2014 Vin PortraitDeep in the Nevada desert, in a hidden mansion full of old books and vintage clothes, guarded by five anthropomorphic cats and a family of Attack Roadrunners, Vin Suprynowicz went cold turkey from a 40-year newspaper career. They said he’d never write anything over a thousand words, again. But with the help and encouragement of the Brunette and a few close friends, he came back. With “The Testament of James” — about the modern-day search for a lost book revealing the long-suppressed secret of Jesus and the manna — he proved them wrong.

Now comes the second adventure of Matthew Hunter and Chantal Stevens. “The Miskatonic Manuscript” asks the question that victims of the Drug War have been waiting a hundred years to hear: “What if they fought a War on Drugs . . . and someone fought back?

The bibliomysteries of Matthew Hunter and Chantal Stevens are based in the used bookstore “Books on Benefit,” in H.P. Lovecraft’s Providence, Rhode Island. Vin edited and published the weekly Providence Eagle from 1980-1985.

He began his writing career with the alternative weekly Hartford Advocate (writing part-time and driving the delivery truck at night), eventually giving up honest work entirely to become an award-winning reporter for the daily Willimantic Chronicle, news editor of the daily Norwich Bulletin, and managing editor of the daily Northern Virginia Sun.

Vin worked on the Las Vegas Review Journal Opinion section, winning numerous industry awards, through the great Las Vegas boom. He rode it a bit further into the ground than Tom Mitchell, finally exiting in 2013. For the past six years, he has sold vintage and collectible books online at https://www.abebooks.com/cats-curiosities-pahrump-nv-u.s.a/51238921/sf (newest arrivals at www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?sortby=0&vci=51238921 ) as “Cat’s Curiosities.”

In an earlier life, Vin published two collections of his daily Libertarian newspaper columns, “Send in the Waco Killers” and “The Ballad of Carl Drega,” and the freedom novel “The Black Arrow.” He continues to write his monthly column on the politics of gun control for Firearms News (previously Shotgun News.)

The latest lengthy interview with Vin about his writing was posted by Claire Wolfe at her blog at Backwoods Home magazine on Sunday Jan. 4 and Monday, Jan. 5, 2015. Unfortunately, it appears the publishers have now deleted all such material.

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