Doubling down on disaster

Unless you actually die, defeat -– in war or in politics — bestows one great blessing: All excuses and rationalizations collapse.

Defeat requires you to re-examine your whole approach. “How could this have happened? Where did our efforts stray from the useful and necessary?” It’s an opportunity to find and promote new leaders -– younger, bolder, plainspoken men who’ve had their “boots on the ground” out there. They then get a chance to rebuild based not on fantasy or time-worn “rules,” but on facts newly confronted. Old assumptions get thrown out with the garbage.

Thus, losers often get back in the game. A coach shocks the fans by trading away his aging “franchise stars” for future draft picks, and builds a new team on new principles – Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys.

Defeated in a battle of fixed lines in 1918, the German military decides not to attack the French Maginot line in 1940, at all, but to knife their way around it -– through the Ardennes and straight to Paris. (The French army, lulled into complacency by its 1918 victory, was famously left sitting in a bunch of fortresses with their fixed guns pointing the wrong way. They actually had more tanks than the Germans, but none where they were needed.)

Reeling from one of the great devastations of military history – their proud battleship fleet sunk to the bottom of its home harbor — the U.S. Navy was forced by necessity to try something jaw-droppingly strange and different; building a new fleet based around . . . awkward flattops whose planes could sink an enemy a hundred miles away, and cheap, invisible submarines.

The losers learn from their defeat, and come back to win. It’s the see-saw of history.

But sometimes — maybe once in a century — God in his majesty hands us a gratuitous grace, a favor undreamed of. He breaks the pattern. The losers, rather than learning from their mistakes and re-grouping . . . refuse to believe they lost. They DOUBLE DOWN ON DISASTER.

When we see this, we know something special is happening. The pendulum has swung so far in one direction that it’s already started back, it’s building momentum, there’s not going to be a comeback by the losers, a quick return to balance. Because things have gotten too far OUT of balance.

Something is happening that’s both majestic and terrifying in its inevitability. Like deer in the headlights, like Admiral Chuichi Nagumo’s carriers caught with their decks stacked full of bombs at Midway, the arrogant and self-satisfied just stand there staring, ready to get plastered.

Last November, it was time for the American Left -– not just the Democratic party of the smirking sadist Chuck Schumer and the senile figureheads Nancy Pelosi and Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Lightweight Chicago Race Hustler Barack Obama and the Bribe Sponge Hillary Clinton, but also the Legacy Newscast talking heads and the Highly Unwise Hollywood starlets who have made themselves the love slaves of these pederasts, to eat some crow, shake hands with the winners, say with some resignation “Good game; we’ll get you the next time,” and then, after a few days to sleep it off and dry their eyes, sit down and ask:

“What was our campaign? The Bush family handed us the secret recording of Trump saying ‘If you’re a TV star they’ll let you grab their pussy’; we released it a month before the election and then orchestrated a bunch of middle-aged Hillary supporters to come forward, one after another, all through the month of October, claiming Trump bumped them or touched them or groped them 11 or 18 years ago . . . and . . . that was it? Everyone instructed to pretend to be outraged as though they’d never heard the word ‘pussy’ before?

“That and Alicia Machado, Hillary staring straight ahead like a zombie and snarking out her memorized line at the second debate, “And she has a name, Mr. Trump, her name is Alicia Machado”? Boy, some kind of symbol of oppressed womanhood she turned out to be, suspected of driving the getaway car in the assassination of some Venezuelan judge, loved the nude photo spread in Mexican Playboy, though, great choice there. Especially when the video surfaced that showed Trump SYMPATHIZING with her, DEFENDING her against the pageant officials who wanted to strip of her crown after she gained, what, 60 pounds?


“Trump was supposed to collapse, say he was sorry, beg forgiveness, break down in tears -– basically act the way the union bull-dykes now in charge of our public schools are trying to train every American boy to behave, if they can’t dope them into a sullen stupor — and it DIDN’T WORK. He went on playing to cheering crowds of 30,000, 40,000 people in airplane hangars all over the East Coast, sometimes three a day. He just made fun of our aging bimbos, said if he was going to grope anyone it wouldn’t be someone as ugly as that old bitch, and they CHEERED!

