To Q or not to Q? Red pills, Rabbit holes, & Reflections

(Brunette here.) Chances are, by now you’ve at least heard of “Q” (AKA “Qanon”): an 8chan poster who appears to be intimately familiar with the Trump administration. Whether to take Q seriously is a personal decision: As Q says, “The choice, to know, will be yours.” If you’re curious, good for you — the world needs more curiosity and less ideological rigidity. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Q frequently links to this short video: “This video will get Donald Trump elected” — please listen to that before reading further, *however* you feel about Trump (especially if you’re ‘on the fence’, or dislike him without being clear as to why.) It’s beautifully done, and a brilliant summary of Trump’s mission as POTUS. Essential viewing!

Having watched the video, has your perception of Trump-the-man changed at all (and if so, how?) Before diving into Q, try a thought experiment with me:

Imagine YOU are Donald Trump. You’ve said for years, when repeatedly asked in interviews, that you DON’T want to run for president . . . “It’s a mean life” (as it surely is) and you’re happy with your extraordinarily successful life, family, and business empire. You do care deeply about your country and hope that SOMEONE who understands the problems facing America will rise to the occasion and run for office. You watch as successive administrations become increasingly incompetent and corrupt, to the point where the America you love is teetering on the verge of an engineered collapse — economic, cultural, and moral — into an abyss of despair and decay. You decide to do something about it.

You run for POTUS, and somehow in spite of intractable resistance you WIN . . . and that’s where the fun REALLY begins. After all, you have all those campaign promises to keep, and you intend to keep them.ย 

All the odds are, seemingly, stacked against you. Left and right, the establishment seeks to undermine you. MSM at first treats your campaign like a joke, then as an unmitigated disaster, and lastly (rightly) as an existential threat. Academia and the arts & entertainment industries, long dominated by the so-called liberal left, lurch from laughter to loathing; from boisterous marches to violent protests; from constant and exhausting outrage to rabid panic. Fake News is NOT your friend, quite the opposite. Hollywood hates you so much that their masks drop; and Academia deliberately displays ignorance and intolerance toward you and all who support you (or even offer you an open mind.)

Further, you know that your adversaries — many of them highly placed in government and/or the media — will stop at nothing to harm you, your loved ones, and even ordinary supporters. You also know there are many good people trapped by (and beneath) a rotten system, and what you most need to do is remind those good people of the power they possess — revive their spirits, lift their voices, renew their hopes, inspire them to dream of a brighter future. You know with their help, you’ll be successful — but you WILL need their help, and wish to earn their trust, in order to achieve the Herculean mission of “Draining the swamp.” A labor of love if there ever was one.ย 

Now that you’ve perhaps gained an inkling of what it must be like to be in Donald Trump’s shoes, on to Q . . .

What Q represents, to my mind, is:

A) An effort on the part of the Trump administration to be transparent in ways that would otherwise be impossible. To give concerned citizens a peek behind the scenes, without revealing too much detail about ongoing investigations or prosecutions (of which there are likely many.)

B) Crowdsourcing a ‘people’s investigation’ throughout the 8chan and various social media communities; energizing dedicated researchers who dig up revealing details and make significant connections from open (if obscure) sources: a brilliant strategy to bring shady dealings and shadowy figures toward the light. (At zero taxpayer expense; bypassing a corrupt FBI, etc. Genius.)

C) Q serves as an inspiration and mentor to many younger people hungry for male guidance; and I suspect will ultimately prove an effective recruitment tool to attract “the best and the brightest” to careers where they’ll eventually replace corrupt swamp dwellers among the intelligence agencies, diplomatic branches, and the military, etc. Again, an elegantly brilliant strategy once you grasp it.

So who IS Q? Well, the fun part is . . . no one really knows, although there’s lots of speculation. I suspect Q is a team of several people, one of whom would be Trump himself and maybe other family members. Apparently Q intends to reveal his/her/their identity at some point . . . though I’m rather enjoying the mystery of it all. ๐Ÿ™‚

When I initially encountered references to “Q” (or “Qanon”) online back in November, I didn’t pay much attention. After all, such mysterious ‘inside sources’ seem to pop up regularly online and generally I consider them a (sometimes entertaining, sometimes treacherous) diversion, but not worth a substantial investment of time and/or attention. As well, some people I think highly of were dismissive — I can certainly understand people who don’t want to be bothered, and prefer to follow their own drummer. Nothing wrong with that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What eventually did catch my attention about Q, was that he/she/they vaguely reminded me of some Cicada 3301 puzzles that I’d also found quite intriguing. Secondly, I found that I *LIKED* Q. Having spent much of the last few years exploring various rabbit holes, I found that Q’s posts (referred to as ‘drops’ or ‘crumbs’) — cryptic as they often are — rang true for me; somehow it made dark (but familiar) territory less depressing to see Q shining light into places that desperately needed a spotlight.

It’s probably fair to say that most people (sensibly) won’t crawl down dim and dismal rabbit holes — the flip-side of that is that many remain blissfully ignorant of serious problems plaguing the world, governments, and social institutions. Those of us whoย  are determined enough to venture into dark places often feel alone and our efforts unappreciated. That’s where Twitter came in for me — I don’t have a Twitter account (@jack and his team’s shenanigans would drive me NUTS!) but it’s a fantastic place to lurk and discover like minds and kindred souls.

