any questions asked of YOU, of course. As with Sandy Occasional Cortex, it always seems to work out so poorly if you try to ANSWER any questions, what with you not actually, well . . . knowing anything.

In fact, the law should be quickly changed so that illegal alien adults found in the country a third time after being deported twice are promptly sentenced to be hanged by the neck until dead (no more merry-go-round “deportations,” no need to warehouse million of illegals in our prisons for decades at taxpayer expense) — with appeals allowed based only on claims of mistaken identity.

(After all, they will by then have been granted every advantage of “due process” — and warned in several languages of the likely consequences of their persistence — THREE TIMES. What more can reason and rationality require?)

Maybe that’ll finally make a few of these felons demonstrate to the simpering remnant what it means to actually appear “nervous” at the prospect of being caught violating our immigration laws . . . a third time.

Worried we may not be able to identify them properly? The second time you deport them, brand or tattoo them. A target on the forehead might work, with a “Dead or Alive” bounty should they return again.

Why do we need that law? Because make no mistake: The righteous anger of the American people after being lied to about this crap for 30 years by mincing pantywaists like you is about to boil over. If the law isn’t changed, that sentence is still going to be increasingly imposed, just (unfortunately) with a lot less “due process.”

Why have civilizations historically favored laws, courts and judges imposing death sentences, despite their frequent selective use by The State? Because they substitute for an older form of justice, in which groups of men simply gathered together, caught miscreants (including those who had raped their women), slit their throats or hanged them from trees.

If laws enacted by consensus after due deliberation are entirely ignored by scofflaws, if there are two tiers of justice (punishment for us, endless “Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free” cards for the government elite), while anyone trying to diligently enforce those laws is denounced as a “racist running concentration camps,” any people will eventually go back to the only alternative for maintaining some semblance of civil order in their communities: vigilance committees, ropes, trees.

Which communities are peaceful? Homogeneous communities. Even though the indigenous residents descended from warlike Norsemen, tourists were never afraid to visit Denmark or Sweden back when those countries were populated primarily by Danes and Swedes. Not now.

Where do we find chaos and violence boiling to the surface? In the presence of masses of un-assimilated aliens, of “cultural diversity.” Cultural “diversity” is unstable, and destabilizing. Cultural “diversity” means chaos and death.

Ask the fans of gun control why crime rates are so low in jurisdictions with NO gun control at all, where ANYONE can carry a concealed firearm without a “permit” — places like Wyoming, Idaho, Vermont, and New Hampshire. They’ll tell you, without blinking an eye, “Oh, you can’t count places like that. They’re not typical. They’re culturally homogeneous.”

Peaceful cultural homogeneity, or cultural “diversity” with constant anger, violence, strife, and blood in the streets? Choose one. Then tell me how you think an American university would fare today if they announced the opening of an “Office of Cultural Homogeneity.”

Unless we let things go even further, of course, as they have with the rapes, the acid attacks, the machete attacks, the “grooming gangs,” the Sharia Patrols, the priest-murders, the church burnings, the no-go zones of Western Europe. Then it means either final surrender, or war. War is how you rid your land of unwelcome invaders, clearing your territory acre by acre, pushing them back, killing those who don’t run away, back where they came from. It doesn’t involve a lot of “due process.” Pantywaists find they can no longer appeal to a cynical socialist District Court judge in Hawaii for an “injunction.”

Ready for that, mincing “Open Borders” fops? Which side will you be fighting on? Or will you just bend over and offer your lubricated rectums to whichever side shows up first?


When we argue to the soyboy squadron that bringing in droves of foreigners from different cultures and air-dropping them into American towns results in a deadly “failure to assimilate,” giving the example of the Somali cop who murdered the innocent and unarmed Justine Diamond in her own back yard in Minnesota, our assigned weasel simpers “I can’t comment because I don’t have any facts about that.”

Wow. The murder of Justine Diamond was another one too obscure to echo through to Mom’s basement?

Here are some FACTS about that: From the passenger seat, bad cop Mohamed Noor — a man imported here from a country with an intolerant, woman-degrading Mohammedan culture who neighbors report was hostile, high-handed and short-tempered with both women and children in his neighborhood — drew his gun while INSIDE THE PATROL CAR and FIRED ACROSS HIS PARTNER’S BODY TO KILL THE UNARMED WOMAN IN HER NIGHTGOWN who had dialed 9-1-1 to report a suspected rape in the alley, as she walked up to the police car.

