The lies just cain’t be true

I was raised in a Democratic home in New England in the 1960s. The Kennedys were our heroes. Jack was so handsome and virile, he and his lovely bride brought such class to the executive mansion, Why, they had cello recitals there by Pablo Casals! Such a far cry from that dowdie Mamie Eisenhower and that scurrilous red-baiting Dick Nixon who said such terrible things about the wonderful Helen Gahagan Douglas, calling her “pink” and all.

(The liberals I grew up with still refuse to admit the Venona cables prove the Roosevelt and Truman administrations were just as rife with Communist agents in high places as Nixon and the other “red-baiters” warned.)

But “Camelot” was all a lie. The happy couple? Jack Kennedy used the Secret Service as lookouts to warn him when Jackie was in the building as he fornicated his way through virtually every room in the White House and such remote locations as the pool at Bing Crosby’s California ranch, screwing Mafia molls and carloads of bimbos so numerous the security details gave up even trying to keep track of their names.

Kennedy, his physical ailments covered up along with his reckless womanizing by a docile press, fared so poorly in his Vienna meetings with Khrushchev that the Russian dictator read him as a playboy pushover, triggering the Cuban Missile Crisis, in which America suffered a strategic defeat when we agreed to pull our missiles out of Turkey.

(“Coverups are impossible!” cry those who insist there are no conspiracies. “Do you know how many people would have had to keep their mouths shut?” Oh, about as many as agreed not to photograph FDR in his wheelchair.)

Then Kennedy was shot, and a bunch of has-been political windbags were assembled into the Warren Commission and given the assignment of reassuring the American people that it was all a fluke, a lone wacko gunman, nothing to look at here, move along, which they proceeded to do, assembling a doorstop of a “report” that ignored most of the relevant evidence.

No mention there of the fact that the unions and organized crime (both considered themselves old allies of Joe Kennedy, Sr.) had handed Kennedy the election by rigging the vote in Illinois and West Virginia, in return for which they expected, as the euphemism goes, “access.” Instead, Bobby Kennedy arrives in Washington and launches a campaign against the Mafia!

No sense trying to take out the younger brother while the older brother sits in the Oval office, of course.

The Warren Commission said it could not find any mob connections to Jack Ruby, the terminally ill, mobbed-up nightclub owner who miraculously managed to know the one and only time and place he could get to Lee Harvey Oswald and shoot him dead while he was in police custody but before the self-described patsy could talk. Dick Gregory used to carry around a big banner Chicago newspaper headline about mob nightclub owner Jack Ruby being busted, years before, but the Warren Commission with all its resources couldn’t find that. Nor could they figure out that the shot seen on the Zapruder film forcing Kennedy’s head back as his blood and brains blew out of the rear of his head had to come from his front — from the grassy knoll — not from a lone shooter with a balky Italian Carcano bolt-action rifle through the trees BEHIND the motorcade.

The rigor of the forensic investigation? They lost Kennedy’s brain.

Whether the federal government was to be trusted before 1963 — read John T. Flynn on the dilettante Roosevelt playing with the economy like it was a toy train set, making things worse in 1937 than they were in 1932 — I mark 1963 as the date from which America has been neatly bifurcated.

No, I don’t mean that about half of Americans will vote for Obamney and half for Rombama — Fascism versus Facism Lite. I mean that half of eligible Americans will vote for either the Republicrat or the Demopublican, guided in their largely meaningless choice by the mainstream newspaper or TV station of their choice, while the other half of eligible Americans, especially younger Americans, will support a third-party candidate or not vote at all, withholding their support from the whole quadrennial scam.

The Mainstream Media show their true colors most starkly each November as they blare “Vote, citizens! Vote! If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about the result!”

The opposite is true. When a plebiscite is held in the Third World, and fewer than half the eligible voters show up, what does the U.N. do? It declares the result invalid. How can you “legitimately” rule a country with less than 25 percent support?

If you vote in an election, you are expressly acknowledging that the questions the candidates are debating are questions which can rightly be decided by majority vote, and agreeing to abide by the outcome even if you lose. What’s the morally correct way to vote in a referendum on whether your particular ethnic group can be sent to the death camps, or have 90 percent of its wealth confiscated? The answer is that you’d be a fool to participate. If half the people withhold their support by refusing to vote for any of them, their legitimacy is gone.

Those who believe they’ve been lying to us since the ’60s — about the need for every one of our foreign wars, for starters — have moved on to talk radio and the Internet.

Mainstream newspapers and TV networks reply they have no interest in “encouraging the speculations of wacko conspiracy types.”

Fine. How’s your market share?

