“An Obscure and Sinister Agenda”


Sneaky, devious, diabolical? Decide for yourself. This first short (5:35) video offers a cursory overview of a potentially huge issue:

Tribal Hammer – Larry Kogan

If you’ve got the time (1:43:40), I found this longer Caravan to Midnight audio very eye-opening, John B. Wells interviews author* Elaine D. Willman who sure seems to be well versed on her subject. And to quote John B., “This is something that really came out of left field!” Well worth your time, I’d say, if you’re concerned with Western Lands and/or Native American issues.

An Obscure and Sinister Agenda Involving the Native Americans

If that one’s too long for you, here’s a shorter 15 min. version courtesy of Youtube user shuff1111 — it’s a good introduction.

It’s been a disturbing month or two — I’ve been wanting to write, to compose my thoughts on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge situation, amongst other things, and still hope to … but that’ll have to wait. In the meantime, our heartfelt best wishes and prayers go out to the Hammonds, the Bundys, and all concerned — even their detractors, as far as those at least attempt to be thoughtful and reasonable in their criticisms. (A lot of them aren’t — they should read this, but probably won’t.)

Vin’s been writing, but those columns and articles are for print magazines … and should be posted here, once those issues are in print — it wouldn’t be right to post them sooner. A bit of a handicap, perhaps, in the era of blogging. (Watch for those to come.)

In any event, I felt that these links — this information — was important to get out PDQ, and further comment from me would add little of value. So, there you have it …

Love and liberty to all,

Vin’s Brunette

* Author of: Going to Pieces; The Dismantling of the United States of America (2005) — and forthcoming, “Slumbering Thunder”, which I can’t find any info on yet.

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