A Surprising Haven For Gays Fleeing the Regressive Left

(Brunette again.) With recent LGBT Pride Day celebrations fading from the headlines, especially since posting my last piece, I’ve found myself thinking about various stories I’ve read over the past year or two, particularly accounts of gay men coming out as conservative: They say — and I have no trouble believing them — that it’s harder than coming out as gay was. Their former friends and often family members tend to be liberal, as the liberals see themselves as defenders of LGBT people. But is that really true?

I’m coming to suspect that whatever Ism (Liberalism, Libertarianism, Anarchism, Conservatism) is in growth mode, is the one that’s most welcoming and tolerant at any given time. That Ism begins to attract fresh interest from displaced moderates who feel their former group — like the liberal left at present, which has wielded power for decades and is now acting utterly senile — no longer represents (or has outright betrayed) them and their interests. Respecting your elders is good, but there comes a time to leave their basement, too. For good. 😉

Here are a few of the coming-out-as-conservative accounts:

From a Salon article about Chadwick Moore:

“You know when I came out as gay, I suddenly had this whole support network,” he said. “Of course, the liberals come to you and all these new friends and it sort of becomes this political issue. I got all new friends and it was just a really wonderful, lovely experience. Coming out as conservative has been both that, but initially it was scary because you know, much like being gay 50 years ago, you face employment discrimination if you come out as a Trump supporter, you lose friends and family members, people get angry with you. Politics are so violent at the moment. So that was really, really scary, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to me when I decided to make this announcement.”

Moore talked about how the conservative community welcomed him. He also mentioned that he sees conservatives as inclusive and tolerant.

“[S]imilar to coming out gay, I’ve had this whole new world that’s opened up to me, all these wonderful people coming forward. Also that same sense of newness and excitement for things that are ahead,” Moore said. “And not all conservative are going to agree with me on this, but the way I see it, I like the term ‘conservative’ as this umbrella term for essentially a very diverse coalition of political thought: the religious right, the Tea Party and the establishment republicans, and libertarians and classical liberals.” (Read the rest here.)

Also, from an interview with Tucker Carlson, Moore states:

I was outside of the liberal bubble and looking in. What I saw was ugly, lockstep, incurious and mean-spirited. (Watch video here.)

James Campbell writes for The Rebel:

Coming out as gay in rural Scotland wasn’t easy, but it was a walk in Stanley Park compared to coming out as a conservative in Vancouver.

That’s because Vancouver is liberal — and the Vancouver gay scene is VERY liberal.

As the flamboyant conservative activist Milo Yiannopoulos tweeted:

“I had no trouble coming out as gay. I had a lot of trouble coming out as a gay conservative.”

He wasn’t exaggerating. (. . .)

Gay men accused me of having “internalized homophobia” for failing to celebrate with gusto the giant publicity stunt which was marriage equality — a teaspoon of distraction in exchange for a bucket of freedom.

I was called a sociopath, a psychopath, “cisgendered,” right-winger, retard, fascist, arrogant and dangerous. I was even anonymously threatened with violence. (Read the article here.)

James Merse writes for the Washington Examiner:

I am white and I am male, from the suburbs of New Jersey, which forfeits my free speech in the eyes of leftists, but I haven’t played my ace just yet.

I’m also a gay Christian and a registered Democrat (for now). But above all, I am American. (. . .)

Gay conservatives are being vilified and neutralized by the liberal agenda. They are being systematically silenced on social media, called names via traditional media and just plain neglected. It’s all leading to a marginalization of right-leaning gay men.

Tolerance is conditional to LGBT leftists. And that’s why I have no problem revoking my affiliations with LGBT groups and causes, which includes financial support.

For me, LGBT stands for “Let’s Get Behind Trump,” and I did, and we won.” (Read the article here.)

James Merse reflects on his friendship with Chadwick Moore for Daily Caller:

I had a chance to catch up with Chadwick, who’s been working with Milo since May.

“Lately I’ve been reflecting on how miserable I was when I was on the Left, and how that poisonous liberal dogma makes people intrinsically unhappy. There was so much genuine warmth, excitement, and joy in the room, which is always the case when I’ve been in a sizable group of Trump-lovers,” Chadwick said. “This may have been the first time in gay history that 200 homos were in a room together and there was zero bitchiness or judgment. Gays can be awful to each other, but not in this group. And of course we must acknowledge our many straight friends who came out to support us. It’s so important for conservatives, especially in New York and other liberal strongholds, to continue making real life connections with one another.”