“We couldn’t very well answer, ‘No, no, the point is they were good-looking 18 years ago,’ because then people would have said ‘Eighteen YEARS ago? Wait a minute, these women are saying this stuff happened EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO? They never brought charges or filed a lawsuit for EIGHTEEN FUCKING YEARS, and now they all just happen to line up like bulls coming out of the chute a few weeks before the election? And they all happen to be represented by radical Left attorney Gloria Allred or her daughter Lisa Bloom? Who’s paying the legal fees? Or are the legal fees just considered an in-kind contribution to the Hillary campaign? Has anyone checked? Has anyone put these aging bimbos under oath? Asked them who’s stage-managing all this?’”

(The fact that no major news operation I know of has asked these questions, reconstructed how this bimbo parade was stage-managed, even now, seven months after the election, is further proof — along with this whole hilarious “Russians did it!” fixation — that every major American newspaper and television news outlet is STILL functioning as part of Hillary’s “Resist Trump At All Costs” Team. Did the host of some show on CNN actually post Online Saturday night that Trump is a “piece of shit” because he still wants to ban Muslim terrorists from coming here? The stabbing victims on London Bridge are still bleeding, and he calls the President of the United States a “piece of shit” IN PUBLIC? Yeah, yeah, in a free country politicians need to develop thick skins, but this is a “NEWS” NETWORK?)

(“Piece of shit”: See .)

“Meantime,” any normal Democratic post-defeat analysis would have continued, “we had NO ANSWER to all the charges of Hillary destroying email evidence that was under subpoena, raking in hundreds of millions in bribes thinly disguised as ‘donations to the Clinton Foundation’ and ‘speaking fees’ in blatant violation of IRS regulations (for starters), leaving our guys to die in Bengazi after refusing to provide them with any security, stealing the nomination from the Vermont Socialist, and passing out left and right from what appears to be Parkinson’s Disease treated with Leva-Dopa that makes her grin like a lunatic -– other than instructing “our media” to ignore it all? In the age of the Internet? Just tell them to ignore it? That was it?

“Is it true Hillary as our Nominee never went to Minnesota AT ALL? Did the Russians shoot down her plane or something? What the hell were those pathetic rallies with a hundred high-school girls in a college gym, little girls setting her up with staged questions, “I’m glad you asked me that, honey”? This was a PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN? It looked like she was running for head of the student council, for Chrissake. What was our PLATFORM?”

But this never happened. At no point have the Democrats said, “We must be losing for a reason. Calling Trump a ‘racist’ when he got more support from blacks and Cubans and Asians than Mitt Romney or John McCain doesn’t exactly qualify as soul-searching. Has anyone here spent as much as two weeks in Tupelo or Waco or Ames or East Overshoe, Montana anytime in the past couple of years, eating at the diner and asking people what they think about the EPA and the BLM and Bruce Jenner calling himself a woman and Arab terrorism and illegal immigrants and the way Washington is trying to run the public schools and where all the jobs went? Do we know if there are ANY issues where we might be able to build consensus and make common cause with those folks?

“Have we just sat down with them over an open-faced hot roast beef sandwich with fries and asked them what they think of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and the ACLU and not interrupted and not argued and let them talk for fifteen minutes and maybe, like, taken notes?”

Instead, the Democrats want to pretend Trump is some kind of accidental president, put in place by that international criminal mastermind, Vladimir Putin, who apparently had thousands of Russian agents don John Deere caps and attend midnight Trump rallies in obscure corners of Florida and Ohio with their tots on their shoulders last October, and then somehow managed to get them all registered to vote Republican . . . at the same time the Left absurdly (and needless to say, smugly) simpers that NO non-citizens could POSSIBLY have voted in the election.

