Abandoning the last vestiges of even-handedness, the Legacy Press goes all-in to destroy President Trump

As a 40-year veteran professional newsman, let me tell you the one thing the “Mainstream Media” will never tell you about Donald Trump’s accusations of their peddling “Fake News” and grossly hate-filled, prejudiced coverage:

It’s true.

Late in last fall’s campaign, after police seized former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop, reports quickly surfaced on the Internet that it contained a photo of Hillary Clinton and her top aide, Huma Abedin, engaging in illegal sexual activities with an underage child.

(Type a few of those keywords into an Internet search; you’ll find it.)

To the best of my knowledge, no “mainstream” or “legacy” media outlet ever picked up that report. So far as we know, they never investigated that report by calling their own sources in the FBI or the New York Police Department. They certainly never chased in a mob after Mrs. Clinton or Huma Abedin every time they appeared in public, waving microphones and shouting “What about the child porn photos on the Weiner laptop? Do they show you two having sex with a small child? What do you have to say? We need a definitive Yes or No!”

Am I OK with that? Yes I am. Absolutely. Responsible media outlets have not only a right but a duty to be skeptical about such reports, coming from outlets that have not spent years or decades building up their credibility, especially when they rely on unnamed sources, without corroboration.

Constantly asking people in the public eye “What about this latest unsubstantiated report that you committed (insert loathsome criminal act here)?!” — based on nothing but uncorroborated rumors from unnamed sources — would be unfair, and would degrade the national discourse.

Yet when the Clinton-Podesta campaign last October obviously encouraged, coached, and orchestrated a parade of middle-aged women (and a former beauty queen with a very checkered legal history, who’s changed her story about when and why she first suffered bulimia) to come forward, one after another, whining that Donald Trump had “bumped” or “touched” or even “fat-shamed” them (is that now a criminal offense?) . . . 11 to 31 years before! . . . with no corroborating witnesses, no affidavits sworn on penalty of perjury, no court records, no police reports . . . the Lamestream Legacy Media ate it up!

They went public every day with these lascivious reports, without adhering to any of the “high standards” which they’ll claim prevented them from “demanding answers” about this assertion that a photo shows Hillary and Huma engaging in naked sex play with an underage child, presumably on Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Slave Island.

To this day I don’t believe the Lamestream Media, with all their resources, have gone back to interview those women and their assigned Podesta handlers and far-Left Democrat attorneys, to reconstruct how a “Bimbo Parade” that was intended to — and almost succeeded at — denying Donald Trump the presidency was recruited, coached, timed and stage-managed (any more than they’ve shown any interest in explaining to readers and viewers how Donald Trump made fools of all the smug “professional analysts and commentators” who sneered that he was wasting his time on “rallies” packed with rubes out in the hinterlands when everyone knows the only thing that wins modern presidential elections is a high-powered, hundred-million-dollar “television buy,” supplemented by handing lots of “walking-around money” to inner-city black pastors, Latino union organizers, etc.)

Their “coverage” of those rallies was not intended to convey or explain the real issues Trump was talking about — jobs, the economy, job-killing regulations, illegal immigration, radical Islamic terrorism — or even the true size and enthusiasm of his crowds, but rather to generate whatever six-second sound bite, taken out of context, would do the best job of making him look like a hateful dolt.

And they still haven’t stopped! Whatever Trump is accomplishing is blocked, ridiculed, or ignored — with the focus on legitimizing “protests” by paid professional rioters as though they represent a popular groundswell, or on anonymous “files” brought forward by his political enemies, to prove President Trump is a . . . racist Russian agent?

In the new administration’s first five weeks, despite a solid Republican majority, the U.S. Senate has approved only the first 14 crucial — and routine! — Trump cabinet appointments. At the present rate of Democratic obstruction, it’s now estimated the U.S. Senate would require 686 working weekdays to confirm the first 549 routine senior federal appointees that President Trump needs in place to run the executive branch.

In other words — given the way the Senate takes vacations — this job (normally accomplished in a couple of weeks as a routine courtesy to the incoming president) won’t be finished before the end of Trump’s first term. And it’s not clear if that “549” number includes the 120 vacant federal judgeships. ( http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/02/25/exclusive-regnery-anti-trump-democrats-best-allies-are-senate-republicans/ .)

