Kinsey; Crowley; Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll; MK Ultra, and . . . Pedogate?

(Brunette here.) Are you old enough to remember when Alfred Kinsey‘s 1948 and 1953 reports on human sexuality came out? I’m not, although I do recall as a kid growing up in the ’60s that those reports were still stirring controversy. Never paid much attention until lately, when I stumbled across a Youtube documentary about Kinsey and his arguably dubious research methods. Some instinct told me I had to watch it, even though it’s nearly three hours long. Prepare to be disturbed — and perhaps riveted — if you can stomach it. Or here’s a shorter documentary, Kinsey’s Paedophiles (51 min.)

Kinsey has been credited with kick-starting the sexual revolution, and certainly had a tremendous impact — not just on popular culture, but eventually on our legal system as well. His aim was apparently to change cultural attitudes toward forms of sex widely seen as perversions at the time, including homosexuality and pedophilia, and bring them out of the shadows into social acceptance. Looking around our cultural landscape today, it appears he succeeded — to an extent that might surprise even him, were he alive today.

He was too successful, perhaps . . . it feels as though the pendulum has swung too far; the American public is taking note and beginning to realize that maybe normalizing pedophilia is TOO much “progress.” (At least I *hope* many people feel that way.) Kinsey himself was a sadomasochist and obsessed with sex “24/7” — it’s unknown (far as I can tell) whether he was able to procure Aleister Crowley’s diaries, but it’s known that he tried to.

It truly is mind-boggling to grasp how deep the rabbit hole must go. That Satanism (and ritual abuse), MK Ultra, Pedophilia, human trafficking, and Operation Paper Clip are all inter-related. It’s so vast that I’ve been struggling to write about it — this monstrous subject has so many tentacles that it does at first sound too bizarre — ‘the mind recoils.’ A nutshell version is, both the Satanists and the Nazi scientists had developed effective methods of mind control — and some in our government wanted their expertise, particularly for MK Ultra and related projects. Spies, sex slaves, super soldiers, assassins, and secret (supposedly fool-proof) couriers . . . all useful types of mind-controlled victims, especially those with fragmented personalities (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD, now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID) whose core personalities can remain oblivious to the actions of their alternate personalities (alters.) Here’s a long, but informative article on the subject.

As a kid, I was fascinated by the occult — Tarot, Astrology, Hypnotism — although that interest trailed off gradually after I reached my thirties. I read quite a few of Aleister Crowley‘s books, generally the sort intended for more popular consumption. In retrospect, I’m appalled to have given him so much of my young brain space . . . though I gather he was a cultural icon of sorts in the ’60’s, my formative years. During the same period, the sexual revolution was also gaining steam — much to the horror of parents and grandparents everywhere, I imagine. I recall being in Junior High when ‘sex ed’ was a newly or recently introduced thing, and though I’m sure it was tame by today’s standards it seemed quite controversial then. Dull, though, (as were most classes) to me as a student.

Oh, and laugh all you want about Astrology being hogwash — even Vin thinks so. For me, it was the one thing that ever really got me interested in math (which I hated, and was never good at) . . . I had so much fun with Astrology at 19 or 20 years old, that I ended up shocked at my own abilities once I put my mind to learning, having always been a math dummy in school. So, there’s that. 😉

One further me-as-a-kid sort of reverie: As a youngster, I was rather tomboyish. Not as in masculine; I just never got the girlie stuff . . . Barbie and other dolls, girl talk and gossip, and in later years the odd obsession with hair and nails (my philosophy = let ’em grow, until they feel too long, then trim them myself) and proms, weddings, baby showers. At the age of eight or ten, it might have been easy to convince me that I WAS a boy (i.e., transgendered) — I’m sure glad society hadn’t ‘progressed’ to its present point then, or I’d be a pretty sorry specimen today when apparently six-year olds can decide they’re transgendered — regardless how they’ll feel about it when they’re 12, 24, 36, or 48. Guys generally were just more interesting to talk to, or in my case (being quiet) to listen to — they still are, more than ever — but for me, trying to BE one would have turned out disastrously. 😉

Of course, drugs were big too in the ’60s and ’70s — influential figures such as Gordon Wasson, Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna and Hunter S. Thompson helped bring drug use to the forefront of the cultural revolution in tandem with the sexual revolution inspired by Kinsey. Some say that Wasson, Leary and McKenna may have been used or compromised by the CIA — and while there may be some truth to that, I’m inclined to give those guys the benefit of a doubt. The CIA would doubtless have been interested in their work, and might have been helpful in indirect ways — providing contacts or travel assistance, covert encouragement of their research (perhaps help in acquiring subjects or substances), without having them on a “payroll.”

