‘Tolerance’ sounds great. But is there no limit to what we can wisely ‘tolerate’?


Charles C. Haynes, who works out of Gannett’s financially strapped “Newseum” in Washington, holds a master’s degree from Harvard Divinity School and promotes himself as a champion of the First Amendment (though, being a statist Democrat, he has of course written in favor of federal “anti-hate-speech” legislation — http://capcityfreepress.blogspot.com/2009/11/charles-c-haynes-say-what-you-want-hate.html .)

Mr. Haynes now writes in an early August syndicated column that “The Republican primary season has been open season on American Muslims. . . .

“Of course, terrorists committing horrific acts of violence in the name of Islam have fed the anti-Muslim propaganda,” Mr. Haynes does concede. (Gee, ya think so?)

But note the term “propaganda,” with its negative connotation of slanted coverage designed to misinform, to malign or harm. How precisely is it “propaganda” to report these crimes, correctly identify who committed them, and then try to analyze their cause, hoping to prevent a recurrence? At what point was our free speech – which Mr. Haynes purports to champion — limited by a prohibition on pointing out how many mass murders and gang rapes and other atrocities, here and in Europe, seem to be committed by Muslims, these days?

(Nor should we allow to stand any presumption that this is mere happenstance, as though by some weird coincidence a whopping majority of our mass murderers and gang rapists and “honor killers” of late turn out to have been blue-eyed, or left-handed. No, these killers make clear through word and deed they’re killing or raping because they’re Muslims.)

The Rev. Haynes, of course, proceeds to push all-out for a vote for Hillary in November, branding Republicans who would limit Muslim immigration “Islamophobes” — “phobia,” for the record, being defined as an “irrational” fear, a form of mental illness. Apparently Mr. Haynes also has psychiatric credentials, which modesty has thus far forbidden him to disclose.

The flaw here is the presumption that the people of America — a paragon of religious tolerance and separation of church and state on the world stage for more than two centuries — must admit into our midst millions more people who demonstrate they have no wish to assimilate, no wish to become regular Americans, no wish to embrace nor even any evidence to offer that they so much as grasp our cherished concepts of tolerance and pluralism and separation of church and state — and that we Americans must then once again prove our bona fides by “tolerating” them . . . while this would-be bridgehead of millions of taqiyya-practicing immigrants bear no obligation to convince us they’re going to learn and embrace tolerance on the American model, that they’re going to abandon their well-established, 1,300-year-old written doctrines that instruct them any “non-believer” must be attacked or murdered or subjugated, that every homosexual must be put to death, that they have every right to harass or rape any western woman who refuses to adopt their ridiculous requirement that all women garb themselves like Egyptian mummies straight from the tomb; that fathers and brothers have a right and duty to murder any sister or daughter who adopts American or European dating habits and styles of dress.

(See “honor killings” at http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/11/10/honor-killing-in-us-justice-department-mulls-guidelines-as-grim-toll-rises.html , . . . . . or http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/04/honor-killings-in-america/391760/ or a commentary on a “Politically Correct” attempt to get us to stop even calling these murders what they are, at http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/barbara-kay-continue-calling-honour-killings-by-its-rightful-name .)

(Also see noted economist Hans-Hermann Hoppe dissect and eviscerate this thoroughly fictitious “right to immigrate here” at https://vinsuprynowicz.com/?p=3347 .)



Meantime, let’s see if an example having nothing to do with “Islam” may help clarify this bizarre presumption:

Let us assume for a moment that a U.S. immigration official is reviewing the application for immigration and permanent resident status of a gentleman from India, who has filled in the blank under religion with the phrase “Cult of Thuggee” — which is not something made up by Hollywood or Sax Rohmer, by the way, but is the actual cult responsible for millions of murders on the subcontinent from the 13th to the 19th centuries. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thuggee )

Our immigration fellow wrinkles his brow: “Correct me if I’m wrong, now, but isn’t that the religious cult whose members traveled in gangs, who would fall in with wealthy travelers, win their confidence, and then smother or strangle them to death in their sleep in order to steal whatever they carried?”

“Yes, and all to the glory of Kali, who thirsts for their deaths!” shouts the would-be immigrant. “This is what we do! And death unto you if you try to stop us, pig of a non-believer!”

At which point our immigration official should be expected to say, “Oh, jolly good! That’s what America needs, a Cult of Thugs. Why, just think what a wonderful opportunity it will be for us to again prove our legendary ‘tolerance’ — our highest value — when Americans start waking up in the morning to discover another one of their neighbors has been strangled to death in his sleep. I don’t suppose you’ve got a few thousand other cult members you could invite along with you, old fellow?”

Really? You’re telling me that immigration official wouldn’t have the right -– heck, maybe even the duty -– to say, “Well, we certainly don’t want any part of your murderous cult here in America. Unless you can convince me -– and I don’t mean just recite a few easily memorized clichés, but really convince me -– that you’ve completely abandoned those practices and beliefs, I’m afraid I’m going to reject this application, have you escorted from here to the airport, and send you packing directly home. Here, I’m stamping your form ‘Rejected,’ see? Reason? ‘He’s a Thug’!”?

In an absurd false parallelism, defenders of “multi-cultural tolerance” sneer that, after all, the Christian and Hebrew scriptures contains offensive passages: “It says you shall not suffer a witch to live, and that women caught in adultery shall be stoned to death, but we don’t do those things, anymore, do we?”