The Left’s poison Chadwick mentioned found its way into my life last year. I have been on the receiving end of a great deal of hate from the LGBT Left regarding my separation from liberalism. It is a blessing that the conservative gay community has welcomed me with open arms, without judgment and accepts me for who I am.

Despite not knowing anyone but Chadwick and my plus one, I wasn’t alone in a crowded room. I felt right at home, like I was with old friends and like I found a place that I don’t have to worry about what other will say about me.

This mirrors the little known fact about the new right – there’s a family dynamic and unity that is equal to that of a sports team or club.

When we made the choice to come out conservative, we all faced the same intolerance from the Left, and became pariahs. In fact, since coming out as a homosexual in 2012, I can truthfully say I have never faced discrimination or was ostracized and ridiculed, which is a stark difference from what happened when I came out conservative. (Read the article here.)

Gay conservative Jacob Engels of Orlando spoke out about the Democrats’ politicization of the Pulse Nightclub attack:

As a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment, I ask Americans and Floridians to not let politicians use this senseless tragedy as an excuse to further disarm our citizens.

To those who think that Hillary Clinton is an ally or friend of the gay community, I implore you to consider the fact that she has taken millions upon millions in donations and speaking fees from oppressive foreign regimes and Islamic countries that regularly commit acts of depravity and violence against gay men and women.

Furthermore, her top aide, Huma Abedin, has been linked to a Saudi Arabian group that is currently listed as a funder of terrorism.

If Hillary Clinton is truly a friend and ally of the gay community, we call on her to return the millions she and her husband have received from Islamic regimes that perpetrate senseless acts of violence against the gay community each and every day. (Article and video here.)

Similarly, Jim Hoft of the popular Gateway Pundit conservative website, came out as gay after the Pulse Nightclub massacre:

Like most gay Americans, I don’t wear my sexuality on my sleeve. I go about my daily business. I try not to harm anyone. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my country.

I’ve been a conservative activist for years. But today I’m coming out as a conservative gay activist.

In the past few years I’ve built one of the most prominent conservative websites in America. I created The Gateway Pundit because I wanted to speak the truth. I wanted to expose the wickedness of the left. I was raised to love my country. Today I serve my country by defending her from the socialist onslaught. (Breitbart article here.)

London’s Ivan Massow echoes a (now familiar) theme:

Massow, 47, described having to “effectively apologise” for being Conservative as many felt that the party was against the LGBT community. The reality, Massow maintains, is very different. “Our LGBT group is bigger than all the other groups for all the other parties put together. They [the Conservatives] are the gayest party there is! And I think we have the most gay MPs as well.” (Read article here.)

When Gil Steinlauf, a ‘nationally prominent conservative Rabbi,’ came out as gay, he was stunned by the response:

“There’s been so much positive energy from the congregation, and I’m getting a constant flood of emails, calls, texts and Facebook expressing every positive sentiment you could imagine,” Steinlauf told JTA.

In fact, Steinlauf and some of his congregants said the response within the congregation has been exclusively positive, including a supportive letter from the synagogue’s president, Arnie Podgorsky.

Posts on Steinlauf’s Facebook page have come from as far as Israel and South Africa, and have included posts from Conservative movement officials.

“[O]vernight you have also become a role model to LGBT Jews everywhere, in particular within the Conservative Movement,” wrote Aimee Close, the transformation specialist for the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the movement’s congregational arm. “On behalf of all of us, thank you for your courage and your leadership.”

Read more: http://forward.com/news/207309/rabbi-gil-steinlauf-wins-wide-support-from-conserv/

Dave Rubin, a gay man who identifies as a classical liberal, explains to Tucker Carlson why he’s no longer a progressive. He says:

Live and let live is a liberal principle, and what I’ve found over the last couple years, especially, is that defending my liberal principles has become a conservative position. So I find it easy suddenly to build bridges with people that you know, like Glenn Beck and Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro that are looking to go, wait a minute — maybe we can find some common ground with liberals. . . . (Watch video here.)

How do LGBT liberals respond to gay conservatives ‘coming out’? Often, not kindly. Here’s one example.

A bisexual gal and her friend — Milo fans — confirm; coming out as a conservative is way more frightening than coming out as gay. Asked, “Have you experienced liberal bias at college?”

Oh, God. Oh, gosh, yes (. . .)

People find out I’m [bisexual and] conservative, and they don’t understand how those things agree, because they have such a warped image of what it is to be conservative. (Watch video here.)

So, if you’d bought into the lie that Trump and his conservative supporters are somehow hateful, intolerant bigots because they exercise a healthy skepticism regarding Islam (as gays/LGBT people in particular should) I hope the brave guys and gals above have given you plenty of food for thought.

