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The monopoly government soup kitchens

Friday, August 20th, 2010

As with motherhood and apple pie, both of the major parties in Washington pay lip service to America’s proud tradition of independent small business, historically the creator of the majority of American jobs. But just as the veil was lifted from the isolated, cocooned world in which our rulers live when a photo opportunity once […]

How many times must we pay for the same vegetables?

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Back in 1996, Congress swore it was finally going to wean American farmers off taxpayer subsidies with the “Freedom to Farm” law. The law “allowed” farmers greater flexibility in their planting decisions and moved toward greater reliance on market supply and demand, further offering farmers big one-time payments in exchange for their promise to accept […]

Show us your starving waifs

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Americans are generally willing to make considerable sacrifices in order to pay the taxes that fund the most expensive public school system in the history of the world — even though the effectiveness of said schools in advancing our students much beyond what the rest the “first world” would call a fourth- or fifth-grade level […]

If you pay taxes, you’re ‘rich,’ so you should expect more taxes

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

In my Jan. 3 column, I projected that Barack Obama would probably NOT wake up one morning this year, slap his forehead and exclaim that allowing welfare recipients to vote is a blatant conflict of interest which is quickly turning this nation into a collectivist slave state (or that, if he does realize it, being […]

Carson City controlled by the Ku Klux Klan?

Friday, December 18th, 2009

The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, working in tandem with an outfit called the “Western States Center,” has compiled a new report dubbed “Facing Race: 2009 Legislative Report Card on Racial Equality.” The handout awards Carson City’s Democrat-dominated Assembly “an A-plus for 100 percent support for racial equity bills,” while exiling the state Senate to […]

The check is in the mail

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

There’s a recession on. Energy prices are down, and the official cost of living with them. Therefore, you might expect government payments that carry “cost-of-living adjustments” to be dropping, helping to ease the deficit. Not so. When the cost of living goes up, payments to Social Security recipients — among others — also go up. […]

‘I am here to say Nevada has never thrown money at the problem’

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

After decades of watching state welfare bureaucracies and their budgets increase by double-digit percentages, the economic slowdown finally hit. Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons announced late last year those budgets will have to be pruned by a modest 9.3 percent — some $2.3 billion — for the upcoming biennium.

Nevada again draws a poor report card

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

I see where the Review-Journal published without notable dissent (lede story, Page 2B, Jan. 16) another one of these cooked-up “report cards” on how Nevada is doing, this one from a Henderson-based outfit calling itself the Children’s Advocacy Alliance. As usual, the finding was: “We suck.”

In this Christmas season, let us not forget the cripples

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

In this holiday season, it’s hard to be hard-hearted. So you’ll pardon me if this week I refrain from writing one of my usual missives condemning the waste, fraud, arrogance and generally thuggish behavior of our government masters, claiming they need more of your paycheck because their budgets have been “cut to the bone” when […]

Nevada Senate: Behind The Headline

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Nevada Democrats are continuing to wage an unsavory “hit piece” campaign against Nevada state Senators Bob Beers and Joe Heck. The race is subject of a lede editorial in Friday’s Review-Journal. But here’s “the rest of the story.”