The implication is that the Koran and the accompanying “hadiths” may instruct Muslims to torture and kill homosexuals and non-believers generally, to blithely lie to non-believers in the advancement of jihad (they even have a name for that -– the aforementioned “taqiyya”), that it’s fine to surround in public places and torment and gang-rape women who refuse to upholster themselves like pieces of living room furniture, that young Muslim men can be assured they’ll go to paradise and there be serviced by scores of virgins if they die while involved in the mass murder and maiming of Christians and Jews, but that these are all merely obscure, out-of-date passages (similar to the Bible pronouncement at Exodus 22:18 that “Thou shall not suffer a witch to live,”) excavated by trouble-causing right-wing racist Republican rednecks, which no modern Muslim still takes seriously.


But this attempt at symmetry, at argument by parallelism, fails, utterly. I can think of no nation in the West (possibly excepting the Vatican, though that’s hardly a ”nation,” and I don’t believe they still burn witches, even there) where the single dominant religion and the power of the state are still as intermingled into outright theocracy as they are in virtually every Muslim-majority country. I can think of no political jurisdiction in Europe or the Western hemisphere where women are stoned to death for adultery or where witches — real or accused — are tortured into confessing and then hanged or burned at the stake . . . nor has any such commingled homicidal theocracy existed in the West for at least three hundred years.

(The “stoning of women taken in adultery” is a particularly careless example for this “open borders” gang to choose, since every Christian surely knows Jesus stopped the stoning of the woman taken in adultery by commanding “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her,” at which point the crowd broke up and the woman was spared, teaching his followers ever since to avoid such draconian Old Testament justice . . . that this happened two thousand years ago . . . and that Christians have rejected and denounced any such practice, ever since.)

Yet by flying hijacked airliners into skyscrapers full of (and thus murdering) thousands of innocent men, women, and children; by shooting up our nightclubs and murdering scores of innocents (homosexual and otherwise); by attacking and attempting to murder with axes cartoonists who merely draw a bomb in the turban of Mohammed (their 1,300-years-dead, cross-dressing, child-molesting warlord “prophet,” see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlSknRlQSqs ); by murdering Dutch politicians and filmmakers who courageously speak out against the slow-motion conquest of Europe by these violent, sullen, unskilled, largely unemployable hordes, Muslims demonstrate that the suras which instruct them to murder the infidels in order to win a quick trip to paradise are not half-forgotten, outdated curiosities of the ancient history of their cult, but are actively in practice, right now, today, as part of mainstream Islam.


By killing and crippling scores of innocent people with pressure-cooker bombs at the Boston marathon; by murdering scores of unarmed young soldiers who the Muslim false-flag “psychiatrist” was being paid to care for at Fort Hood (a responsibility he voluntarily undertook in exchange for U.S. taxpayers funding his medical education — and if word gets out that jihad takes precedence over the Hippocratic Oath, wouldn’t you think a whole lot of American medical practitioners of Muslim extraction might be a bit concerned?); by driving trucks into and killing scores of Frenchmen gathered to watch the fireworks on a patriotic holiday, Muslims demonstrate that the suras which instruct them to murder the infidels in order to win a quick trip to paradise are not half-forgotten, outdated curiosities of the ancient history of their cult, but are actively in practice, right now, today, as part of mainstream Islam.

By their murder of eight staffers of a goofy French humor magazine that made fun of Islam (http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/foreigners/2015/01/the_charlie_hebdo_terrorists_didn_t_avenge_islam_they_became_the_caricature.html and http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/01/08/bill-maher-hundreds-of-millions-of-muslims-support-attack-on-charlie-hebdo.html — and see simpering crypto-Muslim Barack Obama sell out those courageous journalists here: http://thefederalist.com/2015/01/07/how-president-obama-sold-out-charlie-hebdo/ ); by driving up the rate of reported rapes by 1,500 percent in the Scandinavian countries where they’ve been welcomed as “refugees” ( see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoiCYwoJKrE , . . . . . . . . . or https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2014/01/18/100-percent-of-rapes-in-norway-committed-by-muslim-immigrants/ or http://spectator.org/brexit-was-sparked-by-rape-and-crime/ ; by calmly repeating “Tawakkalt ala Allah” (“I place myself in the hands of Allah”) as they deliberately dive commercial aircraft with one hundred Americans aboard into the waters off Nantucket Island (EgyptAir Flight 990, Oct. 31, 1999) -– and by scores of other such outrageous murders and other vicious crimes committed every week, here and in Europe -– these poor, oppressed, “asylum-seeking” Muslims demonstrate that the suras which instruct them to murder the infidels in order to win a quick trip to paradise are not half-forgotten, outdated curiosities of the ancient history of their cult, but are actively in practice, right now, today, as part of mainstream Islam.

(Check out the Muslim-American clergyman calling for the murder of gay Americans, and note this report came out of Orlando, Florida from a mainstream news source shortly before the Muslim massacre at the Pulse nightclub, there: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2016/04/06/united-west-gays-must-die-says-u-s-islamic-scholar/ . How many of his “peace-loving, assimilated” fellow Muslims called authorities to ask that he be talked to and put on notice for urging murder, or charged as an accessory-before-the-fact after Omar Mateen took his advice and killed 49?)

(If you don’t like my sources, by the way, ask your favorite sleepwalking Politically Correct “mainstream” media propagandist why he or she insists on ignoring everything touched on in this post. Because it’s not as important as determining whether LeAnn Rimes recently had a boob job? Because their job is to limit what information the Great Unwashed can have so the rubes don’t slip up and “vote wrong” . . . rather than giving them all the inconvenient facts so they can decide for themselves?)


