The Miskatonic Manuscript, reviews part 1


Thomas Knapp of Kn@ppster — publisher of the Rational Review news digest — reviews The Miskatonic Manuscript here:

“Every time Vin writes and I read, whether the material is fiction or non-fiction, I come away an edified and improved individual … and I also come away hungry for more. Oh, and angry, and occasionally moved to tears … nobody tears the state a new asshole, or sympathetically portrays its victims, quite the way Vin does. . . .

“One key question posed in The Miskatonic Manuscript is: ‘What if you fought a War on Drugs, and someone fought back?’ The Knappster notes. “The answer is laid out in a style tactically reminiscent both of Suprynowicz’s own The Black Arrow and Bill Branon’s Let Us Prey. Those segments, and the careful explanation of the rationale, are worth the price of this book all by themselves. At some point in the probably not-too-distant future, I expect — and hope — they’ll be cited as prescient.”

“But there’s more! This is not just a polemic disguised as a story. I don’t want to do a bunch of spoiling here, but there are otherworldly creatures, and other worlds, and a storyline that stands up well next to the best of a broad genre that I’d classify as beginning with H Rider Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines and running through the adventures of Doc Savage by Lester Dent, aka Kenneth Robeson. “Adventure tales,” more or less, with a strong flavor of the supernatural as super-science. Great stuff!”


— Thanks, Thomas!


And popular Loompanics author and “Backwoods Home” blogger Claire Wolfe’s review is here:

“This isn’t just a story of fighting drug warriors (though that, too),” Claire writes. “When something goes awry between dimensions and a rescue operation is needed, The Miskatonic Manuscript rapidly expands to encompass even more inter-dimensional travel, dinosaurs, nekkid women, .50 BMGs and RPGs, entheogenic drugs, and … well, you should really read to find out.

“The characters are well-drawn and likeable. The world of used book dealers is depicted in charming detail. Matthew and Chantal have fantastic chemistry (if you can say that about characters on a page, rather than onscreen). Their knowledge (and Vin’s) of entheogens is impressive. And all this is presented within a story that’ll keep you up late at night, turning pages long after you thought you’d turn in. . . .

“The Miskatonic Manuscript is a novel of science fiction and fantasy and mystery and passion and drugs and big guns and scary creatures. It’s a story with great characters, beautiful writing, and plenty of action that moves most entertainingly along from start to finish.”

— Yay, Claire! BTW, we’d be pleased to see anyone making purchases of Vin’s ebooks (or anything else) via Amazon do it through Claire’s blog — just click through the Amazon links in her review to help out a fellow freedom fighter.

It’s been a very hectic couple of days here … we’ve had a heartening flurry of orders, a few minor glitches, but it’s been gratifying to see such a warm response and positive reviews! I’ve got a couple more links to post in part 2, and then hope to curl up in a warm spot with a good book. 🙂

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