‘If we are to remain a beacon of light . . . we need to investigate these allegations of fraud and leave no stone unturned’

Sara Carter – “If we are to remain a beacon of light and a nation above reproach we need to investigate these allegations of fraud and leave no stone unturned”:

LIVESTEAM Nov. 30 Arizona legislative election fraud hearing on RSBN:

. . . or see –Livestream Newsmax video — Arizona legislature holds hearing with Rudy Giuliani on election fraud:

Reluctant to confront the fraud? REPUBLICAN Michigan legislative leaders don’t want to meet with Giuliani team:


Trump says DOJ, FBI “missing in action” on election fraud – “brave judges” needed:


Trump’s extensive Sunday interview with Maria Bartiromo:


“Agents” from Pennsylvania attorney General’s office show up unannounced at her door . . . to intimidate? . . . woman who testified at hearing about election fraud:

Republicans plan to occupy Georgia statehouse in response to Secretary of State ordering Dominion voting machines wiped of their vote-switching programs:

Georgia judge orders all Dominion machines in Georgia frozen – then rescinds his order within hours?

And now Judge Timothy Batten reverse himself again, orders defendants not to wipe Georgia’s Dominion voting machines for at least 10 days . . .

. . . so . . . Georgia’s Fulton County recount delayed – officials had to call in Dominion computer “repairmen,” apparently to re-rig their machines:

To guarantee Democrats can take over U.S. Senate, despite massive evidence of ongoing fraud allowed by these same methods, oddly motivated Georgia Secretary of State again approves extended mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and totally un-secure “ballot drop boxes” for Jan. 5 runoffs against California commies:

Democrat “officials had something to hide,” there is enough “preponderance of evidence” in Georgia to “doubt the result” – says DEMOCRAT election observer:

Sidney Powell’s team also looking at election fraud in Virginia:

. . . or see . . . :

Forensic computer scientist testifies – no legal chain of custody, up to 120,000 questionable votes in Pennsylvania:

Iowa GOP congressional challenger cling to six-vote lead after recount – how slim was Pelosi’s lead in the House, again?


Democrats planned to “ram all this policy down their throats” until . . . gee, No Blue Wave. In fact, Republicans still surging:


Democrat operatives paid Nevada Indians for their votes with gift cards:

Arizona Indians paid for their votes with TVs, tablet computers, resort stays — only good Indian is a bribed Indian?:

‘Disenfranchising’ the nonexistent or illegal voter:


Have the desperate Democrats been trapped by the obviousness of their own treason?


Data expert sees anomalies in vote-counting feeds in Georgia, Pennsylvania:


Trump says his campaign will make new legal challenge in Wisconsin:


Joe Biden’s lapdog press is doing stupid cat tricks:


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