Hillary Clinton is STILL adding to her list of people she blames for her defeat — ( ) — yet the one person she and her gang refuse to grant any credit for the way things turned out last November is the politically deft and surefooted Donald Trump, now declared mentally ill by that world-renowned Medical Doctor of Psychiatry . . . Dan Rather.

(Rather’s remote diagnosis: .)

Didn’t the RUSSIANS used to do that? Claim anyone who wouldn’t get with their program was a mental case, lock them in an asylum and electro-shock them till they couldn’t do anything but drool? Will these desperate collectivists stop at NOTHING?

March! March to demand any Trump ally who ever talked to any Russian on the telephone should be stripped of his security clearance and jailed! And if Russia’s not enough, indict any Trump associate or family member who ever spoke to a BRAZILIAN on the telephone! Or a BELGIAN! Aaiiyeeee!

Denial is not just a river in Egypt, and so the strip-it-bare analysis of why the 2016 Democrats ended up looking like the Atlanta Falcons’ offense, standing on the sidelines with their thumbs up their asses through the whole last quarter of the 2017 Super Bowl, DOES NOT GET DONE.

(Of course, I shouldn’t be telling them this. But do you really think they’re going to listen?)

They put some Affirmative Action candidate in charge of the Democratic National Committee, some guy from Harvard Law and the Kennedy School of Government who used to work for Janet Reno and who got elected to the governing board of Montgomery County, Maryland, with the support of the labor unions, and based on that vast political experience this guy blithely asserts they’re going to re-take Congress in 2018 without doing any grassroots realignment . . . WITHOUT CHANGING THEIR AGENDA.


This is epoch-making. This hasn’t happened since 1936, when the Republican Party blithely assumed it wasn’t THEY who needed to change, that the voters would surely throw out that incompetent dilettante Roosevelt, who hadn’t done a thing to fix the Great Depression other than suck on his cigarette holder and deliver some “fireside chats” over the radio.

(For the record, since the Mandatory Government Youth Propaganda Camps don’t REALLY teach American history — except for the lies that Lincoln freed any actual slaves and the South had no right to secede — Roosevelt took 60 percent of the popular vote in 1936, captured every state but Maine and Vermont, walking away with 523 Electoral College votes to Alf Landon’s eight. FDR’s 1936 sweep ranks with Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 landslide as the biggest blowout since the birth of our current two-party electoral system in about 1850.)

I grew up as an East Coast Liberal. I know exactly why this is happening.

For a hundred years, the liberal agenda has always prevailed, and they have always been able to ridicule and then gleefully stampede and trample the opposition as knuckle-dragging reactionary troglodytes.

They won on women’s suffrage -– ridiculing the opposition as cigar-smoking old farts smugly declaring “Women’s place is in the kitchen.”

(The women’s vote has not been an unalloyed Good Thing, of course. Women tend to vote in higher percentages than men for the Suffocating Welfare State and for ever more gun control — proof positive of the effectiveness of media brainwashing, since urban women stand MOST in need of a firearm as an “equalizer” against the criminal — and to support the unionized harridans currently turning America’s boys into pantywaists or doping them into somnolent submission in the government schools. The answer, to quote Mr. Jefferson, is not to take away the ladies’ votes but to “better inform their discretion”: American moms and dads need to rip their offspring of BOTH sexes away from these unionized Youth Propaganda Camps and teach ALL their children how business works, the wonders of a capitalist free-market economy, how government regulations can ruin anything, how to drop the magazine and clear a brass jam, and how better to despise and ridicule Socialist Globalism, the Road to Serfdom.)

The “Progressives” of a century ago got their inflation engine known as the Federal Reserve and the entrepreneur-crippling redistributionist income tax to fund their vast new welfare state, ridiculing the opposition as “greedy fat-capitalists capitalists.” They won on Civil Rights for black folk – nobody had to caricature opponents like Orval Faubus and Bull Connor and Lester Maddox (though today’s Left somehow manages to forget none of the Civil Rights bills could have passed without the majority support of old, white, male Republicans.) They won on legalizing access to birth control and de-criminalizing homosexuality; they won on eliminating the form of slavery known as military “conscription” and creating the federal Department of Permanently Unionized Schooling and the federal Department of Ever More Environmental Regulations.

