Monday’s 90-minute endurance contest


Jay Michaels offers a good wrapup on Hillary’s health at , for those who may be tuning in Monday’s “debate” (it would usually be more accurate to call these stylized events “joint appearances”) primarily to watch Miss Hillary for odd behavioral symptoms or just to see if can stand for 90 minutes, unassisted.

Obviously, Donald Trump also enters the somewhat stylized contest with the benefit of his own set of low expectations, thanks to many months of being whacked about the head and shoulders by Hillary’s auxiliary campaign team/downfield blockers, better known as the “mainstream media.”


While his fans doubtless crave some in-your-face attacks on Hillary’s “Clinton Foundation”-related bribery, her casual calls for seizing and destroying most of the modern firearms in America, her odd decision to abandon four Americans to die in Bengazi for fear of revealing why they were there (arranging arms shipments to the Muslim jihadi rebels in Syria), her recent calls for draconian tax hikes to make sure any business owned by a private American would have to be sold to the Red Chinese upon the owner’s death thanks to satisfy a “65 percent estate tax,” etc., the real test for Trump is to see whether he can maintain enough of a dignified bearing to somehow reassure those who have been told he’s a “dangerous pathological liar and would-be Hitler” . . . without appearing as stiff as, gee, I don’t know . . . as a Parkinson’s sufferer.


Two minor “debatable” (sorry) points: Mr. Michaels identifies the somewhat hefty gal photographed giving Mrs. Clinton the “squeeze my fingers” motor-control test just before the candidate collapsed at Ground Zero on Sept. 11 as Christine Falvo, a “former co-worker of Hillary’s at the State Department who now works for a New York City public relations firm” — which would be an odd person to assign such a duty. Others have surmised she may be “a nurse,” or even the candidate’s personal physician Dr. Lisa Bardack (below), whom she does resemble.



And Mr. Michaels refers to the large black man who’s now often at Mrs. Clinton’s elbow as a “Secret Service” agent, though others point out the man doesn’t appear to meet the physical fitness profile of such agents, and also that a Secret Service agent would be unlikely to rub the candidate’s back and speak reassuring instructions to “keep on talking” in her ear as this fellow did recently here in Nevada — especially given Miss Hillary’s well-known disdain for the men who put their lives on the line to protect her. He may instead be a “health aide.”

In fact, a man of very similar bulk and appearance, who was described as Bill Clinton’s “health aide,” was photographed walking beside the former president at the time Mr. Clinton was recovering from heart bypass surgery. We’d welcome word from anyone who can dig up THAT health aide’s name and photograph, for comparison purposes.

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