What’s going on, instead? Someone gives Never-Trump RINO John McCain a “file” claiming Trump and his campaign staff are/were heavily infiltrated by Russian spies, who can blackmail Trump with hidden-camera video footage of Mr. Trump allowing Russian whores to urinate on him in a Russian hotel? “Oh-KAY!” sayeth the Mainstream Press. “Run with it! Banner it! Demand that Mr. Trump answer questions about it, ‘We need a definitive Yes or No’! Call it ‘the biggest scandal since Watergate.’ We don’t need no stinking ‘corroboration’!”

History now proves that the (Democratic, as it happens) Roosevelt and Truman administrations were heavily infiltrated with REAL Soviet spies — that FDR’s right-hand man Harry Hopkins was a full-fledged SOVIET AGENT — facts which the Left has been strenuously denying and ridiculing for more than 60 years, even inventing the term “McCarthyism” to revile and libel the senator who bravely sought to bring that dangerous and treasonous infiltration to light. The Left STILL denies those facts, every time it uses the word “McCarthyism.”

(Look up the “Venona cables.” Read Ann Coulter’s “Treason: Liberal Lies from the Cold War to the War on Teerrorism.” Or if you REALLY want it all with scholarly footnotes, read M. Stanton Evans’ 2007 “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies.”)


Yet without corroboration, the “Legacy” Lamestream media insist on promoting the narrative that Donald Trump and his staff were elected by the Russians (who would have had to infiltrate thousands of saboteurs into the thousands of county warehouses where our voting machines are stored, for starters) and are agents of the evil Russians . . . while ignoring the fact that (as Mr. Trump correctly points out) it was Hillary Clinton who negotiated the sale of 20 percent of this nation’s uranium stockpile . . . TO THE RUSSIANS!

Do they say, “Well, OK, he has a point there”? No! They just act as though they haven’t heard a word, and go back to their scripted talking points, ignoring the fact that it wouldn’t have required the supercomputers of any state-level intelligence service to hack John Podesta’s emails and hand them to Julian Assange: Mr. Podesta responded to a “phishing” email telling him to change his password by clicking on THE URL PROVIDED IN THE PHISHING EMAIL, where he proceeded to reveal his existing password was (as we surely all know by now) the devilishly clever . . . “password.”

A high school kid could have done it.

It was clear all last summer and fall, thanks to Wikileaks (which has never been shown to have released a fake email) and to the diligent FOIA work of Judicial Watch, that Hillary Clinton and her chief bribe-broker, Huma Abedin, would “welcome” million-dollar (or larger) “contributions to the Clinton Foundation” from anyone who wanted an appointment with or a favor from then-Secretary Clinton — INCLUDING FOREIGN POWERS FROM THE ARABIAN PENINSULA. Once the donations came through, wealthy folks who had been getting the runaround were suddenly told “Of COURSE the Secretary will see you now. What trade commission was it you wanted to serve on?”

Yet the Lamestream Legacy press put their fingers in their ears and chanted “La-la-la-la-la, we can’t HEEEAR you.”

Nor would they investigate -– in fact, they fired reporters who TRIED to investigate -– the clear signs that Hillary Clinton suffers some kind of neuro-psychological or neuro-physiological ailment, probably treated with some kind of stimulant that condemns her to irritability and mood swings. This is something it’s not important for the voters to have investigated in a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE?

And now they’re shocked –- SHOCKED -– that Donald Trump isn’t nice to them, doesn’t fall down and cover his head with his hands and let the all-in-the-tank-for-Hillary, Open-Borders Far-Left press piss all over him? If he calls them the liars they are, that means he’s “mentally ill,” and an “enemy of the First Amendment” and “a dangerous would-be tyrant” and “ought to be impeached”?

“Forever War” John McCain played the game by their rules in 2008. He lost. Gentlemanly welfare-state RINO Mitt Romney played the game by their rules in 2012. He lost. Yet Donald Trump is insane and a danger to a free press and ought to be impeached for not playing the game by their rules -– for encouraging Americans to get their news from non-globalist, non-socialist, non-lying sources? Rules under which no one but a far-Left, crypto-Muslim, America-hating “community organizer” or a shrill, corrupt bribe-grabber with debilitating Parkinson’s disease and a drinking problem (as long as they favor open borders and crippling the U.S. economy in the name of “climate change,” you understand ) can get elected?

