OK, we know the ‘jabs’ which are supposed to ‘vaccinate’ us against the Walensky-Fauci-funded ChiCom bio-weapon are USELESS. But how TOXIC are they?

Last time, we were mentioning it might be worth sacrificing a few years off the ends of our lives to walk away from – to abandon, boycott, and thus destroy the totalitarian mechanisms being used to savage our nation, its economy, and its people — the homicidal hellhounds known as the Evil Dwarf Fauci’s “Health Care” and the Ugly Bitch Walensky’s “Public Health.”

But what if the opposite is true? What if it’s the simpering Toadies of Totalitarianism, those who happily wear a useless “mask” as a token of their eager, simpering subservience to the tyrannical State, who have happily lined up for toxic “jabs” full of “spike proteins” and modified RNA and chopped-up human fetuses (without even asking what’s in them, or why no proper animal or proper, double-blind human testing was ever done) . . . who are going to be dropping like flies in three to five years? (Well, in fact, some are dying already, See:

But meantime, pay close attention to what Dr. Nathan Thompson is saying here – in a calm, understated video which had to be rescued from the censors at Facecrook and Screwtube. Listen as he carefully articulates what two “COVID” (RNA alteration therapy with toxic “spike protein”) jabs did to his previously healthy patient. They destroyed most of the white cells on which that man’s body depends to fight off not only any number of other invasive viruses and pathogens, but also the ones that specifically seek out and destroy CANCER CELLS.

The doctor carefully articulates that those “jabs” induced in that patient “Immuno-Deficiency.” Why does the good doctor — who’s hardly waving his arms and trying to create panic — carefully articulate that word? There’s a common name for the condition which those jabs created in his patient, even if Dr, Thomson, ever cautious, declines to pronounce it. They’ve given him “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome:” – AIDS.


So – given that the loathesome, college-stupidated, sniveling morons who fear the unvaccinated can endanger the health of the “vaccinated” (by which they unwittingly acknowledge their “vaccinations” — unlike any other “vaccinations” known to man — create no immunity, and are thus worthless) . . .

(See . . . ):

“Have You Been Vaccinated Yet?! You’re Dangerous” – Terry McAuliffe Loses His Temper When Asked About His Stance on Parents Being Involved in Their Child’s Education (VIDEO)

. . . have been wishing death on the unvaccinated for 18 months now, who knows?Maybe within four or five years it’ll be those of us who still have intact , non-compromised immune systems who’ll be replying, “Hey, you pathetic toadies of totalitarian tyranny, who cheerfully lined up for your toxic ‘jabs,’ you sniveling twits, you jumped-up little midget Gauleiters who felt so superior and powerful sneering at us ‘We can’t serve you if you’re not vaccinated,’ and ‘Sir, you’re going to have to pull your (medically useless) mask up over your nose; I’m not going to argue with you’ and ‘If you’re not going to get vaccinated, you can go start digging your own grave,’ . . .

. . . any of you freedom-hating dupes still alive, out there? You never wondered why your government masters EXEMPTED THEMSELVES AND THEIR STAFFS? Dropping like flies of cancer and AIDS and a hundred other opportunistic infections now that you let the Evil Dwarf Fauci and his bloated minions in the governor’s mansions destroy your God-given immune systems while banning cheap effective therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin?

Could you die a little more quickly, please? Getting a little tired of all this gasping and whining. And by the way, can we have your stuff when you’re gone?”

While effective therapeutics including hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectna are ridiculed – even BANNED for use by us peasants . . . 100 to 200 congressional staff (whose lives are far more important than yours, and who are EXEMPTED from Sock Puppet Biden’s Imposed Immune-System-Destroying “COVID” jabs – get treated with cheap, safe, effective Ivermectin (and Rachel Maddow hasn’t yet ridiculed them for “taking a horse de-worming pill”?! Falling down on the job, there, commiespokesbitch?):



ONLY LIES ALLOWED, ALL THE TIME: Twatter censors entrepreneur who says he regrests getting the “jab” after he developed serious side effects:

Iceland, Sweden, ban toxic Moderna “COVID VACCINE” (though it’s not really a vaccine of any kind):

Newscum admits his 12-year-old daughter has not yet been subjected to immune-system-destroying jab . . . even though he’s made it mandatory for all children of California’s peasants, aged 5 through 18:

The Democrats are now raving, sneering fascists: Tucker Carlson explains:



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