If you’re puzzled as to why this is such an important subject for me, it’s because — although I’m heterosexual — I find myself in a similar predicament. Nearly all my old friends, and all my family (Vin’s too) lean so far left that it’s hard even to hold a decent conversation aside from pleasantries. Several of my extended family members are active in the LGBT community, and probably marched in Pride Day parades . . . where I rather doubt Trump supporters would have been welcome, unless they remained ‘in the closet’ and silent.

No doubt they’d consider me politically confused for no longer calling myself liberal. In the sense ‘liberalism’ exists for them, I can’t. And they’re not the least bit curious as to why. At least several of the guys featured above expressed in the linked articles and videos that they’ve noticed a dire lack of curiosity on the part of their leftist friends and relatives. It’s sad, but I understand all too well how they must have felt, coming out as conservatives. How delightful that they found the courage. 🙂

2 Comments to “A Surprising Haven For Gays Fleeing the Regressive Left”

  1. GIMMEL YOD Says:

    There are LOTS of men who are conservative (libertarian & anarchist) who are so repulsed by the “left” that they steer clear of the term “gay” – adopting a much better term that fits them: G0YS (G0YS is spelled w. a zer0). From the .org website for g0ys: ‘G0YS – an explosively popular awakening among men in general – sweeping the globe (as seen from periodical articles, public broadcasts, Etc; – from all over the world). Our well reasoned positions regarding basic, male sexuality have taken to task both: religious “fundamentalists”, -and- the “liberal gay leftists”. G0YS are among the healthiest men of any demographic on the planet, & sexually transmitted diseases are a virtual non-issue. How can this be? G0YS, by our very nature, reject ALL anal-fetish related acts! And, we strongly discourage physical intimacy with others who reject our mindset. This mental trait lowers our risk of perilous sexually transmitted diseases by: 1,250,000% (vs. the men who call themselves “gay”)! Our statistics are derived from figures provided by the C.D.C, the W.H.O. & the A.R.C. regarding the extreme perils of anal fetishes: +90% of ALL sexually transmitted infections among men (STD’s/STI’s) are spread via ANAL VECTORS! G0YS’ life-philosophy is: “Love is interaction which seeks the betterment of the other (& does no harm).”; –An Ancient, Obvious Truth. Demographically, G0YS tend to be libertarian or anarchist, pro-life, soberly-minded, culturally rounded, analytical, logical, alpha-personalities & intellectually – above average. And that’s a great group of men to identify with. ‘

  2. Vin's Brunette Says:

    Thanks for commenting, Gimmel! An interesting site on a topic which, frankly, I’d have been unlikely to explore otherwise. You’re right — courageous, too — to challenge those who’d (insanely) debase civilization for the sake of their rule-making.

    After reading your introductory pages, I clicked on this one — http://www.g0ys.org/redeeming_pederasty_from_pedophi.htm — since I’ve written several posts on the subject of ‘pedogate.’ Kids deserve protection, but obviously sexual urges won’t always wait for arbitrary milestones like an 18th birthday . . . it’s a bit absurd and insulting for a society to pretend there’s no significant difference between a six year old and a sixteen year old. Small wonder many young people are so frustrated and angry. 🙁

    You do an admirable job of teasing out nuances with regard to a contentious subject. Black/white thinking doesn’t deal well with shades of gray, whereas you’ve done a good job of dealing with the shades of gray . . . It looks to me like your site probably qualifies as a labor of love, so it’s no surprise you’d attract like-minded, intelligent, and loving people.

    Your site also led me to consider that nuclear family is a great supporting structure for kids, but as kids mature, they’re more dependent on interactions with school buddies, teammates, friends, teachers, etc. — interactions which require a greater amount of freedom, and may even involve sexual situations. Who’s to determine what’s appropriate between consenting and sexually mature partners, aside from themselves?

    I have my doubts about some of Alfred Kinsey’s research, but it seems likely that some of it was also genuinely useful — even though it’s been taken too far in certain directions (e.g., attempting to normalize pedophilia.) The anal sex thing . . . IMO it’s not pleasant to think about, so I haven’t thought much about that. 😉

    It was dreadful to see Milo tarred and feathered over his candid interview with Joe Rogan (where Milo admitted to being a ‘predator’ at age 14, IIRC) — it’s also dreadful to see actual pedophile predators walk free on account of their powerful political and social connections.

    Good luck with your GoYS org., and once again, thanks. 🙂 Intriguing history lessons at GoYS.org, too, for anyone else who’s curious. 😉