And the collectivists made this guy (now in prison, and how rare is THAT?) a COP, to prove how proud they were of their DIVERSITY!

And what about this pair of beauties, surfacing just this week – Mauricio Barrera-Navided, 29, and Carlos Palacios-Amaye, 28, charged with repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl in a sanctuary county in Maryland?

Search for “raped 11-year-old girl.” You’ll find these two aren’t even unique! In Masillon, Ohio back in May, police charged illegal alien Juan Leon-Gomez. 26, with raping AND IMPREGNATING an 11-year-old girl. It appears he kept her in his closet.

It’s easy to argue the THEORETICAL niceness of “freedom of travel” and “open borders” if you don’t bother to look at any of the facts about what illegal immigration is doing to this country.

The catalog is endless. See (click on your crime category of choice) or

NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THESE RAPES OR MURDERS of blameless Americans would have occurred if our immigration laws were stringently enforced. NOT ONE.

And we haven’t even STARTED on Female Genital Mutilation; ISIS infiltrators, Muslims who want to impose Sharia law, murder daughters who dare to “date outside the faith,” blow things up and establish the New Caliphate; MS-13 machete murders and gang initiation crimes, illegal alien African “Lyft” and “Uber” drivers who rape their passengers . . .

You ask these prancing pinheads, these dwellers in a make-believe world of evidence-free, fact-free “socratic” argument “What’s YOUR solution to 20 million illegal aliens — all of whom have come in since the guys on YOUR SIDE promised Ron Reagan that if he signed an amnesty for 2.9 million illegals in 1986 it would be “one time only, never happen again, absolutely guaranteed,” because you’d “make it illegal for employers to hire illegal aliens” and that you’d further “seal the border”?

These masturbating monkeys reply that they’re not sure that number is right, and they don’t have to choose between ANOTHER amnesty (which would of course invite 200 million more illegals by 2035) or mass deportations because “I’m not a Democrat so I don’t have to offer any solutions” and furthermore they don’t see that an unrestricted invasion by 10 million, 20 million, 100 million illegal aliens with limited English and without the slightest grasp of our political system or the slightest interest in our culture and traditions, who Californians now allow and urge to vote “Democrat” to destroy that very free-market system to which they’re fleeing, is “really a problem, anyway.”

Did you get that? They believe it’s “not really a problem” — we “don’t have a problem.” The whining little dickhead who insisted on debating me about illegal immigration in Phoenix yesterday (but who claims never to have heard of Kate Steinle, José Inez García Zárate, Justine Diamond, or killer cop Mohamed Noor) actually said that.

Tell that to the Angel Moms, monkey-boys.

You loathsome, demented weasels.

Illegal aliens flooding the public schools till teachers have to cope with a classroom full of kids speaking 20 different languages (one each, you understand), ignorant of even basic American ideas about sanitation, bankrupting our hospital emergency rooms by using them as the family doctor’s office, bringing in Third World diseases not seen in this country for 70 years . . . all “no problem”? Complete disrespect for the rule of law “no problem”? Identity theft on a massive scale “no problem”?

(The little dickhead finally suggested the solution is to turn over our southwestern states — presumably including California — to Mexico, since the Mexican people are “indigenous” here. I replied that (leaving aside the suggested abrogation of the rights of at least 80 million Americans guaranteed by our Constitution a “republican form of government,” as well as the fact that neither Houston nor Phoenix were in fact settled by Mexicans) it wouldn’t do any good, since these invaders don’t WANT to live in Mexico — they’d immediately start sneaking across the NEW border, to enjoy the free-market prosperity of Kansas and Missouri!)

Besides which, what gave the Mexicans the right to overpower the Navajo and Apache? Shouldn’t “Aztlan” be returned to the control of the Apache? Oh, wait, the Apache and the Navajo are Athabascans from the North, who conquered the Anasazi, the Pueblo and the Hopi. Oh dear. Shouldn’t control of England be turned back to the Romans? No, wait, that’s not right, I mean to the Celts, who were conquered by the Romans but who survive in Wales? No, no, I mean the Picts, the Celts conquered the Picts. Surely there must be a few people of Pictish descent in the Shetlands or the Outer Hebrides, from which one household could be installed in Buckingham Palace. . . .