And the response of the Bush and Clinton families (who would rather vote for one another than tolerate Donald Trump, since unlike him they’re all bought and paid for by the same gusher of Arab petro-dollars) and of president Barack Hussein Obama (whose very name tells Muslims he was born a Muslim, who was registered as a Muslim to attend two different schools including a Catholic school in Indonesia as a youth, who has written as an adult that the call to prayer from a Muslim minaret is “the most beautiful sound in the world”) is ”Heck, a million is barely a start; let’s admit millions more members of this aggressive, non-assimilating cult, until our police declare the hostile Muslim enclaves in our cities to be ‘no-go-zones,’ just as we see happening in France and Scandinavia!”

(Yes, Scandinavian cops have now given up patrolling the hostile Muslim beachheads: See https://swedenreport.org/2015/05/18/police-yes-there-are-no-go-zones-in-sweden/ , or https://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2014/11/07/at-least-55-islamic-no-go-zones-in-sweden/ , or see Muslim immigrants attack a 60 Minutes crew in Sweden (Is 60 Minutes “mainstream” enough for you?) at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42jpuXJPk0w — 6:45 minutes of video.)

Tolerance? Go watch again the Muslim “Sharia” patrols in London, venturing out into the streets in the evening in their ridiculous goatherd outfits, shouting at everyday Britons: “This is a Muslim area! You can’t be drinking alcohol here. Why are you dressed that way, like a fag? We won’t have that here; this is a Muslim area!” Heck, watch them hold up the bloody knife after murdering a British soldier. (Wonder if the poor, misunderstood “refugee” was sentenced to “community service”?) video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra45nX9JmW4 .

And they’re not even a majority in London . . . yet.

Did you know the practice of Muslim men surrounding a young western woman in a crowd and sexually molesting or raping her while their buddies form a protective, appreciative circles around them to protect them from onlookers is now so common they even have a NAME for it – “taharrush gamea”? See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_sexual_assault_in_Egypt , and http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3395390/The-Arabic-gang-rape-Taharrush-phenomenon-sees-women-surrounded-groups-men-crowds-sexually-assaulted-spread-Europe.html .



Do some Muslims come to America with every intention of assimilating, of becoming Americans, leaving behind any notion that they should work to get everyone to “submit” to Islam and “Sharia law”? Do some actively teach their children they will not “go to paradise” for murdering those whose lifestyles or beliefs wouldn’t be tolerated back home in Egypt or Iran? Sure. Women, especially, frequently come here as legitimate refugees from oppression. Liberated women who have escaped Muslim tyranny at home are among the loudest in warning that Sharia law must not be allowed to spread its poison here.

Many of us have found no problem working with peaceful colleagues of Muslim or Arab extraction. Eventually, after a pause to measure where we are, more can be welcomed — providing they demonstrate they can support themselves in a useful trade or profession — in reasonable, moderate numbers small enough to provide some assurance they won’t help form “Muslim areas” with “Sharia patrols,” until our police declare such areas to be “no-go zones” for normal Americans who don’t want to be raped or otherwise assaulted, as has happened in France, Scandinavia, and even parts of England. (Really. See the links above.)

The cultural suicide pact known as the modern, Politically Correct Democratic Party would have us believe only right-wing racist redneck Ku Klux Klan types see any potential problem in admitting millions more gang-raping, mass-murdering jihadi warriors into our midst.

But in fact, even some notable Muslim scholars are starting to point out this business of teaching young Muslim men that every word of the Koran is Holy, that the later, more violent suras replace and supplant the earlier, more peaceful passages, that mass murder will win them a quick trip to paradise to be serviced by scores of virgins (in itself an awfully strange adolescent fantasy – how is a long line of terrified, inexperienced young girls preferable to a caring mate?); that death is the only proper reward for anyone who criticizes the 7th century warlord Mohammad and his vicious, out-of-date book, has given Muslims a real problem:


At http://www.breitbart.com/jerusalem/2016/07/30/saudi-moroccan-jordanian-egyptian-palestinian-dailies-islam-to-blame-for-global-terror/ we find:

TEL AVIV -– In a radical turn of events, Muslim writers from across the Arab world are admitting that Islam itself is a problem, and the only way to curb the terror carried out in its name is to conduct a fundamental overhaul of Islamic texts and their interpretations. . . .

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors Arab-language media, published translations of explosive articles arguing that the ideologies behind terror groups such as the Islamic State stem from Islamic jurisprudence . . .

Writing in the London daily Al-Hayat after the July 14 truck-ramming attack in Nice, France that claimed the lives of 84 people, a Palestinian writer and academic living in Britain, Khaled Al-Hroub, called on Muslims to acknowledge that terrorism perpetrated by Muslims is in fact inherently tied to Islam.

“Our repeated claims that the perpetrators of terrorism are nothing but ‘a gang’ that does not represent us are no longer effective,” Al-Hroub writes.

“Is terrorism attributed to religion related to the religion itself? The answer is yes. . . . Religious interpretations that can easily be understood to mean that martyrdom means a cheap suicide [inside] a café or club frequented by ‘infidels’ are very common in our religious, educational, and mosque culture, and must be dealt with,” Al-Hroub goes on. “What view [can] we develop regarding non-Muslims if every week we hear thousands of preachers call on Allah to ‘not leave a trace of them’? Every day, our sons read texts and books in schools that establish nothing but a patronizing and disrespectful view regarding non-Muslims.

