Global cooling ‘is not evidence that global warming is slowing’

My relatives in New England are fighting their way out from under a giant ice storm. Here in Las Vegas it’s been snowing all week, several weeks earlier than our usual one-day-a-year photo op of snow and icicles sparkling one of our palm-bedecked golf courses before melting away by afternoon. The National Weather Service calls it “a rare snow event.”

Why? It’s getting colder. 2008 was the coolest year in a decade.

The American mainstream press seem to know “team players” don’t mention such inconvenient developments, but in the U.K., the esteemed Guardian reports “This year is set to be the coolest since 2000, according to a preliminary estimate of global average temperature that is due to be released next week by the Met Office. The global average for 2008 should come in close to 14.3C, which is 0.14C below the average temperature for 2001-07.” (

How stupid does this make politicians like Barack Obama and the other suckers who have fallen for the “global warming” hoax as they race to say “Never Mind”?

Actually, they haven’t missed a beat. These guys are so “scientific” that the evidence of their own eyes and overcoats has become irrelevant. They now contend global cooling is just further proof of global warming. Honest.

So-called “climate scientists” insist “The relatively chilly temperatures compared with recent years are not evidence that global warming is slowing,” The Guardian reports.

Um … earth’s cooling doesn’t mean the earth is cooling?

“Absolutely not,” responds Dr. Peter Stott, the manager of understanding and attributing climate change at the Met Office’s Hadley Centre. “If we are going to understand climate change we need to look at long-term trends.”

You might want to pause and savor that for a moment. This is the gang who keep telling us “The Debate is over! Dissent is no longer allowed! Man-made global warming is going to ruin the Earth!”

Yet they now say global cooling “is not evidence that global warming is slowing,” and that “If we are going to understand climate change we need to look at long-term trends.”

If we are “going” to understand climate change? Like … in the future?

Sure, the mean temperature may still go up for a few more years before it plummets. So? None of the great climate cycles of the past needed us to burn coal in our power plants to make them happen, and there’s neither evidence nor any intuitive reason to believe the tiny percentage of atmospheric carbon dioxide we now generate makes any substantial difference, either.

If, a few years back, the earth was warming at a rate of one degree Fahrenheit per century, all that meant was we might be able to grow wheat 50 miles further north into Canada. It sure beats the kind of disruptions we’ll see during the next Ice Age, which is overdue.

When WILL the “Let us take over and wreck your economy so we can save you from the climate boogey-man” gang admit the earth is cooling again, and when WILL they admit, “OK, since cooling is worse than warming, and our own theory is that mankind can impact global temperature by what we burn, it’s now your duty to hold back the Big Freeze by going out there and burning all the fossil fuels you possibly can, as fast as you can”?

(Don’t even get me started on the fraud potential of “carbon trading,” a weird scam in which the buyer acquires an invisible commodity no one wants, and where both buyer and seller can benefit if they collude to overestimate the amount of carbon being “transferred.”)

Instead, on Monday, President-Elect Obama (“Delay is no longer an option; denial is no longer an acceptable response”) appointed as Secretary of Energy (a position and an office not authorized in the Constitution) Steven Chu, the confirmed global warming lunatic from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who says coal — the stuff that powered the industrial revolution, cheap coal which will last for centuries and which can be burned more cleanly now than ever before — “is my worst nightmare.”

This gang still intends to effectively ban both coal-fired and nuclear power generation. Do they believe they can meet our current demand with famously costly, unreliable, and toxic wind, solar and geothermal? (Look up the by-products of geothermal energy, some time. Then look up “battery farms.”) Of course not. The gap can only be closed by “conservation,” they’ll admit when you take a pencil and start to work the numbers.

And what does “conservation” mean, precisely?

They’d like us to think they mean just turning out the lights in our empty rooms, that kind of thing. But they don’t.

Mr. Obama has said it, straight out. He, the Chosen One, has had it Revealed to Him that we can no longer use 25 percent of the world’s energy when we have only 5 percent of the world’s population.

This is nonsense. All mankind uses less than 1 percent of the solar energy that streams past us every hour. Is it “unfair” that the Japanese eat “more than their fair per capita share” of the world’s fish? Should we have given Hitler half of our B-17s and Saddam Hussein half of our M-1 tanks “just to be fair”?

