Robert Kennedy, Jr.: ‘No one has ever complied their way out of totalitarianism’

Death rate among the “heavily jabbed” (with a “vaccine” authorized ONLY FOR EMERGENCY USE) population of working-age, insured Americans is “enormous”:

CDC lying about “vaccine” safety – people are dying within a week after being “vaccinated” with vaccines 1,000 times more dangerous than the suspended smallpox vaccine:

“This vaccine has killed over 400,000 Americans who were previously healthy.” Yet medical boards will suspend the licenses of any doctors who speak out:

Amsterdam police use attack dogs on peaceful protesters against mandated toxic “jabs” which kill athletes on the field, which can cause heart disease and probably sterility:

Or see:

Dumbing down education always a key to Communist/totalitarian takeover:

Negro (that appears to be what the strange new word “racialized” means) teachers need not pass basic math test because it’s “racist.” (Can parents now demand their kids be taught by only white math teachers, since both the courts and the teachers’ union now attest that non-white teachers are inherently incapable of passing a math test? Of course not: that would be “racist”!):

And a Virginia suburb of demented Washington D.C. finds a new way to keep black & Hispanic kids from flunking – get rid of grades, and give them up to 10 days to “fix” anything they get wrong on a test! (How much are we paying for these “schools,” again? Can their graduates even count change? Hint – no they can’t. Try them.)

Canadians find jabs for kids are “All risk, no benefit”: Pfizer acknowledges the vaccine will cause myocarditis in children:

CDC finally admits their test can’t differentiate between “COVID” and the flu. So how many reported “COVID” cases and deaths were really just the regular winter flu?

And they now admit wearing a mask does nothing to stop COVID – as three doctors who teach at Harvard Medical School pointed out in The New England Journal of Medicine on April 1, 2020, of course. (Duh.) So if you’ve been acting all-self-righteous, insisting people wear masks, hectoring them if they won’t wear a mask “properly,” turning them away if they won’t wear masks – based on SOME MERE EDICT, BASED ON NO LAW ENACTED BY ANY LEGISLATIVE BODY – you’re no different from a German police officer harassing Jews who failed to wear their yellow Stars of David and skedaddle back into the Ghetto by sunset, speeding your nation’s way to genocide. When do the trains leave for the “unvaccinated” camps? How does it feel . . . moron?

Canadian pastor arrested after holding “illegal” church service – no peaceful protest allowed. (What was the attitude of the Soviet Communists toward the church, again?):

“No evidence of substantial election fraud”? Only because the far-left media won’t look. Let’s revisit Detroit, November 2020:

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  1. Henry Says:

    Equally scary:

    “It appears that reduced life expectancy is an expected effect of the vaxx.”