“We must first of all admit that education in [our] schools and mosques lays the foundations for ‘implicit ISIS-ism,’ ” Al-Hroub concludes.



Sa’id Nasheed, a Moroccan writer and intellectual, also responded to the Nice attack with an article in the London-based daily Al-Arab calling for a complete reform of religious discourse.

“The basic problem of the Islamic world is the lack of sufficient courage to pose the most important and relevant question: From where do we draw this ability to be resentful and filled with hate, to disregard human life and to permit the shedding of blood? We lack sufficient courage [to answer this question]; in fact, we seem to lack even minimal self-integrity when we insist on ridiculously blaming others.

“We must understand that the ideas of takfiri [jihad], which have sparked civil wars and schism in most Arab and Islamic countries . . . currently threaten many Western capitals and place all of us [Muslims] in the defendant’s seat.

“Terrorism is not embodied by a truck and nothing else — it is first and foremost an idea and a concept. Therefore, we cannot eliminate extremist thought without reforming the religious discourse — a reform Muslims themselves must enact . . . without beating around the bush. This means that the ball is in our court and that the world will not wait on us forever, especially not now, when the threat has spread everywhere.”

Palestinian writer and human rights activist Ihlam Akram also called on Muslim societies to change themselves from within, saying, “We must rewrite and reinterpret Islamic history and amend the religion in accordance with universal values. . . . This change is not the responsibility of Western countries, but rather our own. [Arab and Muslim society must] enact reforms in the legal and educational systems . . . so [Islam] conforms with the 21st century and plays an active role in the world.”

Meanwhile, Egyptian daily Al-Tahrir published an article by Amr Hosny charging Arab Muslim society with putting too much emphasis on the honor of Islam, even at the cost of violence. Hosny notes how Omar Mateen, the terrorist responsible for the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, was “offended because he saw two men kissing,” yet the murder of 49 innocent people did not offend him in the least.

“Every time an extremist Muslims commits a horrifying crime against humanity, some people come out and shriek that he has nothing to do with Islam, while ignoring the fact that views and ideologies do not exist as abstract entities, but rather take shape in the minds and behavior of those who believe in them in accordance with the surrounding culture that defines the nature of their relations with the other. The culture of our Islamic societies in this generation, particularly Arab societies, produces a violent Islam whose believers simply murder anyone who disagrees with them under the pretext of being offended. This, while they [the Muslims] never consider anyone else’s feelings but their own.”

Writing in the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Jordanian researcher Muhammad Barhouma said that Arab and Muslim policy currently hinges on an axis of tyranny and corruption. Barhouma called for “the reexamination of religious texts” and “revoking the religious legitimacy of interpretations of religious texts permitting ‘killing in the name of God.’” Those texts and their interpretations, Barhouma contends, require urgent “criticism, dismantling, additions, omissions, and development so that they match the spirit of the times and human progress; that is, the values of liberty, human rights, and respect for the principle of equality among all people and of strengthening trust among them.”

Values, in other words, which the writer admits Islam in its current “mainstream” form rejects, fails to grasp, or even ridicules. Yet this is the violent poison that Charles C. Haynes, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton et al. wish to import into our country in far more massive doses, no questions asked.

The article goes on. For a good summary of why the Arab world is basically full of arrogant loafers who couldn’t change the oil in their own Mercedes, especially if you prefer video, watch a few minutes of the bold and articulate Ibrahim Al-Buleihi, a Saudi Shura council member, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvvvomANbRo . . . . While he’s still alive.



What passages in the Koran are we actually talking about?

At http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Opinion/201400-2016-08-02-the-quran-a-handbook-for-creating-islamic-terrorists.htm , Frosty Wooldridge on Aug. 2 offered “The Qur’an: A Handbook for Creating Islamic Terrorists:

“Whether you look at the recent throat slitting of an 86 year old priest at his church in Normandy or the slaughtering of 84 people in the streets of Nice, France or the San Bernardino killings in California — and a hundred other violent massacres of innocent people — the holy Qur’an teaches individual violence against non-believers as well as mass violence against infidels around the world.

“The Qur’an instructs its followers to ‘honor kill’ 10,000 women annually, according to United Nations reports,” Mr. Wooldridge continues. “Muslim husbands, fathers and brothers justify such murders by the dictates of the Qur’an. Women hold less status in Islamic countries than cattle.

“The mainstream media in America and in Europe report individuals as ‘deranged loners,’ when in fact each one of them carries out the decrees of the Qur’an.

“Take note! No ‘moderate’ Muslims exist. They all follow the Qur’an. . . . When their numbers reach a majority, they take over a community or country. . . . Each Islamic jihadists or group follows the Qur’an with savagery and passion:

‘Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.’ Qur’an 2:19

‘Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam.’ Qur’an 5:33

‘Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.’ Qur’an 22:19

‘Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.’ Qur’an 8:12.

These passages cited by Mr. Wooldridge don’t sound a whole lot like the founder of a “religion of peace” -– like Jesus or Confucius or Gautama Buddha — do they? In fact, these sound like the utterances of one very sick puppy.