You might want to climb to some high ground, simpering twits, mincing bastards. Because the flood of righteous retribution against you mother-fucking globalists who have spent decades singing us this siren song about the merits of Open Borders and “Diversity,” who are now tearing down the statues of our founding fathers and siccing your masked “Antifa” thugs on peaceful, unarmed conservatives and instituting mandatory collegiate re-education classes about “white guilt” is coming. And I wouldn’t want to see you get your little socratic slippers wet.

At least not before the fathers and brothers of the victims of the illegal alien invasion catch up with the brainless babblers of the Soy Boy Echelon and repeatedly slam your heads into a concrete wall until they’re nothing left of them but oozing piles of blood and pus . . . after demanding “Is this what you CLAIM?” in the proper socratic manner, of course.

Traitors. Champions and enablers of the rape and murder of countless innocent Americans. Scum.

— V.S.

12 Comments to “Traitors, Murderers, and Scum”

  1. Henry Says:

    How did Open Borders become a core tenet of the Libertarian Party platform, and aren’t there enough Libertarians with common sense to change this?

    Search for “magic dirt theory” — it pretty much craters the LP rationale.

  2. Leslie Fish Says:

    Are you sure of your spelling? I’ve only seen this sort of stupidity spread by Liberals, not Libertarians. In fact, I’ve met Libertarians who admit that they used to be in favor of the “open borders” position, but now call it an experiment that proved a failure.

  3. R. Hartman Says:

    Looks like Vin got triggered. I know the feeling.

    On the ‘open borders’ remarks:

    Libertarian ‘open borders’ invariably assume no welfare state and no ‘public property’, which is not the actual reality and thus provide statists with ammo against them.

    With the libertarian concept of ‘open borders’, anyone, from anywhere, theoretically could apply for a property on sale, thus buying his way into society.

    People would not be allowed to just invade and camp out in the private streets or on the private fields. And most likely, the community would want to vet the applicant before allowing him in.

    The LP sort of abandoned those conditions, making the ‘open borders’ stance a weapon against them and allowing them to be ridiculed.

    Many ‘libertarians’ these days are one trick ponies: as long as no tax money is involved everything is fine, e.g. you can’t object to mosques being built if funded voluntarily. The fact that islam inherently is an aggressive doctrine, which will violate the #NAP, is lost on them.

    It opens the door for people like Soros to voluntarily fund people to disrupt those homogeneous communities. Liberty is about a lot more than just not paying taxes.

  4. Henry Says:

    “Libertarian ‘open borders’ invariably assume no welfare state and no ‘public property’, which is not the actual reality”

    I agree with this assessment. Unfortunately, even in the total absence of those necessary preconditions, the “doctrinaire” LP politician is still expected to defend it, which I find unconscionable.

    In the presence of those preconditions, I would probably defend it myself, but that horse has sailed.

  5. parabarbarian Says:

    It is not hard to find mainstream libertarians arguing for nearly to completely unconditional open borders. Most I’ve seen are offered irrespective of any considerations about the welfare state. A few examples:

    It is true that some libertarians have re-evaluated their commitment to open borders but, by-and-large, libertarian doctrine still preaches that borders are a violation of the non-aggression principle. Also known as the “Zero Aggression Principle” (ZAP) or, more cynically, the “Completely Rejecting Aggression Principle” (CRAP).

  6. Vin Says:

    To go from “Government should be smaller and less intrusive, mainly existing just to protect our rights; let’s work towards that” to “Government shouldn’t exist and therefore the correct course is to act as though it DOESN’T exist — we can safely defy all its taxes and ignore the ‘invisible lines’ it calls ‘borders'”. . . is seductive, but seems to appeal mainly to superannuated adolescents who have been sheltered overlong in some kind of academic cocoon.