Are we now to be ruled by a depraved schoolchild obsessed with sharing the toys, granted the ability to carry forward that Ding-Dong School philosophy with powers reminiscent of the kid in the old Twilight Zone episode who could “wish people into the cornfield”?

We should be proud that we’ve learned how to capture and harness the lion’s share of the available energy in this system. It’s not like we refused to share with others “the secret of coal” or “the secret of oil,” is it? They saw how good it was; they’ve been racing to catch up to us ever since; that’s the main reason the world has escaped the life expectancies of the Stone Age.

There’s a real world out there. Purposely, artificially impoverish the nation, force us to give up our competitive economic advantages, and we’ll eventually go the way of the Carthaginians.

Does the Obama gang also intend we should share half our food — or more — with those who now eat less, an “unfairness” caused not by bad soil or bad weather but because they’re ruled by dashiki-clad kleptocrats? How will he bring that about? By knocking on our doors and telling us, “Comrade, your house and kitchen are too large! These 18 new arrivals to our country our now going to live with you and share your food!”?

They mean for us to learn to survive at 55 degrees in the winter; and to hope the tourists will still come to Vegas when our air conditioning only lowers the temperature to 87 in the summer (assuming we can afford even that.) They plan to unionize and thus close down most of our remaining factories — the Chinese will make us everything we need, you see; we’ll pay for it with the endless bales of green coupons printed by Ben Bernanke and the Elves in the Big Hollow Tree.

To see Mr. Obama admit “Under my plan, electricity costs will necessarily skyrocket” visit

In a Zogby exit poll, 88.4 percent of Obama voters expressed ignorance of the fact Obama said on the campaign trail that his policies would likely bankrupt the coal industry and make energy rates skyrocket. Here are the sample interviews.

Why did voters not know this? Because the mainstream press covered Wasilla, Alaska, like a glove, trying to dig up something on Sarah Palin’s overdue library books. Meantime, when it turns out Barack Obama’s Senate seat is for sale for a million bucks in Chicago, the press corps slaps their foreheads and exclaims in amazement: “More corruption in Chicago than there was in WASILLA?! Who would have thought to look THERE?! By the way, where IS Obama from, anyway?”

Steve, a veteran of both the Army and the Navy, writes in:

“Good Morning Vin,

“We here in Illinois know him for the Marxist gun grabber that he really is. What I do not understand is every time the curtain is pulled back on him in the fashion of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ it is some big surprise. We Illinoisans have been saying this about the little piece of shit Marxist for over 10 years. …

“He and his political rejects have screwed up Illinois, so now this little political whore is going to Washington and screw everybody. What you can expect in Washington is the same corrupt Chicago machine politics, right from city hall. And yes, he will ban and confiscate firearms no matter what the Constitution says.

“All the people who are buying arms and ammunition will (hopefully) not give them up just because some little ass clown in Washington does not like them, and declares them illegal. If we do not exhaust every peaceful/political means to successfully stop him, we will have two options. Resist the destruction of our Constitution, or surrender. The choice is yours.”

2 Comments to “Global cooling ‘is not evidence that global warming is slowing’”

  1. Michael O. Kreps Says:

    Great article on global warming. It is hard to believe that people can tell us that global cooling is proof of global warming. P.T. Barnum could not have said it better. Save us from the modern day Barnum, Al Gore who by the way will make millions off this scam.

    Generations from now will look back and say how arrogant the global warming fanatics were in thinking they could actually change the weather. And by ripping off the people with the cap and trade scam.

    Who really knows whether we are getting warmer anyway? As Dennis Miller points out we were using outhouses a little over a hundred years ago so can you really believe the temp guages were accuarate.

  2. MamaLiberty Says:

    I had a (sad) laugh at an old friend the other day when she told me about the record 2 feet of snow there in the little Calif. desert town where I used to live. This friend had always been a big supporter of everything “green,” and believed in global warming with all her heart.

    Now she’s having some doubts. She never shoveled snow in her life!

    Personally, I could use a little warming here in Wyoming. The Monday before Christmas it was -27 degrees outside!