Have A Deplorably Happy Thanksgiving!

(Brunette here.) 2017 has been quite an amazing year so far. Hard to believe the holidays are upon us already! Many people seem to be dreading those dinner table conversations, now that nearly every subject (except maybe pets) can lead to political disagreements. Sports? (NFL kneelers . . . Check.) Weather? (Climate change, check.) Entertainment? (Harvey Weinstein was only the beginning, check.)

Why do I suspect there will be much talk of pets this Thanksgiving? 😉 And many awkward silences, too. Especially if members of the family decide it’s their duty to ruin Thanksgiving (a suggestion I *haven’t* seen made by ‘deplorables,’ but by ‘tolerant liberals.’) If you’re bemused about (what passes for) thinking on today’s left, here’s a great article: “What explains the idiocy of the liberal elite? It’s their education.” An excerpt:

The elite are supposed to be educated. So why are they so silly?

Ah! There is a clue. That word ‘educated’. What does ‘educated’ mean today? It doesn’t mean they know a lot about the world. It means they have been injected with the views and assumptions of their teachers. They have been taught by people who themselves have little experience of the real world. They have been indoctrinated with certain ideas. Here are some key ones. . . . (Read the rest here)

Also, here’s a fantastic Twitter thread by Imperator Rex via Thread Reader App. An excerpt:

7. Modern day liberals are the most spoiled generation in human history. They are also convinced of their moral and intellectual superiority over others. If you’re convinced you’re superior in every way, then there’s no need to be curious anymore.
8. If you have become used to telling others how to think and what to believe, then all opposing arguments are to be mocked. And the people pushing them are to be smeared and caricatured as racist, sexist, privileged or ‘white’.

In short, as a basket of deplorables.

9. And if you can lie and never be held accountable for it, lies become truths and the search for what’s true becomes unecessary.
10. Thing is, many liberals are educated, but not very smart. They confuse qualifications with intelligence. They [are] often also arrogant, a toxic combination.
11. As a result, they are extremely gullible and tend to believe in any narrative that fits their rigid view of the world, irrespective of facts – or how stupid it sounds. (Read the rest here)
If you have friends and/or family members who are Hillary devotees, here’s another wonderfully compassionate thread also by Imperator Rex. Excerpt:
18. Smart liberals are starting to learn about Clinton’s true nature. But the process will be long & hard.
19. There’s still enough space for them to deny the truth. To deflect & bash the caricature of the evil Donald Trump.
20. So what do we do when loved ones and friends learn the awful truth about Hillary Clinton? How do we manage what’s coming?
21. Don’t know about you, but I’m NOT going to say ‘I told you so’. (Read the rest here)

Twitter is downright addictive. For years I avoided Facebook and Twitter entirely. I understand why readers may resist clicking on Twitter links, but you’d be missing some great stuff by brilliant minds and extraordinary thinkers & researchers.

I’ve mentioned Thomas Wictor’s threads before. Thomas has a rare ability to make virtually every subject fascinating, but (IMO) he’s especially good on making sense of the seemingly chaotic affairs in the Middle East. (A subject, I might add, where most mainstream commentators appear either hopelessly ignorant, or deliberately misleading.) I appreciate Tom’s clear-headed optimism and independent thinking, and his novel approach to the world. (Plus snark and humor . . . be warned.) An excerpt:

(12) Turkey and Iran FORCED secularism on their people, on pain of death.

So what happened?

(13) Both countries reverted, and they became Islamist.

Their religion was STOLEN from them, at the point of a gun.

(14) So the Saudis are going to build cities where people will choose their own religious laws and rules.
(15) The strict Muslims won’t EVEN HAVE TO SEE IT.

Only one new law is coming: You can’t force anyone to be religious.

(16) So the Saudis have found the solution, and the country WILL be a global superpower.
(17) The region will follow.

And all will be well. (Read the rest here)

Check out more of Tom’s threads via ThreadreaderApp, or directly via Twitter. Dive in, and prepare to be captivated. 😀

I’d love to go on, but the point of this post will be lost if I don’t post it PDQ. If there’s sufficient interest, I may post more often on Brunette’s adventures in the Twitterverse. (No, I don’t have an account, though I’ve thought about joining Gab.ai.)

Whether you think Trump is a bumbling buffoon, or a 4-D chessmaster, or you’re still on the fence, take heart. Retain some compassion for those who see the world differently . . . even if it means listening to stories about Fluffy, Muffy, and Boots the cat. At least for now, pets tend to be apolitical — thank goodness for that! 🙂


2 Comments to “Have A Deplorably Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Henry Says:

    In lieu of the more traditional religious ritual, I’m reciting Vin’s essay on the capitalist foundations of Thanksgiving at our dinner table today, for the enlightenment of family and friends.


  2. MamaLiberty Says:

    Good to see you writing more, Cat. 🙂

    I had dinner yesterday with good friends. We talked mostly about our children and animals. We already share a fairly close political ideal:
    None Of The Above! Simplifies things enormously. 🙂