Yes, in most of these battles -– at least up through the 1960s -– the “Progressives” were on the side of the angels. I am of course very happy that birth control is legal and consenting adult homosexuals don’t have to worry about being jailed for that choice and that black moms don’t have to worry about being banned from “whites only” bathrooms and lunch counters when they take their kids downtown to go shopping. The Left can indeed be proud of those achievements – almost all accomplished by 1980, a full generation ago.

But they now conclude ANYTHING THEY CHOOSE TO EMBRACE AS PART OF THEIR POLITICALLY CORRECT AGENDA is GUARANTEED BY GOD TO SUCCEED, because they are AUTOMATICALLY, ALWAYS on the side of the angels. After all, “Progressivism” has always moved forward, shoving aside every knuckle-dragging Neanderthal obstructionist in its path . . . right? So if faced with any such temporary setback as the accidental election of Donald Trump, all they have to do is take to the streets, shrieking and screaming and wearing funny hats, throwing rocks and setting fires, hanging the duly elected President of the United States in effigy and calling him a “piece of shit,” maybe shooting a few Republican office-holders, to have things their way yet again.

To say that this analysis is in serious error is to give it undue credit for being an “analysis,” at all.

Because here’s the thing: Donald Trump isn’t their problem. Donald Trump -– a pretty good father and a perfectly charming former New York Democrat who happens to be quite witty and a great and inspiring off-the-cuff public speaker — didn’t start the pendulum swinging back, didn’t send them the first messages from the heartland (totally ignored in New York, Washington and San Francisco) that the Left was now trying for “a bridge too far,” that “flyover” Americans were finally starting to exhibit a slow-burn righteous resistance and indignation built up during eight years of the Crooked Clintons and eight years of that smug dilettante Obama, the bowing and scraping “Great Apologizer” . . . that they weren’t going to Keep Putting Up With This Shit forever.

Republicans had captured most of America’s governors’ mansions before Donald Trump showed up, hadn’t they? How did that happen? A bunch of coincidences? Republicans had captured both the U.S. House and the Senate before Donald Trump showed up, hadn’t they? Why did that happen? Seasoned Democratic strategists were starting to speak nervously about their lack of a “bench” – the lack of talented minor league Democrats ready to be brought up to the majors, younger candidates “ready for prime time” . . . long before Donald Trump showed up. Weren’t they?

(“Obama ‘torched’ the Democrats’ minor league system”: .)

Like any political genius, Donald Trump merely spotted the direction the pendulum was unmistakably swinging, got out in front of a crowd that had been milling around looking for someone to articulate their frustrations and their yearnings, and said “Follow me!”

He talked about illegals swarming in to take their jobs, bad trade deals shutting down our factories, a White House run by a crypto-Muslim incompetent who kept whistling past the graveyard, flying off to another Hawaiian vacation while insisting there was no such thing as “Islamic terrorism” . . . and the great American majority between Wilkes-Barre and Reno looked at each other and said “Can this guy be for real? Finally! Finally!”


The current agenda of America’s political Left -– the Democrat party and their handmaidens in the far-left, hilariously lockstep Legacy Media -– can’t win support anywhere but in those little islands of out-of-touch urban blue that show up in the red-all-over 2016 county-by-county electoral map. (For the record, 2,600 of America’s counties voted for Trump last fall; 500 for Hillary. And yes, LOTS of illegals voted for Hillary, in Nevada and California and other states where there’s no need to prove you’re a citizen to register or to vote -– where it’s illegal for anyone even to ASK. If you think the Democrat unions checked to make sure they were all citizens before busing them to the early voting locations and handing them a free box lunch, I’ve got a bridge I can let you have in Brooklyn, marked way down.)

(Las Vegas union buses Spanish-speaking hotel maids to early voting stations by the thousands, specifically to help the Democrats, pays them with lunch, and no one checks to see if they’re citizens: .)

