Never watch the TV — haunting Alan Watts wisdom


Brunette here. Been quiet for a while, have had a lot on my mind lately . . . both to do with this ongoing train wreck of an election, and other more mundane matters. Vin and I have not had a TV for years (I don’t want one in the house, period.) He doesn’t seem to miss it in the least — in fact, we find it jarring when confronted with the ubiquitous screens at restaurants, bars, etc.

For the most part,  I gave up on TV during high school when I had a roommate who’d become addicted to soap operas. Lovely gal, but thank God we didn’t have a TV in our dorm room! 😉 After that, I either avoided TV entirely or was highly selective about watching and stuck mostly to occasional movies or documentaries — resisted getting hooked on series shows like the plague. (Laugh tracks on sitcoms always made my skin crawl! Anyone else feel that way?)

Lately I’ve had reason to think about the television question — we’ve noticed a huge divide between people who primarily get their news from TV, and others who depend more on alternative sources . . . primarily the internet. It’s a whole different window on the world, apparently.

It may have been several years ago now that I first saw this video . . . it haunted me then, and I’m glad I was able to turn it up quickly with a search of Youtube. Alan Watts describes TV as “the greatest scientific indoctrination tool ever devised.  . . . it’s changed the whole culture of nations, not just one nation. . . . It becomes you, you become it. . . . They embed ideas into you along with the movies, and predictive programming too.”

Oh, please just go watch the video — click on the title (just below, or click here) to view on Youtube. While it looks like I’ve successfully embedded the video, my efforts to re-size videos in the past have been fruitless. (It is what it is.)



And BTW, I agree completely with Alan Watts’ comment about dictionaries — the older, the better . . . “they keep changing them, too.”

“May your gods go with you” — and may they inspire you to throw your TV out the window (better yet, use it for target practice) if you haven’t done so already. And fer cryin’ out loud, don’t wait until after the election is over . . . do it now, while you’ve still got some time left to see the world through a new perspective if you’ve been relying on TV for news.

An extra tidbit of wisdom from Catherine Austin Fitts: “It’s Fiction, Folks!

“If you feel out of sorts — that your perceptions of the world are out of step given what you are seeing and hearing in the media and the polls — have no fear. You are not out of step. What you are observing is complete fiction. . . .”

Read the rest here; it’s short: .

One Comment to “Never watch the TV — haunting Alan Watts wisdom”

  1. R. Hartman Says:

    This I wrote exactly 8 years ago: TV – Propaganda instrument #1

    It’s in Dutch, so hopefully Google Translate does not maim it too much.

    With everything you get shown on TV, you have to keep realizing that you’re looking at something staged. Discovery’s Ed Stafford is a prime example:

    He’s brave. He’s alone. He almost died in hot temperatures when his water ran out. No he’s not. No he didn’t. There’s a whole TV camera crew with trucks, food, drinks and what not. But people buy it.

    TV, as great as an invention it may be, is gefundenes Fressen for the propaganda makers and as such one of the biggest enemies of liberty. Because both its makers and its viewers (“but I saw it with my own eyes!”) are.