Dec. 11 release date set for ‘Miskatonic Manuscript’


“The Miskatonic Manuscript” is at the printers, where lengthy incantations and rituals must of course be observed before the presses can actually roll. (It is their busiest time of year.)

Delivery here in the blustery high Mojave is still promised by the end of November, so we’ve crossed our fingers and set an official Dec. 11 release date.

As of that date, e-books should be available for $5.95 at Amazon (and other usual online suspects); while signed, low-number hardcovers will be offered at $28.50 plus postage . . . here,

. . . or (still under development) . . . here.

The proprietors sincerely hope the many fans who have inquired will find the latest adventure of Matthew Hunter and Chantal Stevens (and the rest of the gang on College Hill) worth the wait.

Further updates — including independent reviews, and the names of any retail outlets bold enough to stock Vin’s drug-war fiction, especially in Rhode Island — will be forthcoming as appropriate.

It ain’t your grandpa’s used bookstore.

One Comment to “Dec. 11 release date set for ‘Miskatonic Manuscript’”

  1. MamaLiberty Says:

    Congratulations! A little less than a month now, so that’s good. 🙂

    And how soon will you start teasing us about the next one? LOL