(As many as two million non-citizen Hispanics illegally registered to vote: .)

(AutoGov and TrueTheVote verify more than three million votes were cast last November, illegally, by non-citizens .)

(Democrat operatives say they’ve been busing illegal voters for 50 years and they’re not about to stop now: . . . . See 83 fake absentee ballot delivered to a single address: . . . .)

(“Nevada DMV Instructed Employees to Register Non-Citizens to Vote”: .)

Why is this Left Agenda “un-sellable”? Because their current agenda shows a level of extremism so depraved as to verge on the insane.

When the gay comedy troupe known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence pull on their nuns’ headgear and their leather chaps and flaunt their bare asses in a San Francisco parade it’s all very amusing. But you might not want to let them write your political platform if you’re looking to carry Florida and North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio, Indiana and Louisiana and Iowa and Michigan and Minnesota.

Other than donning their “pussy hats” and shouting “Fuuuuck Yooou” at the top of their lungs, what’s the current Democrat/Leftist Media agenda?

1) — Inculcate in elementary school children (too young to even understand that normal, heterosexual sex is where babies come from) the doctrine that “All those old sex roles were just artificial constructs; We’re not going to use the terms ‘mommies’ and ‘daddies’ any more, that’s not ‘modern’ or ‘cool.’ In fact, you can ‘identify’ as a boy or a girl, and use whichever bathroom you want, even if there’s a gang rape going on in there, whenever you choose. To make this clear, we’re going to encourage the little boys to wear dresses on Thursdays. And boys can win state championships by competing on the girls’ wrestling team if they like, as long as they wear lipstick.”

(Gang rape by illegals in the girls’ room? The major networks covered it up, of course, but see ; . . . or . . . .)

2) — Open borders: We must welcome and tolerate all the Muslims and tattooed MS-13 murder-gang members who want to come here, whether they want to assimilate and become “Americans” or not, even if they arrive in blatant violation of President Trump’s perfectly legal executive orders on travel by evil foreigners. We especially want the kind of people here, in unlimited numbers, who will teach their children to strap on suicide vests and shout “If I was born in a barn that wouldn’t make me a horse; being born in America doesn’t make me a flithy American. Assimilate this pressure-cooker bomb, motherfuckers; Allahu Akbar!”

In fact, the Left Agenda –- and after 30 years of complete dominance they can even find depraved leftist judges to agree — insists foreigners who have never set foot in this country have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to come here, and once they get here to immediately start practicing female genital mutilation, gang-raping any women who refuse to wear burkas or headscarves covering all their hair, honor-killing their own daughters if they start to “act American” ( ), and murdering any Americans who offend them in any way, even if it’s just by failure to provide them with “enough prayer rooms.”

(Yes, really. See\ , . . . or . . . .)

And when this happens, no one can mention that the killer was a Muslim or blame it on Islam, because that would be ‘Hate Speech’ and ‘Islamophobia’!

3) -– Racial Segregation. Honest. The radical Left now scream their demands for bogus affirmative-action “Black Studies” departments to hand faculty jobs and diplomas to anyone of the “proper” melanin levels, and even to exclude all whites from campus on selected days of the month.

(“Whites off campus”: See .)

You could not make this stuff up. Go to any elite campus with a “Black Studies” department and ask to meet some of the white people who serve on the faculty of that department, or some of the white students who have graduated with that major. Any legitimate academic undertaking would have to be open to scholars of all races, right? Well . . . not always. Racial Segregation, favoritism, and special “set-asides” are now part of the Left Agenda. Black economist Thomas Sowell points out this actual hurts black achievers, since everyone assumes they got hired or promoted “just to fill some quota.”

4) -– Far from being “safe, legal and rare,” as Bill Clinton famously promised, abortion must be subsidized with taxpayer dollars, extracted on threat of prison from taxpayers who strenuously object on religious grounds. Rather than encourage larger, freedom-oriented, American-citizen families by increasing the “dependent” tax deduction and exempting parents from even FILING income tax returns if they pull their kids out of the tax-funded youth propaganda camps, Democrats want the “growth industry” of abortion to continue depopulating America till mass immigration becomes necessary just to keep the welfare state’s Ponzi schemes afloat!