They think the new president is obliged to give them a “re-set” as of Jan. 20 — to treat them nice even as they continue to try to destroy him, 24/7, spending all day, every day, “looking for the scandal that will bring him down”? ( http://www.breitbart.com/video/2017/02/26/ben-stein-media-looking-for-a-scandal-every-day-with-trump-to-do-to-him-what-they-did-to-nixon/ .)


What’s that? I haven’t specified enough lies? The mainstream media insists catastrophic man-made global warming is a serious danger — serious enough to merit wrecking America’s energy industry, for starters, and our whole economy, if they can get away with it. But there’s been no net warming in 16 years. (Even the profit-driven alarmists fret about what they call “The Pause.”) The fact that the “scientists” pushing global warming have fudged their data — especially their “hockey-stick graph” — has been documented again and again ( https://vinsuprynowicz.com/?p=4744 .) And even if there WERE some more modest global warming, that would constitute a net plus by allowing food crops to be grown further from the equator.

The mainstream media insist the current enormous number of childhood vaccinations recommended or mandated in America are “safe, effective, and necessary.” Try “none of the above.” In many cases, even manufacturers claim less than “50 percent efficacy.” Modern sanitation had vastly reduced all those diseases BEFORE vaccination became widespread, and the shots still contain toxic mercury preservatives far above mandated cumulative safety levels, which is one big reason autism rates have skyrocketed and the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund pays out millions to the families of children crippled by vaccines, every year.

Why are there so few published papers linking the “shots” to autism? Read Andrew Wakefield’s “Callous Disregard.” ( https://www.amazon.com/Callous-Disregard-Autism-Vaccines-Tragedy/dp/1616081694 .) When the good doctor wrote up results of his studies of autistic child patients, he was hounded for “experimenting on children.” When he switched to doing animal research, his paper was accepted by journal editors, but then killed by the publisher that owned the journal — a firm with ties to the vaccine industry!

The mainstream media insists HIV causes AIDS . . . when Peter Duesberg proved decades ago in his categorical book “Inventing the AIDS Virus” that this theory fails to satisfy ANY OF THE FOUR of Koch’s postulates, when satisfying ALL FOUR is otherwise required before any theory of disease causality will be generally accepted.

(Here’s how crazy the medical orthodoxy is when it comes to AIDS: They’re desperately trying to develop a profitable “HIV vaccine,” which would presumably work by stimulating the human body to develop “HIV antibodies” (the standard way any vaccine works), at which point we’d know those inoculated had developed an “immunity to HIV”, because they’d “test positive” for those HIV antibodies. Yet this same medical orthodoxy tells us that “testing HIV positive” is a death sentence, and has doubtless sped the deaths of many AIDS sufferers — as well as people who “tested HIV positive” but didn’t have AIDS, at all — with toxic therapies including AZT, which traditionally came in a bottle with a skull and crossbones on the label. Simply by avoiding their recommended, toxic, AIDS “therapies”, basketball great Earvin “Magic” Johnson has remained hale and hearty FOR TWENTY YEARS after first “testing HIV-positive”, and this month was named president for basketball for the struggling L.A. Lakers. Yet this doesn’t call for a re-examination of their theory of AIDS causation, WHICH WAS NEVER INTRODUCED IN ANY PEER-REVIEWED RESEARCH PAPER IN ANY KNOWN MEDICAL JOURNAL?)

I could go on. Read “The Ballad of Carl Drega.” Read “Send in the Waco Killers.”


Besides, when did the current members of the Far-Left Lamestream Press, now so concerned about “fairness and equal treatment,” at any time during the Obama administration stand up and say, “Mr. Obama, I think it’s really unfair that -– with the sole exception of Fox News -– everyone here to ask you questions in this press room comes from a media outlet that endorsed you, or that endorsed your hand-chosen successor Hillary Clinton, or both.

“Don’t you think to provide the American people with some balance you ought to double the size of this room and invite in reporters from Breitbart News, the Daily Caller, and other conservative news media, so the public can be sure they’re getting some balance?”

I don’t remember a one of them ever saying that, do you?

It’s their ABANDONMENT of the last PRETENSE of even-handedness that has given birth to the conservative media, which is still in many ways an awkward fledgling, no doubt, but the existence of which was NECESSITATED and rendered inevitable by the heavy and disreputable thumbs on the scales of “objectivity” and even-handedness of NBC, CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post, et al.

Yet they now object that there IS a conservative press, and that it’s getting approximately equal time to ask its questions?