“Thus, Muslims terrorized Europeans at Charlie Hebdo; Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; Vienna, Austria,” author Wooldridge continues. “Each time, U.S. media blames ‘deranged’ or ‘mentally challenged’ loners, but in fact, each one or each Muslim group followed the Qur’an’s mandates as specified in 162 violence-provoking passages of the Qur’an. It’s actually a handbook for terrorists. Muslims in the Middle East start their children on the path to terrorism by age five — with rifles and suicide vests.”

(Plenty of eye-opening video available on that topic; start with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXcQ892cKso or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM07qFvcTE8 or -– if you can stomach it — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b8pHQSCisc –- V.S.)

“In 2015 there were 2,860 attacks by members of the religion of peace in 53 countries with 27,596 killed and 26,145 injured,” Mr. Wooldridge notes, citing http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ .


“Notice Muslim ‘moderate terrorist’ Khizr Khan’s speech at the Democratic National Convention,” Mr. Wooldridge continues. “His son died in 2004, but he chastised Donald Trump for wanting to ban Syrian Muslim immigration until we can vet them before jihadist refugees blow up more of our communities. The mainstream press crucified Trump. Little did the America people know about Khan’s membership in the Muslim Brotherhood, which remains on course to destroy Europe and America. Additionally, Khan advocates Sharia Law in America over our Constitutional laws. Thus, he promotes Islamic violence toward our country, women’s rights and freedom of speech. He’s been at the helm to import more Muslims by buying land and citizenship in our country through his legal firm in New York.”

Thus ends today’s reading from Mr. Wooldridge.

The Leftist Media did indeed gush over that weepy tale of the dead Muslim soldier. Heck, Megyn Kelly had a partisan melt-down, it gave her such an irresistible excuse to savage Mr. Trump yet again. (Love the balanced news coverage, Megyn. Look up the way the New York-Washington aristocracy responded when the unwashed masses of the hinterlands had the nerve to support Andrew Jackson.)

The Democrats obviously think they’ve got a winning issue in open borders. I’ve been wrong about elections before; I freely admit voters who favor higher taxes to drive more businesses out of business — and more guns for government agents and fewer guns for the rest of us — puzzle the heck out of me. But I suspect this will go down as a classic case of tone-deafness to the popular temperament out in that great Flyover Country between Georgetown and Oakland, by a surrender-happy limousine elite of tax-eaters and media sycophants who no longer listen to anyone but each other.

I suspect that -– more even than Miss Hillary kneeling down for every Fortune 500 CEO with a checkbook; more even than Miss Hillary’s inability to disguise even for a few months her instincts as a collectivist gun-grabber; more even than a jobless economy about to collapse big-time –- in fact right up there with Miss Hillary leaving our guys to die in Bengazi, asking “What difference does it make?” and then causing Iranian scientists to get their throats slit by (illegally) mis-handling classified intelligence documents just to evade the inconvenience of the Freedom of Information Act -– immigration will indeed be the big issue of this election. But not the way the Democrats think. Because when it’s over, it’s not the Republicans, but the gun-grabbing, open borders Democrat and (sorry to say) Libertarian parties that may be dead for a dozen years.



The final test for this absurd notion of “parallelism” — that the passages of the Koran and the hadiths that justify the mass murder of non-believers and the rape of Western women for the “crime” of not winding themselves head-to-toe in bedsheets, are no different from the antiquated and now properly ignored passages of the Jewish and Christian scriptures that call for murdering witches and stoning adulteresses to death — is simple.

Ask any American or European Christian today whether he or she is willing, not anonymously but publicly, to denounce and dismiss as out-of-date such passages in the Bible, declaring that anyone who kills a witch or stones to death an adulteress is not a good Christian, should be scorned and ostracized rather than honored, and furthermore should be turned in to the secular authorities, taken up and put on trial for murder, and punished as the civil law dictates.

I’ll be first: I so declare. Those passages of the Bible are repulsive, of interest only as ancient history; I reject and renounce and disavow them utterly. If I catch you trying to burn a witch or stone an adulteress, I’ll turn you in.

See? Wasn’t that simple? I doubt you’ll have trouble getting millions of other Christians to agree.

Now try to get a Muslim to condemn any of these jihadi murderers, stating what they’ve done does not make them good Muslims, that the victims were not “asking for it,” that they did not “get what they deserved,” that the passages of the Koran these killers have cited and followed -– that have motivated their actions — are bad and evil and wrong. Ask your Muslim or Muslims to denounce these passages of the Koran as the despicable writings of a violent warlord, not appropriate to today’s world -– and to do this renouncing and denouncing not anonymously, but in public, in front of other Muslims.

I’ve tried. And for once, I tend to agree with Bill Maher (again, see http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/01/08/bill-maher-hundreds-of-millions-of-muslims-support-attack-on-charlie-hebdo.html , above.) I found the response very interesting. From members of a delegation of the Council of American-Islamic Relations visiting my own newspaper a few years back I got what we might call a fast soft-shoe, a shuffle and jive, to the effect that “It’s not up to me (us) to condemn the way another Muslim may have interpreted the Koran. Each Muslim is free to interpret the Koran as he or she sees fit.”

Which a) sidesteps and avoids the demand that they denounce and renounce these passages, of course, which would require them to admit that some of the Koran is hateful, out-of-date, murder-inducing crap, and b) additionally happens to be horseshit of the highest order.

Girls as young as 14 in Islamic Iran are hauled in, sexually assaulted and flogged because they weren’t wearing their head-scarves properly –- and then punished a second time by their own fathers when they get home for “dishonoring their families” by getting arrested and raped for not properly wearing their headscarves . . . but “Each Muslim is free to interpret the Koran as he or she sees fit”?