Make no mistake, some of the stuff you’ll find on the Internet on these and other topics is unfounded fear-mongering and paranoid delusion. The point is that many readers have now found enough substance elsewhere to lead them to ask why the mainstream media for decades have refused to address such topic as:

1) Personally, I have no problem believing that 15-odd Muslim suicides, viewing the United States as the main obstacle to the mainstream Muslim goal of spreading Sharia Law around the globe, hijacked four airliners and blew up the twin towers of the World Trade Center. (About what happened that day at the Pentagon, I have more questions. As to the notion that a truck full of fertilizer parked out along the sidewalk could bring down the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on the anniversary of the government murders by fire of women and children at the Mount Carmel Church in Waco, Texas? Priceless.)

But just as the mainstream press went to the wall to defend the Warren Commission report and dismiss as “conspiracy nuts” anyone refusing to believe in the “lone shooter,” so the public now widely mistrusts official assurances that “No questions remain” about Sept. 11.

And don’t even get me started on the presumption that we now “need the blue-gloved TSA goons to keep us safe.” Their very reason they exist is to violate the Fourth Amendment, and they fail the vast majority of audits when a government watchdog tries to sneak a bomb past them (whereupon they move heaven and earth to keep the results secret.) A few bombs set off among the crowds OUTSIDE their checkpoints would cripple aviation nearly as effectively as bringing down a plane, proving the fruitlessness of their whole enterprise. Meantime, give Dick Marcinko & Company 90 days and a million dollars; I’ll bet they could infiltrate any airport janitorial staff and show you an airliner full of enough munitions to overthrow your closest banana republic.

Over the past decade, the issue of Sept. 11 and its fallout, alone, explain much of the market share gained by the alternative press at the cost of the “What, Me Worry?” Lamestream Media. You have questions? We’re here to tell you you’re nuts.

2) From time to time, the school and health districts send out press releases that childhood immunizations — “shots” — are being offered free or at low cost. These notices may carry an addendum that the shots are required when children reach a certain age.

Needless to say, the well-meaning staff who cut-and-paste such information into the “community calendar” are not investigative reporters. They also mean no harm. But in the era of the Internet, the average reader is only a few clicks away from some fairly credible Web sites that will point out such shots are not “required,” at all. They’re required only for attendance at the government youth propaganda camps (just as informing the government on your own children, assigning them each a Social Security Number of the Beast, is “required” only if you want to claim the pathetically minimal tax deduction.)

And even then there are exemptions for those with religious or conscientious objections to the shots — albeit the state capitals, lobbied by Big Pharma and its agents, are continually trying to narrow those exemptions.

These same Web sites will point out the way the enormous epidemic of autism diagnoses has paralleled the skyrocketing number of “recommended” childhood vaccinations in recent decades, the fact that many such shots are given to infants so young their immune systems are unlikely to generate any of the intended antibodies, the fact that “autism spectrum disorder” mimics with curious exactitude the symptoms of mercury poisoning, and the fact that containers of childhood vaccines long contained the mercury preservative “thimerosal,” and may still.

Could it be that some children filter out mercury compounds and expel them in the urine and don’t develop autism, while other children — particularly boys — who are injected with mercury compounds LACK the ability to filter out the mercury and pass it in their urine, which means the toxic stuff stays in their tissues? Could THAT explain why autistic kids don’t tend to show mercury in their urine?

Again, the Internet reader can find tons of material on the danger of “shots” Online — up to and including a recent New Zealand study showing much higher rates of asthma and allergies among vaccinated kids. ( ;

The point here is not which side will eventually be proven “right.” The point is that the daily newspaper and the local radio and TV stations cheerfully promote the annual “free or subsidized” shot clinics, joining in perpetrating the notion that the shots are “mandatory” and entirely good and safe and effective, without mentioning a word about this well documented controversy.

Once again, the impression is conveyed that the Lamestream Media promote the government line, purposely suppressing and ignoring any contravening data.

Next time: Inflation; bullying in the schools; genetically modified foods; “sustainable use” and the U.N.’s Agenda 21 …

2 Comments to “The lies just cain’t be true”

  1. emdfl Says:

    When one of those lying bastids can tell me why a 6 month-old infant is required to get hep-A AND hep-B shots maybe I’ll believe that Kennedy the whore-dog really was shot by Oswald.
    I watched my grand daughter get THIRTEEN vaccinations before she was 7 months old.
    She is mildly autistic and would be noticeably worse except for the incredible treatment she got when the kids were living in Maryland.

  2. Jerry A. Pipes Says:

    Vin, spot on about the farce of elections. Have you been reading my blog? 🙂