That’s hilarious.

Come on, sit on the floor and let us hear you kick your heels as you shriek and blubber as your market share and your circulation and your advertising revenues dwindle, and dwindle, and dwindle . . .

Then go spend a few years at a real job somewhere between Pittsburgh and Reno, occasionally working outside in the rain or the snow, earning less than $50,000 a year and trying to keep a used car on the road, like the rest of us.

You pampered, simpering twits.

See Pete Vanderzwet at: http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/21/the-medias-race-for-martyrdom/ .


And what about that one, at least somewhat conservative, news outlet, by the way?

Was the relationship between Barack Obama and Fox News one which should serve as a sterling example of a president’s respect for the free press (unlike the behavior of that supposed “tyrant-in-the-making,” that “enemy of the First Amendment,” Donald Trump?)

Joe Simonson wrote an Opinion piece for the New York Post back on Dec. 2, headlined “Obama’s pathetic ‘blame Fox’ excuse”:

(See: http://nypost.com/2016/12/02/obamas-pathetic-blame-fox-excuse/ .)

“It’s been a rough few weeks for President Obama,” Mr. Simonson begins. “Voters in so-called ‘Blue Wall’ states seemingly rejected the vast majority of the president’s legacy. . . .

“Voters told Obama and the Democratic Party that they were out of touch with their concerns. So how did the president respond? Essentially: It’s all Fox News’ fault,” Mr. Simonson explains.

“As he put it in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the reason Democrats can’t attract voters beyond the East and West coasts isn’t their policies but the fact that ‘Fox News [is] in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country.’

“Sure, Mr. President, millions of Americans across the country leave their jobs and homes at the end of the day, go to their neighborhood eatery or watering hole, watch ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ and have their brains washed. Please.

“The president is just making this up. Truth is, Obama — like other top Democrats — probably hasn’t been to many bars in the last eight years, even if he doesn’t mind declaring what’s on their televisions and how they’re being secretly turned against his party.

“There is, of course, no conspiracy by the diner and bar owners of America to broadcast one single news channel, even if many do,” Mr. Simonson continues, in his piece in the Dec. 2 New York Post. “But the president’s repeated singling out of a single network should concern all Americans, not just conservatives.

“Fox News has been a consistent target for Obama’s frustrations, blaming the network, as he did in September, for creating a ‘very polarized society’ and ‘churning out a lot of misinformation on a regular basis.’

“The president’s recent hits on Fox just add to his long, pathological fixation on the cable news network. Even back in 2009, as e-mails obtained by Judicial Watch later showed, the Obama administration tried excluding Fox News from an interview with a Treasury Department official. . . .

“And conservatives are the ones responsible for a toxic media environment? . . .

“There’s no better way to put it: The president is stoking the flames of censorship. Instead of focusing on policy, helping the nation heal or just . . . going away, he’s pointing blame for his party’s failures at the press.

“For all the talk about Donald Trump’s contentious relationship with the media, Obama’s language and actions toward Fox News and other conservative media outlets is just, if not more, toxic. If you don’t agree with Obama’s policy on health-care reform, you must be some ignorant yahoo.

“Here’s some advice for the president: Instead of lambasting Fox News or something an aide saw once on social media, maybe take some time and think about why so many Americans are turning away from the mainstream media,” Mr. Simonson concludes.


So Obama was blaming everything on the fact that there was one -– one! -– somewhat conservative alternative news source to which American could turn to get a version of the news different from that uniformly packaged to order on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, The New York Times and the Washington Post.

We’ve all seen in the Hillary-Podesta emails how her campaign complacently referred to “our press,” who would promote whatever story lines the Democrat campaign handed them, while sneaking candidate Hillary their planned debate questions in advance. It would be well within the authority of the Federal Elections Commission to file legal charges against these “news organizations” for failing to report their entire campaign news budgets since last August as (probably illegal) “in-kind contributions” to the “Hillary-for-President” campaign.

Yet the arrogant, “entitled” Legacy Media now complain president Trump sometimes calls on someone else for questions?

What if Mr. Trump proposed re-creating the White House Press Room full of reporters as a perfect mirror image of what Mr. Obama faced — one and only one leftist news source that endorsed Hillary for the presidency (CNN, NBC, CBS, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Politico, et al., could draw straws and take turns occupying that one seat) . . . and EVERYONE ELSE IN THE ROOM being as friendly to him and his entire agenda as all those long-time Leftists were to Mr. Obama?