Oh, please. Please watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xNgnm06_2Q&index=3&list=PL3dLDV5KgKThpDMbjaXb8UXKTfPJXwPdT . Then explain to me how the promoters of such a cult of murder, repression and tyranny deserve to be let in here, and then deserve our “tolerance” . . . or anyone else’s.


You’re telling me any average Saudi woman is free to tell her husband tonight, “You know, husband, I’ve been reading the Koran, and I interpret it to mean I’m free to go shopping tomorrow dressed in Bermuda shorts and a short-sleeved blouse, without any male escort. Then I’m going to drive the car downtown and apply for a job, possibly as a cocktail waitress at that club inside the American embassy,” whereupon she’ll be told, “Well, OK, honey, it’s a little unusual, but after all, each Muslim is free to interpret the Koran as he or she sees fit”?

You think so? Really? Get out of the cave much, do you?

In fact, America has -– Americans have — nothing to prove when it comes to “tolerance.” This nation has been the world’s paragon of “separation of church of state” -– along with tolerance for differing religious and political views — for centuries. No, we’re not perfect. But people of many races and religions and ethnic backgrounds are more likely to peacefully live and work and enjoy taverns and sporting events next to one another here than almost anywhere else on the globe . . . until some ululating Muslim blows the place up, of course.

It certainly isn’t against the law in America to teach the doctrines of a minority faith to someone who’s considering converting to that minority faith -– as it is against the law to hand a Bible or teach Christianity to any Muslim in a Muslim country such as Egypt or Iran. (Separation of church and state? They don’t get it.) In fact, transplanted Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, now go Online to say Christians who try to hand out Christian materials on a public sidewalk near their annual “Arab Festival” there should be –- you guessed it –- killed. And who do you think their new Muslim-dominated county police force sides with? (See http://www.americanfreedomlawcenter.org/case/acts-17-v-city-of-dearborn/ , or https://www.thomasmore.org/news/sharia-the-usa-christians-jailed-preaching-muslims-dearborn-mi-officials-sued/ , or David Wood’s own first-person post on these events, at http://www.answeringmuslims.com/p/dearborn.html .)

No, it is Islam which has the “proving” to do. It is Islam which is now obliged to convince us (and remember, guys, we know all about “taqiyya”) that Muslims seeking to emigrate here truly want to become tolerant Americans, that they are willing — nay, that they already have, loudly and publicly — renounced and abandoned those tenets of that religion, those suras and edicts of the Koran and the hadiths which instruct all devout Muslims that it is fine, even admirable, to kill unbelievers, to molest or rape women of the host country who don’t swaddle themselves like mummies, et bloody cetera.


“Islamophobia is the great religious freedom test of our time,” intones the self-righteous Charles C. Haynes of the Newseum, an institution dedicated to recalling a past when the American press actually sent reporters out into the world to accurately report unpleasant truths (well, most of the time), instead of turning a blind eye to anything that might smell of “Political Incorrectness,” instead just puking and burping up easy, pre-digested clichés and platitudes.


No, Mr. Haynes: Actually, whether we can still recognize and find the courage to stand up to your kind of hate-speech and name-calling -– as when you smugly dismiss any of the questions and concerns touched on in this essay as nothing but the delusional manifestations of a brand of mental illness dubbed “islamophobia” -– is the great test that will determine whether a tolerant, moral, pluralistic America based on the kind of critical thinking skills which gained prevalence in the 17th Century European Enlightenment (also known as the “Age of Reason”) will awaken, defend itself, and survive, or whether we will soon be inundated in a tide of blood, hatred, rape and beheadings brought to us by a weird cult following the demonic, homicidal rantings of a paranoid eighth-century lunatic, as Europe was almost overwhelmed 13 centuries ago, and again stands at risk of being overwhelmed, now.

Part of being grown-ups is that we learn to judge actions not by their stated “good intentions,” but by their likely results.

Shall we continue to welcome vast numbers of unreconstructed adherents to a violent, aggressive cult which treats women as second-class chattel, which holds as its main doctrine the goal that everyone in the world should end up either Muslim or dead, which teaches its young men that there is no higher and more holy calling than to lose their lives while committing mass murder of non-believers?

No, I believe Americans will not long tolerate the kind of “parallel, barbaric, bloodthirsty society within a society” (like wasp eggs laid inside a live caterpillar) that we’re now seeing in neutered Europe.

Instead, there are two likely outcomes, 50 years down the road: 1) Our children and grandchildren will have to spend considerable time, treasure and trouble to round up these characters at gunpoint and deport them back to Outer Crapistan or whatever fly-bedeviled hellhole they and their forebears came from, or 2) We will have a civil war, with tens or even hundreds of thousands of deaths, to determine whether America shall be a Muslim nation -– a war which the Muslims, by the way, will lose.

(This is the gang who haven’t been able to defeat little Israel, you will recall, when they’ve had her outnumbered 20-to-1. In fact, every time they attack Israel, Israel ends up bigger, and then again trades away “land for peace,” a Lucy-holding-the-football deal in which the Muslim Arabs are always found to have blithely lied . . . again.)

