Vin chats with Ernie Hancock

Friday morning, Vin visited on-air for an hour with his old friend, Phoenix-based Libertarian radio guy Ernest Hancock. Vin’s Cliven Bundy piece in the current issue of “Range” magazine came up, as did his forthcoming novel, “The Testament of James.” Through the magic of modern electronics, those with speakers on their computers can hear most of the goings-on here:

4 Comments to “Vin chats with Ernie Hancock”

  1. Bear Says:

    Decent interview, but there were a few times I wished Hancock would shut up and let you answer the questions he asked. [grin]

    When he finally reads that copy of “The Testament of James,” he’s going to be surprised that it isn’t a retread of “The DaVinci Code” like he seems to think. (And that’s a hint to other readers, too. It’s Vin’s very own unique and fun tale.)

  2. Brunette Says:

    Bear, I agree and [grin] disagree …

    Comparisons of “The Testament of James” to “The DaVinci Code” are somewhat inevitable — that doesn’t make them accurate, and I think Vin may have invented an entirely new genre with this one, really. Biblio mystery is as good a fit as any … but as a genre, to me it feels a bit like characterizing “Lord of the Rings” as fantasy. I hope potential readers won’t avoid the book on account of the “genre.” It IS a fun and unique tale.

    Re: Ernie’s interview with Vin, I’ve heard Vin do a lot of interviews over the years (not all of them so friendly) and Ernie’s have been among the best. He gave Vin a lot more time to speak than most, and answer some thoughtful questions. So kudos to Ernie. 🙂

    Nothing like listening to an hour of commercial talk radio — waiting through 20+ minutes of news, traffic and weather, public service ads, commercials … then 20+ minutes of the “interviewer” chattering on … and maybe 10 minutes all told of Vin — if he’s lucky he gets to plug his latest work in the last 20 seconds. (Aargh.)

  3. Bear Says:

    RE: Interviews. Too true. I’ve heard some where you’d barely be aware the alleged interviewee was even there. (I’ve been interviewed… and could wish they went as well as Vin’s with Ernie.). Hancock is definitely a friendly interviewer- which was part of the “problem”. He’d ask a question but already had the answer and started to provide it himself.

    Brown’s success would seem to indicate that the bookish/religious overtones won’t scare off too many readers. Y’all’s greatest hurdle is selling it without the mainstream mass market PR Brown gets. Since I do like the book, I’ll certainly be pushing it (actually did, a little, earlier today over at my blog).

  4. MamaLiberty Says:

    Just waiting for the publication date and the start of actual sales (with a link) to begin promotion. My wee blog won’t add much, but I have some other ideas as well. 🙂