Certainly the sexual revolution as well as the easy availability of drugs like LSD led to seismic changes in the music industry, where groups like the Doors and Led Zeppelin were hugely influential on youth (like me) of the era — again, much to the dismay of older generations. Fashions changed too, from the sedate styles of the early ’60s to the Woodstock era and later the psychedelic-inspired garish prints of the ’70s . . . visible evidence of sweeping underlying cultural shifts which had been envisioned by people like Kinsey and Crowley.

So what does this all have to do with “Pizzagate” or “Pedogate,” as it’s now referred to? Well, lots. Pedophilia (and particularly pederasty) is nothing new, but in Western culture it has long been taboo and viewed as aberrant, if not criminal behavior. On one hand, it’s surely a bit silly that one is a child until that magical day one turns 18 — and that high school romances should be penalized. On the other, surely children deserve to mature to an age of informed consent before engaging in sex, and it’s wrong for adults to take advantage of naive and vulnerable kids.

(F.B.I. pedophilia symbols)

Pedophilia is now shockingly widespread. Lori Handrahan covers Cops and Child Porn here, Doctors and Child Rape/Porn here, Day Cares and Preschools Trading in Child Rape here, Military Staff Trading in Child Rape and Torture here, Special Education Teachers and Child Sex Abuse here. Dogs Raping Children here. Even infants and toddlers aren’t safe from these predators. And Dogs Raping Children? Et bloody cetera.

In “The Justice Department’s Child Porn Problem,” Lori writes:

“Half of all child porn now originates in America. The profits are massive. Estimated porn profits in 2006 exceed combined revenues of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink ranging from $3-$20 billion annually. It is unclear what percentage comprises child porn profits. In child porn 69% of the abused children averaged at ten years old with 39% under six. Every 39 minutes a new porn video is created in America. Ten new images of abused children used in child porn are posted daily. The sex abuse of one child in front of a live webcam is estimated to generate revenues of $1,000 dollars a night.
This is the face of child trafficking today.”
I’ve linked heavily to Lori Handrahan’s research here, because it’s so comprehensive and breath-taking — IMO she deserves a lot of credit for delving so deeply into areas most people (understandably) don’t even want to dip their toes. Not because she’s the only researcher — I also recommend the Cathy Fox Blog (U.K. based, with more emphasis on satanic ritual abuse/SRA) . . . or see my earlier Pizzagate post, here — or the Pizzagate thread, or the Steemit Pizzagate thread — not that I can claim to be keeping on top of all this stuff. There’s just too much, and it’s heartbreaking . . . I ALMOST envy people who can shrug it off as “fake news,” and not have to think about it. But #LittleLivesMatter . . .
For those who think the Pizzagate ‘code’ (food words such as ‘cheese’ and ‘hot dogs’) is a stretch, I recommend this article by Dr. Judith Reisman: “Cracking the Chicken Code.” It does seem disturbingly clear in reading the (Wikileaks) Podesta emails that certain words are used as code of some kind. And once you begin to recognize them, the F.B.I.’s pedophilia symbols (or variations) seem to be everywhere. The most startling thing, though, is how quickly the subject is stifled — by the mainstream media, social media sites, Youtube — wherever it gets sufficient attention. Catch Ben Swann’s Pizzagate Reality Check while you can, on Youtube.
Thank goodness enough of America seems to have woken up to give the twisted Clinton gang the boot . . . and let’s hope that Trump can and WILL “drain the swamp”! 🙂 (Cartoon by Ben Garrison of




2 Comments to “Kinsey; Crowley; Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll; MK Ultra, and . . . Pedogate?”

  1. Leslie Fish Says:

    I’d like to see some verifiable evidence that Kinsey was a “sadomasochist”, “paedophile”, or “obsessed with sex 24/7”. If any of this was provable while he lived, he wouldn’t have kept his job at a midwestern university, especially after becoming a controversial public figure.

    I can see why Kinsey (and several other scholars) was fascinated with Aleister Crowley. Crowley was provably a genius, a brilliant scholar, heir to a fortune, hopelessly neurotic, and a bisexual sex-addict who was one of the great Occult researchers of the 19th century. The Occult order he founded — the O.T.O. — still exists to this day, and several authenticated psychic phenomena have been associated with him. His neuroses can be clearly attributed to his upbringing among abusive Christian religious fanatics, who literally beat him into delirium at least once. Probably the best biography of him that I’ve found is “The Great Beast” by Daniel Mannix. In fact, the one perversion he never committed was pedophilia; he liked his women, and men, full-grown.

