Finally, Democrats start renouncing Franklin Roosevelt, who sold out Eastern Europe to a known mass murderer

“This was the day an American president stood on foreign soil next to a murderous lying thug and refused to back his own country. Patriots need to stand up and reject the behavior of this president,” sneered crooked ex-FBI director (and Crooked Prosecutor Bob Mueller’s butt buddy) Lying James Comey, last week.

Well, about time Democrat partisans disavowed the president who handed over all of Eastern Europe to 48 years of Soviet tyranny, explaining “I have a hunch that Stalin is not that kind of a man. . . . I think that if I give him everything I possibly can and ask for nothing from him in return, noblesse oblige, he won’t try to annex anything and will work with me for a world of democracy and peace.”

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Just a mere 75 years late, don’t you think, Lyin’ Jim?

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  1. R.R. Schoettker Says:

    “….refused to back his own country.”

    This is really rich! Trying to avoid nuclear Armageddon is now equated with betrayal of the people who would be annihilated in it? The only thing he ‘refused to back’ ( in this instance only, regrettably) was the manipulative deep state who actually run the US empire from the shadows and to the detriment of the American people.

  2. Technomad Says:

    I don’t like what FDR did, but a lot of it was recognition of reality. The US Army was not in Eastern Europe, the Red Army was, and nobody in the US was fired up for an endless war with the USSR to free Poland and Czechoslovakia.

  3. Vin Says:

    Yes, the whole reason the war started — the cause of Polish freedom — was doomed. The American people would not have supported a war against the Red Army to free Poland. True.

    But what about Prague? Patton was 50 miles from Prague, with no Russians in sight.

    See :

    Historian Vít Smetana from the Institute of Contemporary History in Prague takes up the story:

    “Soon it was clear that the Alpine Fortress was just one big myth and the US troops could quite easily advance to Czechoslovakia. Eisenhower, urged by Churchill, sent another dispatch to General Antonov.

    “Unfortunately, he decided to ASK about the possibility of Americans pushing forward to the logical line given by the rivers the Vltava and the Elbe, instead of simply ANNOUNCING that that was going to happen.

    “General Antonov replied the next day, May 5, by protesting that the Prague Operation of the Red Army has already started, the US and Soviet armies could accidentally clash with resulting friendly fire, etc.

    “However, we now know that he was misleading Eisenhower. Soviet troops were at that time only beginning to take up positions on the move towards Prague around Dresden. In fact, the operation did not start until May 7. . . .

    “The Americans did get to Prague. They drove to Bartolomějská St. in the center and the headquarters of the Prague Uprising.”

    There they offered to drive someone from the Czech underground leadership to the American headquarters in Plzeň.

    However, the Communists, who were already the dominant force in Prague, preferred to wait for the Red Army, knowing that liberation of the Czech capital city by the Soviets would help to solidify their power in post-war Czechoslovakia. . . .

    The tyrant Roosevelt — who violated all his campaign promises to reduce the size of government by ELIMINATING “unnecessary boards and agencies” and to adopt a budget “annually balanced”– started his reign by seizing the American people’s gold. His own Treasury Secretary admitted after seven years of Great Depression (1930-1937) that the president’s ad hoc schemes to PREVENT an economic correction (reduction of both prices and wages from the inflationary levels of 1929) had made things WORSE.

    No one MADE Roosevelt seek an unprecedented fourth term when he was obviously failing, in 1944. Yet he actually said he was going to give Stalin “everything he wanted” and merely trust that Stalin — a demonstrated tyrant and mass murderer — would encourage representative government among multiple independent Republics in Eastern Europe out of a sense of “noblesse oblige.”

    Try to wrap your mind around those two concepts simultaneously — “Stalin” (a murderer so vicious that even Lenin warned the Party that his successor should be anyone BUT Stalin) and “noblesse oblige.”

    This tells me that in 1944 and 1945 FDR was still the charming dilettante, waiting for his mommy to bail him out of his latest failed scheme, that he’d been 25 years before. — V.S.

  4. Vin Says:

    But the main point — for the irony deprived — is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accepted some $145 million in “donations to the Clinton Foundation” from interested Russian parties while “deciding” to sell 20 percent of America’s uranium to Russia (violating a vow to accept NO such “donations” from foreigners while in that office — as well as, in all likelihood, the law) . . .

    . . . and President Barack Obama was caught on camera, on a “hot mike,” in Seoul in late March, 2012, assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility” to sell out U.S. interests on issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election, pleading for Moscow to give him “space” on the issue till after November. (Medvedev agreed to relay the message to incoming Russian president Vladimir Putin.)

    See: .

    And, re. the Russia bribes and kickbacks, see the PRO-DEMOCRAT leftist news sources , . . . and .

    Yet — while there’s no evidence whatsoever that Donald Trump has done or planned any equivalent favors to the Russian bear — no one in the Lamestream American press condemned THOSE American leaders for meeting or negotiating with Russian crooks, strongmen and thugs. No one called Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama Putin’s “whores” or “cock holsters” (yes, really, Stephen Colbert on network television, CBS’ “Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” May 1, 2017) or went public with animated cartoons showing a near-naked Clinton or Obama gamboling in the daisies and engaging in perverse sexual behavior with the Russian strongman.

    ( see

    and . . . .)

    So what on earth are these Democrats and “media celebrities” talking about? And why do they — just coincidentally — spout the same absurd and disgusting “talking points” at the same time, almost as though their daily wads of cash come wrapped in uniform instructions from George Soros, the Koch Brothers, and other, even less savory, globalist traitors determined to grind down America into Just Another Third World hellhole?

    — V.S.

  5. olde reb Says:

    John Stinnett relied upon government documents obtained by FOIA and court order to document FDR and his Wall Street cronies formed a 17 month agenda of economic pressure on Japan to force the attack on Pearl Harbor. Ref: DAY OF DECEIT. Japanese code were broken, the attack was known in advance.

    FDR had military supplies stripped from Pacific to rescue Stalin from defeat.