The shrieking and garment-rending would echo well beyond Iceland. Heads would explode.


And a final point of privilege, Mr. Speaker: While I certainly never expected or set out to be a “Trump defender,” you’ll pardon me if I do bridle a bit at the smug and sneering small-mindedness when the first anonymous Trump-hating trolls responding on the Fox News Web site focus on the fact that the First Lady of the United States had a written version of the Lord’s Prayer in front of her when she addressed the president’s rally in Melbourne, Florida Friday Feb. 18, said trolls smugly sneering and bragging “She needed it written down! She’s no Christian! I can say it backwards,” etc.

Really? In front of a crowd of 30,000? Excepting professional politicians, entertainers, and public speakers, a) No, I bet you could NOT recite it backwards — you MIGHT even get nervous and flub it “forwards”; and b) . . .

OK, wise guy. Prove it. In this day and age, when most cell phones will record a short video, go ahead and record and post for us online a video of yourself intelligibly reciting the Lord’s Prayer backwards, without any kind of written cheat sheet in front of you . . .

. . . in Slovenian.

No? OK. Feel free to do so in our First Lady’s SECOND language: Serbian.

No? Can’t do it? Wow. Alright, then, feel free to post Online a video of yourself reciting the Lord’s Prayer, backwards, without any kind of written “cheat sheet” in front of you . . . in one of our First Lady’s third through fifth conversational languages, German, Italian, or French. (We’re informed that — understandably wishing him to be fluent in more than one language -– the First Lady speaks French to her 10-year-old son at home.)

What? You can’t do that, either? OK, I’ll tell you what: forget the “backwards” part. Just recite the prayer for us in the traditional manner, front-to-back, in quick order, in the SIX languages you speak best. (English being, to the best of my knowledge, Melania Trump’s SIXTH language.)

Come on. What’s the SIXTH language in which you can make yourself understood without “a funny accent,” Mr. Troll?

Yet you’re one of those who’s willing to libel this devoted mother a “hooker” because she started out as a model (like Gerald Ford), aren’t you?

OK, she’s sometimes a little nervous, it’s clear she never coveted or sought this bright a spotlight, with loathsome (Soros-funded?) totalitarian pickets heckling her whenever she walks out her front door in Manhattan. Who among us knowingly would?

Yet instead of showing the slightest bit of tolerance, patience, or sympathy — possibly even celebrating how much an immigrant can achieve in our free market (for who can guess how many equally lovely and talented young women were ground down to premature deaths on some beet farm under the tyranny of Communism?) — out of pure political rage and vindictiveness, you refuse to acknowledge this elegant woman might prove an asset to our country when the White House is called upon to entertain visiting dignitaries who might be made more comfortable by a gracious hostess speaking to them in their native Slovenian, Serbian, Italian, German, French . . . or even English?

If Donald Trump had been elected as a Democrat, promising amnesty for 30 million more illegal alien Mexicans (including the young scholars of the Mara Salvatrucha “MS-13” Literary and Marching Society, above) and millions more unassimilable Muslims who assert the proper punishment for people handing out Bibles on a public sidewalk in Dearborn, Michigan is DEATH . . . (see http://www.wnd.com/2012/10/guess-who-u-s-muslims-are-voting-for/ or http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/10/31/fed-appeals-court-police-violated-christians-rights-stopping-evangelizing-muslims/ or the highly amusing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMN_shKTaOY ) . . .

. . . and vowing to shut down every oil well and instead get us all the electricity we’ll ever need from windmills and elves in hollow trees and promising to require every restaurant and public school to provide and maintain at least five sets of bathrooms for all the newly invented “genders” . . . the current gushing over Melania Trump as “the second coming of Jackie Kennedy” in our magazines and on our TV networks would be enough to promptly send every diabetic in the nation into a hyperglycemic coma.

Yet you spew all this poison just because you chose and supported a widely despised, morally corrupt, greedy and incompetent candidate who couldn’t even be bothered to TRY to offer any transcendent vision for America’s future, who was presumably too drunk or comatose to answer the phone when three of the Americans she’d sent to Benghazi without sufficient security were being murdered there (and now shouts “What difference does it make?!”), who decided to base her whole campaign on cheating at the debates and hiring and coaching and orchestrating a parade of middle-aged supporters to claim Donald Trump “bumped” or “touched” them 20 years ago . . .

