It’s unfortunate …

Attempts to contact Vin at his former work email address or phone number may appear to go unanswered. Ditto, possibly, with snail mail … we haven’t checked. But it does seem that emails sent to him are going into a black hole somewhere — and the answering machine will take a message though he’ll never get it. He’s not ignoring you.

Surely an oversight on the part of his former employer, but it does create an awkward situation.

If you’re determined to get in touch, chances are you’ll find a way without too much trouble … in the meantime, we’re working on a way for legit emails to get through via the blog without the inevitable barrage of spam.

Thanks, Heidi, Mitch, Mama, and Ralph for your comments (sorry if I’ve missed anybody, I don’t approve comments and may not have seen them all.)

The plan is, of course, moving on … rising above, going with the flow and against the grain.

Vin’s new novel is well underway and I fully expect it’ll be a smash hit … and certainly ruffle some feathers. 😉

Stay tuned.

Vin’s Brunette

10 Comments to “It’s unfortunate …”

  1. Vince L Says:


    I’ve been buying your books and reading your stuff for almost 20 years and it’ll take more than the idiots at the RJ to keep me from doing so in the future. I was a subscriber to your snail mail newsletter (which I have stored somewhere on electronic medium). You may have never hit that magic 1000 subscriber number but I always enjoyed your musings.

    I have all your books, some of them several times over (gifts to family and friends) and I’ll be pleased to read you latest.

    Keep on rockin’

  2. Thomas Mitchell Says:

    Apparently Vin and a few others were too good at ruffling feaathers for the meek who have inherited the newspaper.

  3. j. Brook Says:


    I’ve enjoyed reading your commentaries here and will miss them greatly.

  4. Reis Kash Says:

    AS with others I have purchased all of Vin’s books and read The Black Arrow and Carl Drega more than once. What’s this ‘former employer” business. Has the paper lost its mind along with its best writer? Is there another book in progress? Where do you go from here? Shame on the owners of your former paper – No wonder the print media exists only to wrap fish and line the bottoms of bird cages.

  5. Bette Leal Says:

    Vin, we are missing you. Sunday morning is just not the same without you.

  6. Edward Says:

    Seems like all the commentators want more war (e.g. Syria) and more laws. Fill in the blanks analysis. “We have to do something about BLAH BLAH, because people are dying, if we do not act now, more BLAH BLAH will happen. We need a (A: military intervention or B: a new set of laws) to keep more BLAH BLAH from happening.” If you do not fit that mold you are a kook and do not deserve talking head status on TV.

  7. William Says:

    Fair winds and following seas my friend.

  8. Historian Says:

    National Review, perhaps?

  9. L. Neil Smith Says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of this situation. I originally started _The Libertarian Enterprise_ almost 18 years ago to spread his writings further. I’d sure like to know what has happened and why

    L. Neil Smith

  10. jim gammie Says:

    vin, what happened?one of the main reasons I have an rj sub is your column.i come back from out of town work and you’re gone.very disappointing!please explain.