(Federal Reserve traitor says illegal immigrants now necessary to economy: .)

(Democrats make nuns pay for abortions: , or , or .)

5) At the behest of the government trade unions, who care more about ratcheting up their own six-figure salaries and retire-at-55 pension plans than about struggling inner-city teens, the minimum wage must be raised to $15 or higher (despite the fact hardly anyone in America is still making the minimum wage after two years in the work force), outlawing the entry-level jobs which allow black and Hispanic youth to EVER reach the first rung on the employment ladder. This tends to drive these fatherless youths into lives of crime (and/or prison), guaranteeing they’ll remain on the dole — and voting Democratic to guarantee their handouts — all their lives.

(No, fast-food restaurants and others won’t “just pay up.” In California — which as usual is ahead of the curve with this job-destroying market intervention — Wendy’s and McDonalds are already replacing teen-age workers rendered unaffordable by such nonsense with robots. And rather than waiting, they’re taking their robot remedy nationwide . . . right now. See: , . . . or , . . . or . . . .)

The number of American teens holding part-time summer jobs has already fallen in half. They’re not learning how to “go to work”: .

6) — And of course, part and parcel of the “stay the course” Left Agenda are ever more commerce-crippling regulations, till many of America’s energetic entrepreneurs have Just Given Up (and aren’t coming back.) America’s air and water have been clean for decades, but the EPA doesn’t declare victory and go home. Nooooo: they’re bigger than ever! So, to keep busy, they must generate ever more absurd regulations to cripple American commerce and industry to fight made-up hoaxes and chimeras like “Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming.” Object to this nonsense, and you’ll be branded a “mass murderer of millions.”

(“Trump the mass murderer”: .)

Racial equality of opportunity (as much as it can ever be achieved by edict) has been a reality in America for decades. But have any of the government agencies set up to “protect our oppressed minorities” thrown a victory party and gone home? Of course not. Attempting to justify their existence by keeping busy, they now come down like a ton of bricks on any newspaper that dares accept an “Apartment for Rent” Classified that mentions the rental “has a wonderful view,” because that would demonstrate an illegal level of prejudice against . . . wait for it . . . the blind. (Really. Not making this up. Try to place that ad in any daily American newspaper. Your tax dollars at work.)


If continued and ever achieved, these trends and this agenda would considerably hasten the destruction of America as a sustainable culture and economy. (Boys in dresses winning state championships as “girl wrestlers”? No more “mommies and daddies”? Forcing the nuns of the Little Sisters of the Poor to fund abortions? Screeching “Islamophobia” when anyone points out Muslims are coming here to practice female genital mutilation, “honor killing,” and mass murder, and that a majority of these newcomers forthrightly admit they believe that when a Christian converts a Muslim to Christianity both the converted and the coverter must be . . . killed?)

That’s just nuts. I submit the destruction of America may even be their purpose. These are some hate-filled puppies. Before you know it, “gun control” Democrats are going to start shooting unarmed Republican officer-holder with their so-called “assault rifles.”

However, merely by continuing to PURSUE this unmodified, command-and-control agenda — albeit with diminishing success — the Left exacerbates the growing division of the nation into two halves that literally can’t stand one another. Does it never dawn on them how this endless jihad of the politicial and media elite to seize on anything — ANYTHING — that might damage Donald Trump and his presidency might be affecting the majority of Americans in the majority of states who put Donald Trump in office — a mere few months ago — in hopes he would do the very things that the hysterical Left now endlessly screeches must bring about his “impeachment”?

Remember, this shrieking mob was running around with torches and pitchforks, vowing to “impeach” this president before he even took office. They can hardly now contend he deserves this fate for “high crimes and misdemeanors” committed since assuming office. All accomplished during a few weeks when he couldn’t even get most of his appointments through the foot-dragging Senate?

