The language of deception

The creatively goofy leftists at the “Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada” have emerged from their ongoing Frantz Fanon reading group long enough to press the cities of Reno and Las Vegas to support a boycott of Arizona over the new state law there instructing local police to do what they were already allowed to do — call federal authorities if they believe they’ve encountered an immigration violator in the course of their duties.

Oh, the humanity!

“PLAN” wants the city councils to reject any new contracts with Arizona-based companies to protest the law.

“I think our local government should not use our tax dollars to help support the economy of a state that endorses racial profiling,” explained Bob Fulkerson, director of the Reno-based group.

But Reno City Councilman Dave Aiazzi questioned whether the request would have any practical effect.

“I don’t know if we do any business with Arizona-based companies,” he said Monday. “This request is just PR and nothing more.”

Leave aside for the moment such practical objections, and the fact that Nevada — with one of the nation’s most tourist-driven economies and currently one of its hardest stricken — can ill afford to get into a “boycott war” with anyone, even if the cause made sense.

Beyond that, the fact is the Arizona law is favored by a majority of Americans, and with good reason.

The Arizona law requires that police conducting traffic stops or questioning people about possible legal violations ask them about their immigration status if there is “reasonable suspicion” that they’re in the country illegally.


Police in every nation from Mexico to Argentina to the Congo to Red China will stop and ask for your “papers” if they perceive you’re a foreigner. That’s “racial profiling” (which, by the way, is specifically barred under the Arizona act.) Why doesn’t PLAN call for boycotting those nations — and all of the 190 others that seek to control their own borders?

(What would Neveda’s economy look if tourists from all 194 of those nations decided to reciprocate by staying home?)

Those who favor unlimited illegal immigration, turning America into an awkwardly bilingual nation, her public schools and emergency rooms flooded with impoverished, ill-educated scofflaws while well-educated, English-speaking, law-abiding, skilled would-be immigrants of all races wait and wait and wait their turn overseas — whereupon all the extended FAMILIES of these illegal aliens would have to be admitted in preference over skilled workers from Asia and Africa — have yet to explain why they also claim to seek “reform of the nation’s immigration laws.”

If their position is that the law shouldn’t be enforced anyway, what possible difference can it make to them whether and how the written law is “reformed”?

What they seek is amnesty for the invading horde — as though King Alfred had said, “What the heck, let’s all just learn to speak Danish.”

But amnesty was tried in 1986 — at which point its proponents swore up and down it would never happen again, it COULD never happen again, because simultaneous with THAT amnesty the “border would be secured.”

So in addition to being morons, the leaders of this Kabuki of cultural suicide are also liars.

Ask them, “If you’ve agreed for 24 years that the border must be ‘secured,’ why are there still no well-marked minefields? Or is what you seek actually a TRI-lingual nation, where some people speak Spanish, some people speak English, and some people speak whatever language that is you’re using?”

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  1. Steve Dutner Says:

    In a “true” libertarian society, this ILLEGAL immigration issue would not be an issue at all. We would not have mininum wage laws and it would be necessary to understand the English language to thrive in this society. Stealing identities and getting free healthcare should be a crime for anyone. However, when this once-great Nation was created, people could travel freely between borders. They had to learn the ways of each section of land to survive. It should be this way now but, unfortunately, our government has set it up to make this impossible. Employers should be able to advertise employment at whatever wage they desire and people can decide whether or not to seek out this contract. If the wages are too low, potential employees will go elsewhere. This is a very difficult issue for me. Under current law, those who come through what is considered “illegal means” do negatively affect those who are here as citizens or through “legal means”. However, I actually know those who came through the system “illegally” because of government restrictions and then actually became “legal” by government definition. They are now very productive members of this society and English is their language. I understand that this is not the norm and have no resolution to correct this problem. Additionally, I have seen this turn from an issue of law to a form of racism, which scares my Hispanic friends who are here legally and follow the law of the land. As a descendant of white European immigrants, I am proud of the successes my great-grandparents had in adjusting to the “American” way of life and thriving as productive members of society How does the author of one of the most influential books (Black Arrow) on my life feel we can resolve this controversial issue that even tears “libertarians” apart?

  2. Rightwing Links (June 17, 2010) Says:

    […] The language of deception […]

  3. Steve Dutner Says:

    @Rightwing Links… […] The language of deception […] How does one interpret that response? I read THAT blog and still had questions. I do not think any one should exist in a welfare state or provide a welfare state. That’s coersion. Slavery. The “immigration” laws and quotas that exist, in my opinion, do not work in my “libertarian” consciousness. However, I will go along and say that Arizona wants to enforce her “immigration” laws because she should have that “power” under constitutional law and the law that exists for stopping “illegal” immigration.
    SIDE NOTE: I find it odd that crime related to “illegal” immigration has gone down in recent years in these border states and NOW people want to enforce it, yet I will accept this premise.
    How is it okay in any “libertarian-minded” person’s principles to allow for any form of profiling or National I.D. though? Look at what the Social Security Number has done to the individual! I am using no language of deception. I am standing by my own principles of liberty, regardless of any new “hot” topic in this faltering country. Too many so-called “libertarians” are starting to pick their own personal issues and are enforcing desecration of civil liberties, the exact opposite of what I believed was “libertarian” thought.
    […] The language of deception […] seems to be happening here. This sounds like another form of Authoritarianism to me. I better go get some copies of my birth certificate, SSN, driver’s license, personal account information, tax returns, etc. and find a way to put them all in the glove box of my car. Oh, wait. I better sell my car. It wasn’t made by an American “unionized” car company that was bailed out in Detroit! What other intrusions are acceptable to you Authori…uhmmm…libertarians?