    Meantime, on the topic of too much immigration — and the wrong immigrants — being a major problem, even if many of them purport to be “non-violent”:

    I suspect the Left is trying to cynically implant the idea that “culture” (as in “multiculturalism” or the sought-after-at-all-costs “cultural diversity”) is nothing but a euphemism for “tolerance of different skin colors,” or perhaps, on occasion, “of different accents or sexual orientations.”

    Yes, a black American or Hispanic American (“Hispanic” isn’t predictive of skin color since it isn’t actually a race — some “Hispanics” combine the genes of Europeans and Native Americans; others are simply Caucasian) may dress a bit differently from me, prefer marginally different music and food. That’s all fine. But the “culture” of African-Americans Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams is quite familiar to me, as is that of Cuban emigre Dr. Miguel Faria — their culture is my own.

    On the other hand, most Muslims from the Middle East are neither Negroid nor Mongoloid — they’re “white.” So to say most of them have a wildly divergent “culture” from a typical American can’t possibly be a secret way of saying they’re somehow “inferior and to be despised because they have a different skin color.” For the most part, they don’t.

    While of course an American can get upset over a neighbor’s dog killing the chickens, Americans nearly universally love dogs. It seems safe to conclude an immigrant driver who despises dogs so much he won’t allow a blind person with a seeing-eye dog into his cab or bus has not assimilated into — and may never succeed in fully assimilating into — Western or European or American culture.

    Similarly, I can get exasperated if a stranger gets a bit too enthusiastic trying to push a religious tract into my hand and get me to attend his or her church. At the other extreme, I also find it tedious if people get insistent in their claims that Jesus of Nazareth never existed, or that he was a pervert, or whatever. But that’s it. I may roll me eyes a bit. But I certainly don’t think those people (some trying to “get a rise” out of us, others just a bit over-enthusiastic) should be KILLED.

    But there are people living in America right now — many thousands of them in Michigan and Minnesota, for instance — who believe if you hand them a little pamphlet with excerpts from the Christian New Testament and ask if they’d like to discuss it, or if you speculate aloud that — before the Koran was “revealed”to him — Mohammed may have shaved his beard, you have just committed a crime of blasphemy or heresy punishable by death.

    Western culture is pretty tolerant of different beliefs — but not of the “belief” that I should be killed for MY beliefs.

    This is a big problem, which is not going to be resolved by ignoring it, or smothering it with happy talk about the wonders of “diversity.”

    As Henry points out above, the “magic dirt” theory — that large groups of such people can be dumped into American communities, and that they will then quickly become “just like us” due to magic emanations from our trees and soil — is wrong.

    The question is: Is this a mistake? Or is this a policy promoted by those who WANT to see anger and violence, rape and murder, a breakdown of order, and finally civil war, in America and Western Europe?

    (Magic Dirt”: .)

    — V.S.

  7. Kingsnake Says:

    In my ideal world, the death penalty would be applied to A LOT more crimes. Basically, if you are predator, you contribute nothing to society, you are gone. *pop* Next!

  8. R. Hartman Says:

    Hoppe on open borders:

    “In a world where all places are privately owned, the immigration problem vanishes. There exists no right to immigration. There only exists the right to trade, buy or rent various places. Yet what about immigration in the real world with public property administered by local, regional or central State-governments?”

  9. Vin Says:

    The spot on-topic essay by Hans-Hermann Hoppe (linked by Rene immediately above), a calm and thorough dismantling of the (supposedly) Libertarian defense of open borders, is well worth reading.

    Hans, who has a gift for words even in his second and third languages, is famous for pointing out that in a perfect Libertarian free-market world (which of course does not confront us, and in our lifetimes likely never will), “Bums would not be a problem, because they would have no place to practice their bum-hood.”

    — V.S.

  10. Mark Delbridge Says:

    I’ve been following your work since the late 90s when you were at the RJ. This column is probably the best you’ve ever written on the subject. Thank you.

  11. Vin Says:

    They’re only looking for a better life! They’re just like us!

    — V.S.

  12. Kingsnake Says:

    Meanwhile, the attempted coup d’etat rolls on.

    Like it or not, and despite all the cheating that has gone on in prior elections since time immemorial, at the end the losing side accepted the result, and began preparing for the next round.

    That the Democrats can’t accept losing when the fix was in — in THEIR favor — is quite incredible to see.