What’s wrong?! Why isn’t it working?! All these rubes should have abandoned Trump by now!

Decepticons perplexed – full-court press of bullshit not working; Trump and his supporters only growing stronger, bent on revenge against Deep State RINOs. Liz Cheney eyes future as bartender or miniskirted weather girl:


Peter Navarro reveals Bill Barr’s DOJ was working to advance interests of the “Biden Administration” for MONTHS last year while stabbing Trump in the back, “slow-walking” things the President wanted done:



Time magazine exposes the corporate/collectivist (Yes, there’s another term for that: “National Socialist”) conspiracy to remove Donald Trump DESPITE his support by the majority of Americans in the Electoral-vote majority of states. (In other words, “treason”):


. . . or see . . . :

WOW! TIME Magazine Admits in Great Detail How 2020 Election Was Rigged Against Trump by Secret Cabal of Wealthy and Politically Connected Elites

Hero John R. Lott reports rhere’s LOTS of evidence of vote fraud, and no court has examined that evidence, or even granted “discovery” so that anyone ELSE can examine it:


Democrats were only able to “win” 2020 elections by violating ballot chain-of-custody laws IN EVERY SWING STATE. This is PRIMA FACIE evidence of election fraud. Without documented chain-of-custody records for every ballot, they CAN’T PROVE THEY WON A SINGLE ONE OF THOSE STATES! No wonder they’re trying to punish anyone who so much as demands a forensic audit:


John Green – The reason Democrats don’t want to face Trump again in 2024 is BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY DIDN’T BEAT HIM IN 2020!

(If they’d just stomped him in an HONEST election with the most senile & corrupt hiding-in-the-basement candidate in history — as they claim — they’d be offering to PAY to have Donald Trump as their opopnnent in 2024 — right?) :


Jan Jekielek interviews Victor David Hanson on American Thought Leaders; Prof. Hanson compares current “Woke” culture to Chinese Communists forcing intellectuals to wear dunce caps, predicts it will draw a “pushback,” which to be effective must be “reciprocal”:


. . . or see . . . :

The suspicious black Hyundai Elantra rental car at the Detroit vote-counting center in the early morning on November 4th. (But there’s “no evidence of vote fraud”!):

J.R. Dunn figures Crooked Dembolshevik vote scams will be gradually repealed:


But is it too late? Steve McCann lays out how the policies of Senile Biden and his Cackling Oligarchs will accelerate the destruction of American wealth, productivity:


Yep. To Biden Dembolsheviks, “COVID Stimulus checks” are just more income redistribution — devastated business owners whose businesses have closed but who earned $75,000 last year won’t get one — they’re “too rich”:


Six so-called Republican Senators – by approving the unconstitutional impeachment of Donald Trump – put themselves on the list to be retired by voters – Bill “Hopalong” Cassidy (LA), Lisa “Murky” Murkowski (AK), Mittens Romney (UT), Susan Collins (ME), Ben Sasse (NE) and Pat Toomey (PA):


Ric Grennell – “They want to cancel Trump”:


Strange 83-year-old (!) dwarf Tom Donohue, having done his work for Red China, now departs the so-called “U.S. Chamber of Commerce,” said to be expecting imminent recall by Satan:


Mike Lindell election fraud documentary. (But there’s no evidence of election fraud! We’ll make you go stand in the corner if you say there is! And we’ll give you cooties!):


There is no climate emergency:


The shadowy New York financial outfits that forced Robinhood to turn against the Gamestop investors in order to bail out their short-selling hedge-funds buddies (Quite the “level playing field,” eh?):


Socialism never works. Young people vote for socialism because they have no experience of the real world, and because all their teachers are . . . well, government-paid union socialists:


Fatally wounded by the truth, the stock market will crash:




About six months late, GOP legislatures start to tighten fraud-by-mail rules:


Heels-Up Harris, who pretends to be vice president of the United States (!)after a blatant election steal CAUGHT ON VIDEO, now tells coal miners whose jobs have been killed by Usurper Biden’s plan to eliminate fossil fuels and run our cars and trucks on electricty that, um . . . magically comes out of the wall . . . that they should find work reclaiming abandoned “land mines”:

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  1. Henry Says:

    “Liz Cheney eyes future as bartender or miniskirted weather girl”

    Aaargh! Please! I’ve seen an elephant in a tutu, and once is enough.