Watch LIVE as 350,000 votes to recall Gavin Newsom disappear on CNN:

In the world capital of drop-box mail-in ballot fraud (“Print your own ballots at home! No chain-of-custody documentation required!”), Marxist California Gov. Gavin Newsom even carries conservative Orange County? Does no one there remember the only means a populace retains to effect change if you take away the sanctity of the one-person-one-vote ballot box?


Meantime, I had to scan the headline several times before I could make any sense of it: “Capitol Police Arrest A Man With A Bayonet And Machete Near DNC Headquarters.”

OK, they arrested a man. On what charge? In America, that headline makes as little sense as “Police arrest a man with a sandwich and bottle of water near Facebook headquarters.” An interesting detail, but what was the OFFENSE for which he was arrested?

After all, the District of Columbia is run, in the end, by CONGRESS, and every member of Congress (as well as, I presume, every cop working in that city) swears an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” which includes the Second Amendment, which states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” shall not be infringed. Yet, as National Marxist Radio and all the other “mainstream” sources reporting this story assure us, possession of a bayonet – a BAYONET – is now illegal in Washington, D.C.

How did they manage that? No Second Amendment in our nation’s CAPITAL?

So let me see if I’ve got this straight: When they send in the National Guard to stand around the Capitol looking bored (to propel their narrative that everyday Americans marching on Washington to protest, oh, say, keeping the Jan. 6 political prisoners locked up in solitary confinement for eight months for the “crime” of gathering to seek a redress of grievances, while FBI and Antifa agents provocateurs like John Sullivan, who tried to start a riot that day, were immediately cut loose) the troops have to leave their bayonets AT HOME? How do they open their rations — with their teeth? And here I thought they were EXAGGERATING when they said D.C. is no longer part of America.

Along with any and all firearms, bayonets are constitutionally protected “arms.” The long ones were first developed so a muzzle-loader didn’t become worthless after one shot, then employed to help squares of footsoldiers protect themselves against cavalry charges. As horses vanished from the battlefield, bayonets grew shorter till now they’re basically all-purpose knives with a fitting to attach to the end of your rifle. But someone is going to contend they have no “militia usefulness”? You cannot ban possession of KNIVES by the heavily taxed peasantry and still claim to be a free country. I have several bayonets here in my office as I write this column. They’re perfectly legal — and constitutionally protected — because I live in the United States of America.


The other thing I found interesting about this story is that Capitol Police reported the 44-year-old California man they arrested “claimed he was ‘on patrol’ and spoke about white supremacy.”

OK, that’s a little odd, though I note they don’t say he “threatened to kill or injure people of other races,” which would be bad and — indeed — possibly criminal. (And if he’d said any such thing, trust me, we would have been told.) While, in order to report that, the Capitol Police just “spoke about white supremacy” to the press, didn’t they? Have they arrested each other?

Thomas Sowell has repeatedly written that the prevalence of stores and restaurants in black neigborhoods (both in the U.S. and in Africa itself) owned by immigrants from Lebanon or India is not due to “racism” — it simply reflects a CULTURAL difference; Indians and Lebanese tend to work hard, to use less expensive members of their extended families as “help.” They have good “business instincts” and are thus more likely to succeed and prosper, even in “high-risk” locales where others might be hesitant to invest. Does writing down such observations make Mr. Sowell — an esteemed economist — a “racist”? Might these officers report he’s been “speaking about white supremacy”? Would they (or we) judge that this makes Dr. Sowell “dangerous”?

Family members apparently say the man who was arrested sometimes declines to take his “psychiatric medications” and that they only hear from him when he needs money for food. OK, possibly a troubled guy — though his vehicle looks a lot newer and fancier than anything people in MY family have ever been able to afford. Doesn’t look like he got from California to D.C. by hitch-hiking or stealing rides in box cars.

More to the point, however, how many times do we hear of homeless drifters being arrested because they own a knife and they’re muttering LEFT-wing propaganda? I suspect the reason we never hear of allegedly dangerous homeless drifters muttering crazy LEFT-wing propaganda is that the “Mainstream Media” nowadays are for more likely to refer to dangerous weirdos muttering MARXIST propaganda as either “members of Congress” or as . . . “college professors”:

One Comment to “Watch LIVE as 350,000 votes to recall Gavin Newsom disappear on CNN:”

  1. Leslie Fish Says:

    When the vote no longer means anything, there’s another step: Massive Passive Resistance. This includes the General Strike, passive non-compliance, and pestering lawsuits. In any case, federal HR-1 must be defeated, and each of the states must pass its own election-reform laws, or we’ll never see an honest election again.

    By the way, has anybody exposed how much money the elected Democrats have? It would be valuable for the people to learn that the Democrats are now the party of the rich.