It’s also a good way to track the Q drops or “crumbs” free from the bewildering environment of 8chan boards — I’ll occasionally venture there, but even as a lurker find it overwhelming — and appreciate the many Twitter users who do follow the /Qresearch board and share their findings with the rest of us. A few of my favorites:

@LisaMei62 — Lisa Mei does a great job and is a go-to source for me. @FedupWithSwamp — Swampy is feisty and fun, another good source. @PrayingMedic — Praying Medic (Dave) is thoughtful and assembles detailed, comprehensive Q threads as well as videos and blog posts. @2RunTheRace — Aside from actual Q posts, she also spotlights interesting snippets of conversation and conjecture from the boards, a big plus at times. @intheMatrixxx is another good one, with lots of memes.

Q posts can be found at — the site periodically updates automatically, or refresh the page for new posts. (Q does not post every day, or on a discernible schedule. Some days there are many posts, other times only one or two, and some days — even weeks — there are none.) is a recent but growing collection of ‘proofs’ for doubters and Q-newcomers. Also see this page of Q proofs (click images to enlarge.)

Neon Revolt is a more traditional blog that covers Q material. Worth checking out.

Just a brief Q-introduction above for anyone who’s interested. The past two years have changed me a great deal, for readers who find this post surprising. It’s no secret I’ve never been a fan of government — although I LIKED Reagan, and for a year or two got fired up over some local Libertarian campaigns — even I am surprised to find myself so firmly behind Trump and his people. It’s always been important to me to remember that people are first of all individuals, and both good and bad people are found in all walks of life. Trump has made an effort to surround himself with good and competent people; meanwhile, he seems clear-eyed about the nature of evil and its grip on institutions both here in the U.S.A. and abroad.

And truth to tell, I (like many others) pretty much always took western civilization for granted . . . until I saw how close we were to losing it, out of sheer obliviousness. Eight years of Barack Obama was bad enough, so I thought — but I didn’t know the half of it, and as much as I disliked the Clintons, I didn’t fully appreciate the magnitude of the danger we the American people faced. (Those facts will emerge, over time.) I’m afraid many people still don’t see Trump the way I do — which is just as well; he’s so much smarter than the foes allied against him — his chief strength (IMO) is an uncanny ability to weaponize the stupidity and narrow mindedness of others, it’s a joy to behold! All he has to do is be himself, and let their true selves emerge in response to him. Trump, the touchstone . . . ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lastly, to those who might respond that Q is a “LARP” or a hoax, think what you want. Decide for yourself, not for anyone else. I’ll respect your decision; respect mine. It’s not the Q proofs, compelling as they are, that tell me Q is the real deal, but my gut — Q is an extension of Trump, in one way or another, and I “get” Trump. It’s as useless as arguing with an atheist about God or a leftist about politics. If you think Q is a waste of time, don’t waste yours — and don’t waste mine either, OK? Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My purpose in writing this is twofold: primarily to introduce Q to a potentially (slightly) wider audience; secondarily, I am SURE there are readers who are concerned about kids, spouses, or friends who’ve become avid Q followers, and wonder what the fuss is all about. Maybe my thoughts will help, though I recommend you look into Q for yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

I thank God for this man, and for Q too . . . and God bless everyone (who won’t hate me for it, that is. LOL.)








4 Comments to “To Q or not to Q? Red pills, Rabbit holes, & Reflections”

  1. Ray Says:

    Sir, I was a regular reader of your columns many years ago, I also bought your Send in the Waco Killers book. I completely gave up on politics after Ron Paul’s last effort in addition to many life changes.

    I’ve regained some measure of hope with this current maverick we now have in the White House. I am both elated and scared at the same time because I think history is happening at a quickening pace. I was very dismissive of Trump initially – as I was with all the others – and then I started listening to what he said and how he said it.

    It’s a pleasure to have found you on the web again, you never went away – but I did for many years.

    Thanks for your work and words,

    Ray Harmon,
    El Paso, TX

  2. Vin's Brunette Says:

    Your comment is appreciated, Ray! Vin lets me share the blog to post occasionally; most posts are his. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Like you (I think), I’d given up on government a long time ago — it always seemed that the scum, rather than the cream, rose to the top. But yes, LISTENING to Donald Trump — along with a propensity to explore rabbit hole territory — changed me. Vin and I love DJT, (I love Q too!) . . . what a tremendous gift he’s given those of us who choose to see it; it’s a shame so many don’t (or won’t) see it. (Or who perhaps will only come to see/appreciate DJT & Q in retrospect, months/years from now.)

    Certainly we live in interesting times. Pray for our DJT, if you are so inclined — it seems like the ultimate irony that so many fear Trump, when (if they love humanity) they should fear FOR him — with so many enemies desperately trying to prevail against him.

    WWG1WGA — where some will scream “collectivism,” I discern a call for unity . . . and it’s division that’s really gotten our heads in a pickle. Love thy neighbor, and all that . . . to me it’s just common decency, NOT “religious nonsense.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Ray Says:

    Thanks for the reply, now I understood what the “Brunette here” meant! I have this wonderful site bookmarked and have a lot of catch up reading to do.


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