The Godfather of Exotica

Yes, we now have Korla Pandit!

and Abbe Lane

Jerry Lee performing Buck Owens

and Buck Owens without the Buckaroos (Oh, no!)

Not to mention Ginger Rogers

and Cheap Trick


LPs are back! Let us know what you’re missing. Yma Sumac? The Firesign Theater? The Transcendental Sisters of St. Francis? Stanky and His Coal Miners performing their polka classic, “Now Coal Mines Are Closing”?

Embrace the weird.




Just don’t expect us to give up our Tercet egzotycrny. Polish Mariachi bands don’t grow on trees, you know.



2 Comments to “The Godfather of Exotica”

  1. Thomas Mitchell Says:

    I guess Kinky Friedman is not that kinky.

  2. Vin Says:

    I bestow full honors on anyone willing to name his band The Texas Jewboys.