Those nasty guns still causing people to go crazy

I see where there have been a couple more “mass shootings,” leading not to questions about why so many black men seem to feel trapped, frustrated, and unneeded in the wonderful new multi-generational welfare state we like to call Obamaland, but rather to the usual recycled, croaking calls for more “gun control.”

For the record, we should always note the death toll of these predictable psychotic explosions among the quasi-literate and otherwise unemployable graduates of our youth propaganda camps, desensitized as they are after years of blow-’em-up video games, remain infinitesimal compared to the purposeful massacres of their unarmed subjects by such champions of socialism as Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

Also, unfortunately for the gun grabbers, the most notable mid-September shootings (the press now ignores all the “routine” weekly massacres of scores of urban minority Americans by scores of other other urban minority Americans, shot while sticking up bodegas and the like, unless the toll of a single incident mounts over half a dozen) occurred in Washington D.C. and Chicago, jurisdictions which have long imposed some of the  most Draconian “gun control” regimes in the nation.

Law-abiding Americans from other parts of the country aren’t even allowed to carry their lawfully owned self-defense weapons INTO Chicago or Washington D&C for their own protection — despite the guarantee of the 14th amendment that none of the states be allowed to deprive “U.S. citizens” of any constitutional right. So if “gun control” worked, surely a child’s park in gun-banning Chicago would be the safest place in the land . . . right?

It must also be vastly disappointing to the hoplophobes that the latest perpetrators appear not to have been their favorite “angry white rednecks,” at all, but rather black fellows, one a disgruntled contractor with the “Top Security” clearance necessary to enter the Washington Navy Yard.

Not that CNN or the Chicago Tribune want to tell you that, of course. Not Politically Correct. Although the mug shots of Aaron Alexis, who died Sept. 17 after killing 12 at the Navy’s procurement headquarters, clearly show a black man, few descriptions I could find in the mass media immediately after that shooting described him as “black.” CNN actually described the man as having “a medium complexion,” whatever that means.

In the Chicago incident a day or two later, the fact that a gang of incompetent young black men were almost certainly the perpetrators was revealed not by the major newspapers or TV networks saying black suspects were being sought — none of them said that, though a white man in that neighborhood would have stood out like a nun in a whorehouse — but through the euphemism that the shooting was “gang related.” It appears a semi-automatic AK-47 clone was used by someone so incompetent that he hit 13 people, including wounding one young child in the head, but managed to kill no one. No more marksmanship classes being offered in the Chicago public schools, obviously.

(As usual, the Mainstream Media spoke of the park being “sprayed with bullets from an assault rifle,” implying a fully automatic military weapon was used, which remains unlikely. But oh, they love that verb, “spraying.” Next to that, what does accuracy matter?)

Meantime, has anyone asked what’s really going on in Chicago? The enervating, crime-breeding “housing projects” of the 1960s — notable triumphs of big government central planning that they were — are being torn down, finally. As the residents are re-settled, established drug-gang distribution boundaries are thrown into confusion. As this well-established commerce is still (absurdly) illegal, the gang members have no recourse to arbitration or the courts, so they now settle their turf disputes the same way the distributors of another banned drug — alcohol — did in the 1920s. It’s not just the high-school kids who have learned nothing after all these years.

“The jump in the murder rate may partly be what military intelligence experts sometimes call ‘blowback’ — actions that have unintended consequences,” wrote Scott Simon for National Public Radio back on July 28, 2012.

“The sprawling Chicago Public Housing skyscraper projects — Robert Taylor Projects and Cabrini-Green — built in a burst of 1960s enthusiasm, were torn down over the past decade. They had become high-rise hothouses for drugs, gangs and crime. . . .  Sandra Hobbs of Englewood . . .  says that when the projects came down, crime and gangs gushed into neighborhoods.

“‘They were killing each other and breaking into people’s homes, and when they tore that down, that filtered right on into the Englewood community,’ she says. ‘I’ve never seen so many killings. . . . When they took down (those) projects, it just went chaotic.’

Mike Shields, a Chicago patrolman who serves as president of the Fraternal Order of Police, told Simon another reason may be that the police successfully rounded up many street gang leaders in recent years.

“Now, some of those gangs are out there without a true hierarchy or a leader,” he says, “and each corner is their own turf, and they’re fighting over different corners, and people are getting killed over who is controlling what dope spot on some of these corners in Chicago.”

So do we now, finally, hear calls to end this violence by normalizing the distribution of cocaine and marijuana, just as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacres came to an end when Roosevelt fulfilled his campaign pledge and re-legalized alcohol in 1933? Of course not.

“An assault-style rifle with a high-capacity magazine was used in the (September) shooting, which appears to be gang-related,” Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy told CNN.

So, with the same logic that would blame any rise in rape statistics to “the easy availability of penises,” once again it’s firearms that are blamed . . . in a jurisdiction where the Supreme Court itself has found it necessary to rule the existing gun laws are so onerous as to be unconstitutional.

“We need to keep illegal guns and military-type weapons out of our communities,” McCarthy said. “Illegal guns drive violence. Military-type weapons, like the one we believe to have been used in this shooting, belong on a battlefield, not on a street or in a corner or in a park.”

So because the clever guns hypnotize people into committing mayhem, the nation needs (another) ban on semi-autos with regular sized magazines?

Let’s spend a moment deconstructing what Chicago’s Top Cop just said. First, the “assault-style” rifle — almost certainly semi-automatic — has now magically morphed into a “military-style assault weapon.”

