Vin & Cat maintain an online specialty bookstore specializing in hard-to-find books at the Advanced Booksellers Exchange. However, this page is dedicated to Vin’s own recent works of fiction, which are also available in hardcover through ABE, as well as (in the case of “Testament” and “Miskatonic”) from as e-books.


The Miskatonic Manuscript, as a signed/numbered/limited edition hardcover, is now available (as of Dec. 11, 2015) via ABE here:

Kindle version via Amazon:

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The Miskatonic Manuscript — the latest Matthew Hunter and Chantal Stevens adventure: A heady blend of Sci-Fi, psychedelic fiction, biblio-mystery, and all round romp complete with tyrannosaurs, inter-dimensional travel, naked jungle girls, and a Lovecraftian Church determined to defend its chosen sacraments against an insane drug war . . . and to finally win that war, once and for all. Will they succeed?

A signed and numbered limited edition of 650, with stunning cover art by Boris Vallejo and complete with a bonus 16-page full-color photo section — the first 125 copies moved in days; numbers between 200 and 300 still available for those who order quickly.

Watch this space, and the blog, for reviews as they roll in, and further details.

The first adventure of Matthew Hunter and Chantal Stevens:

The Testament of James is a mystery novel of rare book dealers, ancient history, brunettes and more. Purchase The Testament of James today!

The first Matthew Hunter and Chantal Stevens adventure, The Testament of James, is a biblio-mystery with psychedelic overtones. It’s not a religious tract, as the cover has apparently led some to surmise, but at heart an exploration into the roots of the modern war on drugs (hint, the War on Drugs is older than you think!) A rare tenth century codex surfaces, and then immediately and mysteriously disappears, under tragic and suspicious circumstances. Matthew and Chantal must get to the bottom of the mystery . . . and find the missing codex, before someone else does. And others — who want to suppress the knowledge it contains — are also determined to possess it, at any cost. Who’ll win out, in the end?

A signed and numbered limited edition of 650, get yours while supplies last!

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Hardcover edition available via Abe:

Kindle edition available at: ($5.99, great reviews via Amazon)


The Black Arrow

The Black Arrow

“The portals are everywhere, now, scanning for weapons, for drugs . . . no getting out of line. The people had forgotten how to fight back. There was no one to show them how. Or was there? . . . In the dark of the city’s night, wherever the weak or oppressed cry out in pain or fear, a quiet footfall can be heard on the roof, the owlshadow passeth before the moon. The twang of the bow, the quiet gasp of feathered death . . . The Black Arrow lives.” A tale of the resistance in a near-future American police state, first novel by the syndicated Libertarian columnist (author of “The Ballad of Carl Drega” and “Send in the Waco Killers,”) freedom-oriented fiction nominated for the 2006 Prometheus Award.

The Black Arrow is available via ABE, here:

Or via Amazon, here (Trade paperback):

Also via Amazon, (Leatherbound signed limited edition):

We’re sorry, The Black Arrow is not available as an e-book at this time.