Please note I did not just call for civil war, or for mass deportations, any more than if I warn you of the likely unfortunate outcome of letting your children play in traffic, I will have “called for small children to be crushed to death by trucks.” Rather, I point out the likely outcome of a thoughtless indulgence in the self-congratulatory but finally suicidal “unlimited, open-border, multicultural immigration tolerance” promoted by the crypto-Muslims of today’s Barack Hussein Rodham Clinton / Gary Johnson-Bill Weld open-borders gang (who at the same time coincidentally propose to disarm us, stripping us of our last resort for self-defense) — outcomes which will surely prove less libertarian and “freedom-enhancing” than an ounce of prevention and sober deliberation, today.

And we even get a live, color preview. It’s called “Europe.”

— V.S.


13 Comments to “‘Tolerance’ sounds great. But is there no limit to what we can wisely ‘tolerate’?”

  1. Bob Ashman Says:

    Brilliant – and prescient –

  2. MamaLiberty Says:

    Excellent… so much truth here. Unfortunately, the solution rests on individuals taking ownership of their lives, personal responsibility for their families and communities for everything, including defense from those who would harm them – Muslim and anyone else, including large numbers of government employees.

    Far too many Americans still think the non-government should protect them, one way or another, and believe that this government has both the authority and the will to do so. …despite all of the evidence in the last several hundred years to the contrary.

    I suspect, as you said, they are due for an awakening… if they want to survive. Closing the borders won’t help much – even if it were physically possible – if people won’t believe and act on this.

  3. R. Hartman Says:

    Wasn’t it Karl Popper who said that tolerance toward intolerance always means the end of tolerance?

    As I wrote in 2007: the Western Rulers will commit genocide on the white race, and they’ll use islam to achieve it. Civil war, and anyone successfully defending him/herself will have to deal with the state mercenaries. Pay damages, go to jail.

    It’s already been the norm with ‘regular’ burglars. I know of 4 people who caugt a burglar in the act, and tied him up while waiting for the police. They ended up paying 10.000 euros each to the burglar, who got released. Whomever those mercenaries ‘serve & protect’, it’s not the ones who pay their salaries by proxy. Indeed, they serve that proxy, the state.

    Europe is beyond rescue, and soon the US will be too. What islam couldn’t get through 1400 years of armed war and terrorism is now handed to them on a plate. Ever wondered why ‘terrorists’ never target those rulers they claim to hate for interfering in their countries? Think about it…

  4. BillMiller Says:

    Excellent analysis, Vin. I’ve been following your work for 20 years now and I must say that this piece is probably the most powerful of your writings.
    Yesterday I told a liberal blogger at HuffPo (who calls herself as “journalist”) that as far as I am concerned, the US simply does not need anyone to immigrate here who believes in Shariah. Her response was to accuse me of being “afraid of a big Muslim conspiracy.” The PC virus has infected her mind just as it has millions of others in the US and Europe. My fear is that by the time a critical mass of the populace finally wakes up, it will be too late.

  5. iloilo/feralfae Says:

    Vin, that is a fine piece of writing. And yes, both powerful and prescient. Perhaps, until we get things within our own borders straightened out, we could close all the doors and get on with fixing things at home. Sure, it won’t be a perfect solution, but what is?
    Individually, not through any government action, but through each of us living as free as we can, we can prepare and be ready to take a stand. I think it is as much psychological training as it is target practice at this point. Some know that there is never a better way to exercise self-defense than to practice at it while being able to philosophically and ethically protect ourselves from those who are, as Bill Miller so accurately stated, infected with the PC virus or with the “tolerance” virus.

    If individuals still dream that some government-paid myrmidon—some mercenary in a uniform—is going to protect them or their family, then they have only a short time left to awaken and prepare, because we are faced with a descent into a return of the Dark Ages unless we accept the reality of global terror, and begin to form cooperative, independent groups (did someone say militia?) to defend our tolerant and peaceful neighborhoods. This time, we must do so on a global scale, one village at a time.
    Thank you for the excellent piece.

  6. Vin Says:

    Thanks, Bob, Thanks Rene, thanks everyone.

    Hi, BillMiller — Well, there are about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, they all presumably read and pledge adherence to a main “holy scripture” written by a bloodthirsty Eighth Century warlord which instructs them to conquer the world — torturing and/or executing every non-believer — and which also instructs them to torture and/or kill any FELLOW Muslim who criticizes that book or denies that any single word of that book is the Word of God (thus sharply restricting the kind of ongoing “re-interpretation of the scriptures in light of modern conditions” which has come to be considered normal in every other major world religion. In fact, it may be worth noting that some even question whether a doctrine that sets bloody conquest ahead of any search for spiritual joy and peace even IS a bona fide religion.)

    They’ve been at it for 1,400 years, and you don’t have to look far to find high-ranking Muslim clerics and government ministers (not street-corner drunks, mind you, no matter how over-the-top they may sound) who insist quite vociferously that the plan remains unchanged. (Start with
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYDfACr-y4s , or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e8PCKVVxcE .)

    Furthermore, most Muslims already living in America indicate they’d like to see Sharia replace the U.S. Constitution in the United States: http://www.wnd.com/2015/09/poll-most-u-s-muslims-would-trade-constitution-for-shariah/ .

    So I don’t know how far or hard your friend at the Huffington Post would really need to search to find her “big Muslim conspiracy.”

    There remains the question of whether we should be “afraid” of this somewhat hard-to-miss “big Muslim conspiracy.”