. . . yet you actually believe the people of the United States, who showed incredible patience with your malarkey for 30 years, had NO RIGHT to upset your schemes by choosing anyone else?

I think a couple of wise fellows were speaking for you when they said

Although I laugh and I act like a clown,
Beneath this mask I am wearing a frown.
My tears are falling like rain from the sky,
Is it for her or myself that I cry?
I’m a loser.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gets a hug from fifth-grader Hannah Tandy during a town hall meeting Dec. 22, 2015. (AP Photo)

4 Comments to “Abandoning the last vestiges of even-handedness, the Legacy Press goes all-in to destroy President Trump”

  1. Leslie Fish Says:

    Dear Vince: I’ve been an editor on three newspapers, two magazines and a radio station, and I couldn’t agree with you more about the media. Literally *all* the media we see or hear is biased in one direction or another. Now some of this is inevitable; there’s only so much room in a publication, only so much time in a broadcast, and no matter what the reporter may want to write it’s the editor who must decide what fits into that limited time and space. There’s also the stated purpose of the medium; readers of The Wall Street Journal are unlikely to be interested in articles about internal squabbles of the Mail Carriers’ union, and The Western Horseman won’t print articles about football coaches. Those are the benign reasons for bias. The not-so-benign can be traced straight back to William Randolph Hearst, who used his papers to literally start a war — a feat which the general news media have envied ever since. The want to believe that manipulating what the public sees/hears gives them *power* — the ability to force others to do your will — instead of just *influence* — the ability to make people listen seriously to what you have to say. They’ve had enough success in past decades to fool themselves into believing that it’s true. That’s another reason for their current hysteria; their best manipulations *failed*, and Trump was elected — which questions/threatens their perceived power, which they’ve been scrambling to regain ever since, by any means necessary.

    That said, I have to pick a few nits. I was raised in a family of doctors, grew up reading medical texts and journals for fun, and I can tell you some things about the vaccination flap. First, the problem with vaccination is not the vaccines themselves, but *how and when they are given*. Any veterinarian will tell you not to vaccinate your kitten or puppy until the little creature is at least three months old, lest you damage the animal’s immune system. Likewise, you’re supposed to separate the vaccinations by at least two weeks each (and better it be a month) to let the immune system adapt and recover. Now a human lifespan is about six times that of a cat or dog, and a human’s infancy is the same. Since a human mother’s milk contains antibodies that will protect the infant for the first six months, there’s no reason to begin the first shot any younger — and likewise, succeeding vaccinations should be given one at a time, and no less than two weeks apart. But when and how are most human vaccinations given? All together, and often in the first two days of the child’s life! Why? *For the convenience of the doctors!* No other reason. That’s why we have so many cases of allergies, immune-system problems, and crib death.

    But that’s not the cause of the rise in cases of Autism over the past 20 years. Intense study of the disease over the past quarter century has shown that Autism is a hereditary disease, caused by particular mutations in at least half a dozen genes. There are parents who, understandably, don’t want to believe this. There are also plain neurological tests which identify the disease. Kids who used to be diagnosed as retarded or schizophrenic are now recognized as Autistic instead; that’s why there’s been such an increase of *accurate diagnoses* of Autism — and a corresponding drop in diagnoses of retardation and schizophrenia in children. It has nothing to do with vaccination.

    Of course, if parents (such as the Amish) choose not to vaccinate their children, one could say that’s their business — but only if they keep their children isolated from anyone who could be carrying the diseases that the children are not immune to. Otherwise it’s damn well the concern of the children, who might not want to risk *their* lives for what their parents believe. Of course, that brings up the whole question of whether children are the property of their parents or legal humans — with their own inalienable rights — in the first place. Considering the whole abortion flap, I really don’t think you want to go there.

  2. Don Mcglaun Says:

    AWESOME!!! So well said!!

  3. Steve Says:

    Watching Vin’s bullshit meter peg is always fun and most often enlightening.

  4. Dean Pleasant Says:

    I love that term, “Herdsmen Of The Sacred Cows”.

    In fact, that sounds like a title from GAME OF THRONES. Samuel The Heckler, Crier Of The Crown, Herdsman Of The Sacred Cows, Shepard Of The Sheep, Moderator Of Dissent and Ridiculer Of Radicals.