The ethics of forced vaccination as a condition of employment, by Dr. Julie Ponesse

The president of the University of Western Ontario, who is responsible for the firing of Dr. Julie Ponesse for her refusal to submit to his medical experimentation, is one Alan Shepard. Here is my letter to him:

Hello, President Alan Shepard — I have just learned that you have dismissed Professor Dr. Julie Ponesse — a 20-year professor of Ethics, no less — because she has declined to volunteer to be one of the animals on which you propose to test one or more experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.”

I use the term “animal” since animal testing would be the next step in any normal testing protocol, no required animal testing having been done (so far as we can determine) on these experimental nostrums up till now — while I assume you know tests of OTHER messenger-RNA “vaccines” have shown that the toxic “spike proteins” accumulate in the reproductive organs, causing sterility in 16 percent of animal subjects.

I also assume you know even the MANUFACTURERS have never claimed these so-called “vaccines” offer more than 30 percent efficacy in reducing the severity of — NOT PREVENTING — an infection by the COVID-19 virus, for which survival rates among adults under age 70 without major co-morbidities has been better than 99 percent world-wide, despite the frequent refusal of bought-off medical authorities to offer such life-saving therapeutics as zinc, hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and intravenous vitamin C, and which virus appears now to be extinct.

Yes, extinct. The reason the vaccine industry now insists all recipients of these “vaccines” will need an endless succession of “boosters” several times a year is that the virus these injected doses of pus, sludge, and fetal tissue was supposed to prevent has mutated (quite predictably, to avoid their ministrations) into delta and lambda variants, hospitals in Britain and Israel now filling up with supposedly “vaccinated” individuals suffering serious respiratory infections caused by these new variants, from which these so-called “vaccines” offer no protection whatever, and for which said vaccines may actually be “clearing a pathway.”


In case you don’t know, “vaccination” involves the introduction into the body of a pathogenic organism — alive, attenuated or (preferably) dead (as in the case of the much safer Salk polio vaccine) — in hopes the body’s immune system will learn to recognize said pathogen, and thus develop defenses against it, at which point said individual is considered to have “immunity.” These messenger-RNA nostrums contain no known samples of the COVID virus, live, dead, or otherwise. Thus, instead of making use of the body’s immune system, they BYPASS that immune system. Ergo, these are not “vaccines” — though what they may do, long-term, to the immune systems of their recipients, we can’t possibly know.

You are in Canada; I am in the United States. Fortunately, I presume I will never meet you, let alone be in any position to demonstrate or further explain to you my disgust at the behavior of simpering, weak-kneed half-men like you, who like Dr. Mengele use your positions of power to force medical experiments on those who may find it difficult to escape you. I do, however, pray that you and your kind will receive a just reward for your actions, in this life as well as in the next, that you yourself have received one of these “vaccines” and will thus come to know the long-term consequences yourself, and that crows will peck out your eyes.

Sincerely, — Vin Suprynowicz, formerly of the editorial board, daily Las Vegas Review-Journal

Australia bans Ivermectin:

3 Comments to “The ethics of forced vaccination as a condition of employment, by Dr. Julie Ponesse”

  1. R. Hartman Says:

    Tell tale: “Shepard has two children with his partner Stephen Powell, an associate professor at Concordia University.”

  2. John Taylor Says:

    The noose here in Amerika continues to tighten. I am waiting (with a mixture of excitement and fear) for the State to threaten to withhold my retirement income unless I get jabbed. I know not what course others may take …

  3. Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger Says:

    “no required animal testing having been done (so far as we can determine)”

    Pfizer did animal trials (mice) concurrently with human testing. Nuremberg protocols require that animal testing be first.

    Oddly, the only paper I can find on the Pfizer animal trials reports only on efficacy. There is zero mention of safety or adverse effects.

    I’ve found no animal trial reports for Moderna or Janssen.