    In fact, while these loonies in their funny medieval outfits look and sound scary, the fact is they’ve never really made it into the 16th century, let alone the 21st. Muslims in the nations they control aren’t very big on getting their hands dirty actually DESIGNING or MANUFACTURING tanks, planes, warships, artillery pieces, or even so much as laptop computers, cell phones, and software. Instead, their brightest young men either waste their time studying obscure ancient scriptures, murder each other in obscure doctrinal schisms, or blow themselves up taking out vitally important Israeli pizza parlors.

    In 1990, Saddam Hussein’s 65-division army was the fourth largest in the world and considered one of the strongest in the Middle East. Not taking anything away from the individual courage of those Americans who went to war under less than ideal conditions, there (and leaving aside for now the question of whether we should launch such aggressive foreign wars in the first place, which we certainly should not), but that army was so laughable that in some cases our guys stood there scratching their heads at the Iraqis’ World-War-One-style deployments, and then just sent a tank with a bulldozer blade down to the end of their trench line, proceeding to bury in place any that couldn’t find a white flag quickly enough to surrender.

    Many Iraqi soldiers tried to surrender to our AIRCRAFT.

    Talk to anyone who’s tried to train Egyptian soldiers or aviators to use modern equipment — all of which they have to import, of course. Officers are chosen on family connections, not merit (like pilots for EgyptAir — don’t get me started.) They withhold maintenance manuals from their sergeants, figuring if the officer is the only one with the manual, he becomes indispensable. The British, the Russians, everyone has thrown up their hands at the tendency of Egyptian tank crews to run a tank without bothering to change or clean the oil or air filters till the engine overheats and freezes up, at which point they just get out and walk, explaining “It broke.”

    Older Brits I met decades ago reported all the faucets in Cairo dripped, because the Egyptians either didn’t know or couldn’t be bothered to replace the rubber washers, and sometimes if you left the overhead light on in your hotel room, you could see the wires glow red-hot in the wallboards — the Egyptians, not comprehending the purpose of “fuses,” had simply replaced them with solid copper coins.

    Oh sure, they’re very brave and scary when it comes to sawing the head off a captured aid worker or taxi driver with a dull knife or sword, after he’s all tied up. But (as I’ve mentioned before) these are the clowns who have tried three times to “drive the Jews into the sea” and — despite having the Israelis outnumbered 20-to-1 — only end up LOSING MORE TERRITORY TO THE ISRAELIS, every time.

    Which doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous to invite large number of violent, frustrated, irrational, entirely unassimilated would-be murderers and gang rapists to form “beachhead” colonies in an (up till now) relatively peaceful and cordial country. In fact, that’s crazy enough that we have to ask what the REAL agenda of the “open borders” gang must be.

    With modest, sensible, affordable environmental safeguards — so long (and this is crucial) as we shift back to a across-the-board national policy that ENCOURAGES extraction of our own natural resources — we’ve got enough coal and oil in North America to meet our energy needs for more than a century, without another drop of Mideast oil. Why does no one talk about that?

    I don’t think “You’re just a racist so shut up” is going to work much longer. Did the Celts who wanted to avoid conquest by the Romans, did the Britons who wanted to avoid infiltration-and-conquest by the Danes, did the Saxons who wanted to avoid conquest by the Normans, drop their swords and run crying home to mommy because their feelings were hurt when someone called them “racists?”

    — V.S.

  7. Vin Says:

    p.s. — I’ve been told my response above sounds a bit testy. Sorry. Any sarcasm was directed not at Bill Miller (feedback much appreciated, Bill) or any other reader, of course, but at the unnamed “journalist” at the Huffington Post, who (like so many) evidently declines to spend any time “doing the reading” . . . or even watching a few short videos. 🙂

    With over 2,000 hits and counting, the essay above is already the most-read I’ve ever posted, here. Keep spreading the word. All we can hope to do is “get the word out” . . . and open a few minds. — V.S.

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  9. Dan K Says:

    Another “one who gets it” who really doesn’t!
    I stopped reading after you talked about working with good Moslems and more can be admitted after a pause bullshit.
    You don’t get it! You don’t even heed your own examples and ignore the mountains of supporting info.
    Islam does not belong in the west. Period. Stop equivocating. You’re proving yourself to be as f***ing stupid as the people who think moslem immigration is a good idea NOW!
    You are as dangerously stupid as the rest of them.

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  11. BillMiller Says:

    I assure you, Vin, that no offense was taken here! I completely share your analysis on this crisis and understood fully that those arrows weren’t aimed at me. It’s all good, my friend. ^.^

    In my brief discussion with the HuffPo journalist (she’s an immigrant from Russia), I avoided using the terms “Islam” or “Muslim.” I asked her and her Facebook followers pointblank whether they thought it was a good idea to allow into our country people who think that their deity commands them to treat women as chattel, to perform clitorectomies on little girls, to toss gays off of rooftops, and to stone adulterers.

    FFS, can the liberals at least agree with us on *that*? Instead of answering, they wanted to bring up American social conservatives who disapprove of homosexuality. As if not wanting to bake a cake for their big fat gay wedding = beheading gays and lesbians.

    There are moderate Westernized Muslims, but I’m afraid that there simply is no moderate Islam.

  12. A.D. Hopkins Says:

    I cannot counter your arguments. Unlike most people in this conversation, you have done real research and quote your sources. Well-done!

  13. R. Hartman Says:

    Not really new (2015) but it did not attract too much attention:
    Joe Biden: “Whites will be a Minority in US by 2017 – and that’s a good Thing”

    The only thing I can say to that is: Abolish the state! Rules, not rulers.