What crimes? There are no crimes. Political decisions which are different from those Hillary Clinton might have taken are not “impeachable offenses”; they are “why we have elections.” For heaven’s sake, the CLINTONS have closer ties to Vladimir Putin than Donald Trump does. Hillary CLINTON took $145 million in (thinly-disguised) bribes to OK the Russian Uranium deal. Russian bribes Trump is alleged to have taken? $0.00.


Note the Democrats say they want to retake the House in 2018 “so they can impeach Trump.” Not so they can soberly deliberate any EVIDENCE of actual WRONGDOING by Trump. And CERTAINLY not so they can “work with our esteemed Republican colleagues to try and do what’s best for America.”

Is this really the way Americans want to see their system of government changed by fiat — so any time the Democrat Party captures a majority in the House, the sitting Republican President of the United States is immediately and automatically impeached? For the “crime” of not being part of — and not bowing down to — the self-anointed New York-to-Washington Political/Media Elite?

So even when the great mass of everyday Americans in all those “red” counties win, they still don’t get to win? Their modest hopes and desires for a return to common sense and stability and prosperity can never be fulfilled?

The great mass of the American people are slow to anger, slower still to react. But look at the map again, please. The Left agenda finds support in the teeming (and busily “early voting”) masses of illegal immigrants and gun-hating “single-parent households” in Los Angeles, around San Francisco Bay, in Seattle and Chicago and Miami and the narrow Amtrak corridor from Boston to New York to Washington. Heavily dependent on subsidies from the “tax contributing” states out here in flyover country, with little or no tradition of marksmanship or military service, unable even to feed themeselves, do these “coastal strips” really want to initiate a civil war against that vast sea of red? An actual shooting war, with rifles? Are they sure?

Unchanged, combined with “Sanctuary” get-out-of-jail-free cards for urban Illegals who rape and kill, this laughable agenda of cultural suicide will take down the Democrat Party for the next 15 to 25 years. It will also take down many of the raking-it-in Swamp Creatures who claim to be Republicans but actually despise the popular-with-voters reforms proposed by the “outsider” Donald Trump — starting with Paul Ryan and Jeff Flake and the “sleep-deprived” John McCain.

So certain is continued GOP dominance rendered by these “find the Russians” witch-hunts, in fact, that the biggest political battles of 2018 and 2020 will likely be fought in the SPRING, as “Trump Republicans” challenge these old Swamp Creatures in Republican PRIMARIES. For starters, watch Dr. Kelli Ward build up a head of steam against Arizona’s NeverTrump Junior Senator, “Sanctuary Jeff” Flake, who will wait till the last minute to whine, “Wait a minute; I’m for Trump, too!”

The tidal wave that’s building will take down whole INDUSTRIES that have embraced the tarbaby of collectivist Political Correctness so tightly they can no longer break away — the Legacy News Media, for starters, and then Hollywood As We’ve Known It, which should have remembered why the studio moguls of the 1930s and ’40s and ’50s refused to let anyone in their employ take public positions so partisan as to unnecessarily offend half the ticket-buying public.

Trust me on this: “Movie stars” no one had heard of a few years ago — cast to play one comic-book hero or another in 2016 — will be so far gone they’ll be the answers to a trivia quiz in six years, while Donald Trump (or his heirs) and the Ongoing Demolition of the Monolithic Left will still be making history.

You really thought Americans would continue paying good money to subsidize the bizarre globalist edicts of a bunch of interchangeable news-readers? These characters really thought we would nod appreciatively at their every sneering insult hurled at loyal patriots of real achievement, as though these interchangeable Pretty Faces were the new incarnations of Walter Cronkite or John Wayne or Barbara Stanwyck? The era of the monolithic media is OVER, baby. Give it five or six years, and MSNBC’s hate-filled name-caller Joy Reid will be lucky to land a job as the weather frog on WHIZ Zanesville. ( .)