In fact, if it had been a select-fire weapon set to fire full-auto, we surely would have been told. More “hate speech” designed to misinform the mob.

Second, the top cop admits the weapon used is already “illegal” in Chicago. Gee, that “gun ban” sure seems to have helped a lot. And if Top Cop McCarthy got his nationwide ban on ugly-looking semi-autos (haven’t they tried that, before?) and the nation was then flooded with illegal FULL-AUTO imports (as Britain is, today — the British press having taken to calling Manchester “Gunchester”), what then? Launch a war against the Mexicans to stop them from shipping us AKs designed to be easily produced in third-world stamping mills? (Besides, if “Illegal guns drive violence,” doesn’t it follow that legal guns don’t, and the problem would end if all guns were legal?)

Americans have owned “military-style weapons” by the millions for 300 years, yet these “mass shootings” were unknown until the birth of the modern, fatherless welfare state a few decades ago, and the subsequent doping up of so many of our unemployed, unmarried, bored-to-tears young men on Luvox, Ritalin, etc. So wouldn’t you think Mr. McCarthy might seek some other cause for his ongoing failure to protect the children?

Third, by “high-capacity magazine,” Chicago’s top cop clearly means the normal 30-round magazine designed to be used with the firearm. That’s like saying a car designed to run on four wheels has a “high wheel capacity.” Yep, we could sure reduce traffic fatalities if we banned anyone from putting the third and fourth wheels on their cars.

Should anything be changed as a result of these shootings?

Sure. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus should ask why more of his employees at the Washington Navy Yard — civilian as well as military — aren’t wearing their sidearms (whoops, could that have anything to do with “gun control”?), and we should end the drug violence in Chicago the same way FDR did in 1933, overnight (when he re-legalized alcohol) by ending the “War on Drugs” immediately. Chicago should also close down the unionized government youth propaganda camps, which — instead of turning the city’s youth into literate, polite and competent job candidates — have become little more than the clubhouses for murderous gangs.

But don’t hold your breath.


The month’s Current Events having been dealt with, it occurs to us that Christmas approaches, and it may not be inappropriate to revive our Christmas Book List.

Though they’ve been around for some years now, for action-adventure involving riflemen, you can’t do better than Bernard Cornwell’s “Sharpe’s” novels. I’d start with “Sharpe’s Eagle” and “Sharpe’s Gold,” then skip to “Sharpe’s Sword” (which has the additional advantage of being a valuable book, should you stumble on a hardcover first printing) and “Sharpe’s Enemy.”

John Silveira, whose poetry I’ve praised in the past, appears to be first out of the gate with a new and well-thought-out survivalist novel set in the near future, at the start of the next Ice Age. It’s called “Danielle Kidnapped,” and is readily available online. Silveira, who’s senior editor of Backwoods Home magazine, promises a sequel, soon.

In non-fiction, it appears copies of Robert Waters’ “Guns Save Lives” are still available. That one should be on your bookshelf. It’s also rumored Boston T. Party may be preparing an updated edition of his 1997 opus “Bulletproof Privacy” — worth watching for.

Vin Suprynowicz is the author of “Send in the Waco Killers” and the novel “The Black Arrow.”


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  1. Thomas Mitchell Says:

    Readers also might want to consider Peter Schweizer’s, “Extortion: How politicians extract your money, buy votes, and line their own pockets.” It has a section on Harry Reid.

  2. Steve Says:

    I suggest books by Tim Burns. A writer unappreciated with a style and imagination I have not read since those heady days of the Apollo Missions.

  3. MamaLiberty Says:

    “The Black Arrow” is one of my all time favorites. You also might send me an email and request a free copy of my book, “I Am NOT A Victim.”

    mamaliberty at rtconnect dot net – replace the at and dot with appropriate symbols and lose the spaces. State “self defense book” in the subject line so the spam filer doesn’t eat it.

    I’ve sent out nearly 3,000 of these so far, and would love to give a copy to everyone on the planet.

  4. Bear Says:

    ML, email really isn’t the best way to distribute anything but text. Is there a reason you don’t just put the book on TPoL with a direct download link?

    If you have server storage issues, I could host the file on my site. I already have the .doc, .prc, and .pdf files, of course; just say which you’d prefer (for this, I’d recommend the PDF).

  5. MamaLiberty Says:

    I’ve thought of that, Bear, but decided I’d much rather continue to give out that book personally. So often, the person requesting the book has a story to tell, a question, a concern that the book might not address. I use these, and the feedback, to help me improve the book and, perhaps someday, to re-write it as a stand alone book. It’s primary purpose is still as supplemental material for my handgun and self defense classes.

    I am now sending it out as a pdf file, which seems to be working out best for people. Thanks so much for your interest, and your considerable help over the years. 🙂

  6. Tim B Says:

    “We need to keep…military-type weapons out of our communities.” Wait a minute…aren’t these the same type of weapons the cops are carrying in the trunk? You know, the “patrol rifles”? The hypocrisy could be quickly exposed by demanding that the cops stop using “military-type” weapons to shoot up the community and kill people in large numbers when they shoot. During the Dorner incident in L.A., wasn’t it something like 127 rounds fired at the truck driven by a couple of newspaper delivery ladies…with nobody killed? How come the bad guys seem to shoot so much better than the cops do, and neither one can shoot as well as your average deer hunter?

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