A journey that challenges our sensibilities


Doug French, former president of the Mises Institute, posts a new review of The Miskatonic Manuscript at https://www.lewrockwell.com/2016/01/doug-french/taking-drug-war/ .

“What if after decades of (Drug War) persecution someone fought back? That’s the question Vin Suprynowicz explores in his latest novel, The Miskatonic Manuscript, the second installment of the book sleuthing adventures of Matthew Hunter and his comely companion, the sharp-shooting and sharp-tongued Chantal Stevens. . . .


“The author challenges readers to amp their imaginations up to his level: the drug war to dinosaurs and back, with a few naked warrior goddesses thrown in to keep all your senses stimulated,” notes the author of Early Speculative Bubbles and Walk Away: The Rise and Fall of the Home-Ownership Myth.

“In Suprynowicz’s tale, Windsor Annesley, the leader of the Church of Cthulhu, is on trial for how he and his church use mind-enhancing plants and chemicals as sacraments. We’re not talking stale wafers and grape juice. . . .


“Suprynowicz knows his weaponry and describes what it can do with enthusiastic detail, whether the targets are Pterodactyls or arrogant judges and cops. (Graham) Hancock makes the point that we enjoy numerous freedoms denied our ancestors, making it ‘exceedingly strange that Western civilization in the twenty-first century enjoys no real freedom of consciousness.’

“As he always does, Suprynowicz . . . takes the reader on a journey that challenges our sensibilities and forces us to think, and decide, are we willing to fight for total freedom?”

Thanks, Douglas! Doug’s review has also popped up here, . . . and here.

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