Sidney Powell: ‘We have a number of smoking guns and we may have to get witness protection for them’

Sidney Powell tells Washington Examiner radio guy Larry O’Connor the Trump legal team has pictures of votes being manipulated in real time. She answers pointed questions about her allegations regarding the computerized voting systems on election night. She says Republicans have benefitted from these systems as well. She says she would LOVE Dominion to sue her over her allegations so she can conduct civil discovery. She also responds to the charges made by Tucker Carlson on Fox News Thursday evening:

Sidney Powell: “We have a number of smoking guns and we may have to get witness protection for them. . . . We have a lot of evidence, it’s beyond impressive and absolutely terrifying. . . . We‘ve got evidence of people being paid. We’ve got check studs from people being paid.”

Smartmatic and Dominion try to erase evidence of their ties. Why?:

Sidney Powell discusses election-rigging software with Glenn Beck:

Why wait for courts to hear the evidence? Tucker Carlson has already decided there’s NO EVIDENCE DOMINION VOTING MACHINES SWITCHED VOTES (What?):

Tearful Georgia voter tells Rush Limbaugh “You and President Trump are all we’ve got left”:

Pennsylvania law firm Kirkland and Ellis withdraws from representing Pennsylvania Secretary of State after one of their demented ambulance chasers leaves a death threat lasting one minute on the voicemail of a Trump attorney at 8:43 a.m. Nov. 14, 2020 — for the “crime” of representing the President of the United States. Voicemail message has been provided to the corrupt Democrat judges of said court, WHO HAVE OF COURSE DONE NOTHING:


Deana Chadwell, adjunct professor and department head at Pacific Bible College in southern Oregon, where she teaches writing, logic, and literature, offers:

“We’re expected to believe that a basement-dwelling, muddle-minded plagiarist collected more real votes for president than a wildly popular (note his rallies), highly successful incumbent. We’re to believe that a man who didn’t, nay, couldn’t campaign, could amass more votes than any other presidential candidate before him. Really? A man who has accomplished nothing in almost a half-century of public office? A man we know has enriched himself and his family by selling out America and her interests to enemy countries? We’re supposed to just go home and carry on as if nothing really important has happened?

“We’re evidently supposed be okay with battleground states just arbitrarily stopping the vote count and then later on resuming. What possible, viable excuse can there be for such a procedure? And why do you suppose it happened right when Trump was pulling ahead of the pretender? And why, when the counting resumed, were the votes almost totally for Biden? If that doesn’t sound fishy, I have a bridge to sell.

“We’re supposed to accept that dead people vote, that illegals vote, that some people manage to vote over and over again. But that is pretty small potatoes compared to the Dominion mess. We are, of course, expected to just believe the company itself when it says it’s on the up and up. Well, all righty then. No problem here.

“I gather that we’re also to be just fine with the fact that the Dominion voting hardware was designed in Venezuela for the purpose of controlling election results. We should be just fine with the Canadian ownership of its mother company, Smartmatic, and we should not be so terribly xenophobic as to object to our vote counting being shipped off to Spain and to Germany. In fact, we’re supposed to not even notice that to do so would require Internet access and therefore access to hackers from anywhere. What the heck; it’s just a presidential election, and we should know from the last four years that a presidential election doesn’t mean much to the deep state. What’s another president, more or less?

“And we’re not supposed to be irritated that the left, that has spent the last four years yipping about “Russian collusion” when none existed, now, with evidence galore to prove the involvement of at least four foreign entities, bats not an eye. And none of that counts the puppet-strings that connect Biden to China. That’s another flabbergasting outrage — Biden and China, but we’re not supposed to find his massive wealth and his acceptance of foreign money problematic. What?!”

See. . . :

It is the forces of evil — not Trump’s attorneys — who have rendered the results of this election unconfirmable, and thus totally unacceptable to between 70 million and 100 million armed American Trump voters:

Georgia woman spots shredding company shredding ballots, films the destruction of evidence at Cobb County elections office, calls police:

DeKalb County, Georgia fires elections manager — “blatantly disregarded to required processes”:

Dominion voting machines report PERCENTAGES, not votes per candidate:

Sidney Powell says “I’m hearing it was our forces that got” the German SCYTL servers”:

Trump carried Joni Ernst across the finish line; now she accuses his attorneys of lying. Charges landing a bit too close to home, Joni?

What Sidney Powell actually said in her Nov. 19 press conference, Joni, is that we CAN’T NOW KNOW which, or how many, “Republican or Democratic candidates” could have “paid to have the system rigged to work for them.” If you’re saying she’s wrong, Joni, do you mean you DO now know which ones? Care to share?


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