    Transgenderism is not just a new fashion or a mental problem; it’s a physical condition that can be revealed by a gene-test, in which an individual has the body-type of one sex but at least one of the genes of the other. There’s more to gender than just having an XX or an XY chromosome, and genetics turn out to be much more complicated than Mendel thought. Any geneticist can tell you that one of the most common forms of “birth defect” is some form or degree of “hermaphroditism”. This covers everything from homosexuality to actually having both male and female genitalia.

    And of course a lot of this is influenced by culture. Most ancient and primitive societies had a relaxed attitude toward sexuality and gender-roles, and accepted a wide range of sexual behavior. Monotheistic and near-monotheistic cultures were/are often sexually and gender-repressive — often because they’re also warlike and imperialistic, and want to discourage any form of sex which doesn’t breed more cannon-fodder for the tribe. It’s understandable that a member of the subordinate sex in a sexist culture would resent their role and imitate the behavior of — and try to “pass” as a member of — the dominant sex. It’s even understandable that a member of the dominant sex might, in disgust with the demands of the dominant role, choose to “pass” as a member of the subordinate sex. In any case, when dealing with a child who insists that s/he is really of the opposite sex, the first reaction should be to *get the kid a gene-test* and find out if there’s a physical basis for his/her belief.

    It should be mentioned that pedophilia and incest are also greatly affected by culture, and note that the cultures which allow or even encourage these tend to be sexist and imperialistic too. I’ll name no names; the examples are easily found.

  2. Vin's Brunette Says:

    Hi, Leslie —

    Re: Kinsey’s sadomasochism, here’s a NYT article from 1997:

    “Kinsey presented himself to the world as a scientist and a conventional husband and father — Professor Kinsey, whom even his wife called Prok. It was an essential disguise for a man exploring controversial territory, but he was in fact far more complex. James H. Jones, a historian at the University of Houston, reveals in this rich, awkward biography that Kinsey was energetically bisexual — Jones says ”homosexual” despite Kinsey’s continuing sexual relationship with his wife — and a serious masochist. ” . . .

    “Buckling under the stress of failing financing, he took to more extreme masochism, at some point even circumcising himself with a pocketknife without anesthesia.”


    “His masochism had started in a fairly mild way – for instance, as a teenager, inserting a straw into his penis. Pipe-cleaners were to follow, and in the end he would truss up his scrotum with cord and ram a toothbrush up his urethra, bristles first, to provoke ejaculation. It is to Jones’s great credit that he has elicited all this information, hitherto undisclosed.”

    The “obsessed 24/7” was from one or both of the linked Youtube documentaries. I’m sure it was in the longer one, but don’t blame you for not wanting to spend three hours on that. 😉 But this next quote from the Times Higher Education article says much the same (in other words) to my mind:

    “As Jones now exhaustively documents, Kinsey took to sexual research because he was driven by inner demons: alongside doing science, doing sex became his raison d’etre; probably the two became indistinguishable.”

    Neither of the articles above include the term “sadomasochist,” but it’s definitely used in more than one of the documentaries online — possibly in both of the Youtube docs I provided links to. The term IS used in this New Yorker article about Kinsey — — but it’s quoting Dr. Judith Reisman who also appears in the videos, and she’s plainly a harsh Kinsey critic.

    So is Dr. Judith Reisman a courageous ‘voice in the wilderness’ or something else? I tend to think the former. Decide for yourself:

    Re: Crowley, certainly a genius (both men were.) Like Crowley, Kinsey grew up in a repressive religious family. I should be clear, that I’m glad to see society become more accepting of consensual relationships between adults, regardless of sexual orientation. Ditto with adults who choose to switch genders — not that I know much about the science involved.

    For that matter, *I* don’t recall describing either Kinsey or Crowley as pedophiles (though others have) — my point was that both men desired a more sexually permissive environment for so-called ‘aberrant’ sexual persuasions. Unfortunately, there are those who’ll push the limits of tolerance to include “child love.” 🙁

    And Kinsey clearly encouraged one or more pedophiles he was in contact with to keep detailed records and submit them to him — records which were then used in his books, the ‘science’ of which has been questioned. (Rightly so, IMO, considering the staggering social consequences that ensued.)

    Hope that’s of some use. 🙂