And I think I might go short on the endless expansion of professional sports, as well, now that they’re also going all Politically Correct about Trump and the bathrooms (bathrooms?) . . . starting with the NBA (a winter sport now stretching into June) and an NFL staffed with dreadlocked felons that apparently expects fans to go all tingly over a contest between teams based in Charlotte and New Orleans or Nashville and Jacksonville -– metropolitan areas sheltering fewer than two million souls, each. (Quick: what’s the name of the NFL franchise in Nashville? Who’s their quarterback?)

Why do you think Donald Trump was ABLE to pull us out of the “Paris Climate Accord” with one speech? Because the scam artist Barack Obama never submitted the treaty for ratification by the U.S. Senate, where he knew it would fail, of course!

Not only is “man-made global warming” as a justification for further crippling the American economy utter cloud-cuckoo nonsense, the treaty ITSELF was bullshit; IT WAS NEVER SUBMITTED OR RATIFIED! The whole scam was dependent on Hillary getting elected to keep Toto from showing us the little man behind the curtain. Yet the Left now shrieks like this is some kind of world-ending apocalypse . . . when it’s not even a surprise?

They’re all going down. It will be a thing both wondrous and terrifying -– the modern commercial/political equivalent of the Seven Plagues of Egypt.

And we’re alive to see it.

May you live in interesting times.

5 Comments to “Doubling down on disaster”

  1. Bob G Says:

    Minor quibble – conscription is not actually dead, though it is currently on life support and ought to be given its last rites and sent on its way. Young men still have to register for Selective Service, and their Fe(de)ral benefits still depend on being so registered. At least they haven’t come after the young women (yet, but there have been rumblings).

    And there are still occasional calls to re-instate the draft, usually coming from folk on the Left (whom, one would think, given the history of the Viet-Nam era, would be *most* opposed to such shenanigans) because in some way the current all-volunteer military somehow isn’t ‘fair’.

  2. Brandon Says:

    Using round numbers, how many “illegal aliens” voted in the last election Vin?

  3. Henry Says:

    “Yet the Left now shrieks like this is some kind of world-ending apocalypse”

    Hey… if one of the things that is “best in life” is to “hear the lamentations of their women,” you have to learn how to enjoy the sound of lamentations. I know I do. 🙂

    When Hillary gets around to blaming Chelsea for her losing the election, we’ll know the nervous breakdown is nearing completion.

  4. Vin Says:

    Hi, Brandon-who-pretends-not-to-be-a-liberal —

    One might think the SIX links posted above (immediately under the photo of the Spanish-speaking hotel maids “early voting” in Las Vegas — links which I patiently and laboriously include in these posts over and over and over again (trying the patience of legitimate readers, I’m sure) because sneering, petulant trolls who DON’T REALLY WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION keep asking it — might be enough to give us a pretty good estimate.

    But as that’s not sufficient for you, the firmest answer, according to the latest scientific study, is that the number of illegal aliens (which is perfectly good English, by the way, no quotation marks required — look up “alien” in any decent dictionary) currently voting in our general elections is . . .

    . . . 5.7 million. (See .)

    Since this number is so vitally important to you, I presume you’ll embrace the special presidential commission (headed by Vice President Pence) recently appointed to get to the bottom of this question, as well as any common-sense solution they propose — probably including a requirement that voters show proof of citizenship either when registering or when voting — or both.

    Beyond that, since you’re not a liberal or a leftist, I expect you’ll also enthusiastically endorse the even more straightforward method of detemining this number: a) round up all the illegal aliens and deport them, laying well-marked minefields along the border to make sure they don’t return (Democratic congresscritters including Shelley Berkley have been telling me for years “the border is secure,” so I don’t see how the mines could harm anyone, assuming the fences bearing the signs are adequate to keep out wild horses and burros, and that Democratic members of Congress haven’t been lying to me this whole time), and then b) count the number by which Democratic vote totals decline in our next general election.


    — V.S.

  5. v ardis Says:

    there is nothing liberals fear more then an opponent armed with the facts of the subject discussed with satirical wit and stingingly honest commentary thrown is as a bonus
    keep up the good work Vin, its much appreciated