The Set-Up: No outcome can ever be allowed to produce the headline ‘Trump Triumphs!’

At , The Associated Press advises us at noontime (EDST) today, Aug. 7, that an “Ohio Race Pits Trump Coalition Against Democrats’ Resistance / Trump shadow looms over contests in Ohio and Kansas as five states hold elections.”

Note that when the media’s Number One Enemy, Donald J. Trump, takes an interest in a down-ticket race, the press can never tell us Trump’s “enthusiastic spirit,” this compelling orator’s “near-magical ability to turn out crowds and connect with voters” — even in a hall where he reported it “felt like 110 degrees,” this weekend — does anything like “enliven” the race. No, no, the ever-objective Associated Press feels obliged to report that — like Count Dracula creeping bat-like down the side of the house to sneak in Mina Harker’s window — The Evil Trump’s ominous “shadow looms.”

Furthermore, The AP describes a Monday event at Democrat Danny O’Connor’s Ohio headquarters as “lively,” while on the Republican side “There was little evidence of enthusiasm on the eve of the election as (Republican Troy) Balderson tried to connect with voters over the phone during a brief stop at a campaign phone bank. He appeared equally uncomfortable answering questions from reporters about whether Trump’s appearance might blunt the impact of the recent endorsement from a prominent Trump adversary, Republican Gov. John Kasich.”

Yeah. Getting endorsed by BOTH wings of the Republican Party, Bad. They “blunt” each other, see. Can you imagine an AP reporter ever asking a Democrat candidate whether he was worried that endorsements by both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders might “blunt each other”? Do you suppose such a Democrat candidate might be “confused” by such a question, which the reporter could then interpret as the candidate being “uncomfortable”?

Also note that because Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (challenging incumbent Gov. Jeff Colyer) is a strong Trump supporter, The Associated Press describes him as “polarizing.” Whereas Republicans who OPPOSE THEIR OWN SITTING PRESIDENT, a president who is working to enact an enormously popular conservative pro-America agenda and supervising the GREATEST ECONOMIC BOOM IN DECADES (Republicans like loser John Kasich in Ohio, “a leading voice in the GOP’s shrinking anti-Trump wing,”) are never described by The AP as “polarizing.”

But in the nut paragraph here, the AP advises us, as of noon Tuesday, Aug. 7, “The results will help determine the political landscape — and Trump’s standing within his own party — just three months before the GOP defends its House and Senate majorities across the nation.”

Really? An incumbent President’s “standing in his own party” is in jeopardy any time some local Republican office-seeker does anything but win in a 60-40 landslide, in an off-year primary or special election on a hot August day when polling places are traditionally lucky to see a 30 percent voter turnout?

Oh yes. There can be no such thing as a “Trump victory,” you see. How did CNN headline Trump’s Ohio rally this past weekend (a sweating crowd of 3,000 packing the main event space at Olentangy Orange High School in Lewis Center, with more in an overflow room, on a day when they surely would rather have been at the pool)? “Trump makes last-minute pitch to prevent defeat in crucial Ohio,” of course. (Trump can only “avoid defeat,” you see.) “At Ohio rally, Trump seeks to head off blue wave,” reported Politico. Not to launch or accelerate a Red Wave. No, no. He can only “hope to head off a blue wave.”

The AP also can’t resist pointing out the suburban Ohio district in question “features a far more affluent and educated voter base than the typical Trump stronghold.” Meaning that, as we surely all know, only knuckle-dragging, gap-toothed retards who couldn’t get through the Sixth Grade, and who presumably make their living picking up aluminum cans along the side of the road (when they’re not dismembering tourists with chainsaws) actually vote for Trump.

(“Politico” reporter says Trump supporters literally have no teeth: .)

Yes, true enough, political power is gained or lost incrementally, as a president demonstrates whether he can reward his supporters or punish those who insult or betray him. For example, the Trump team was pretty upset when Sparkle-Socks Trudeau waited till after the Donald departed the June G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Quebec (headed to meet Kim Jong-un in Singapore) to criticize Trump’s trade negotiating style. Team Trump may also have not appreciated the Canadians’ juvenile stunt as they stole a page from the Chinese playbook and threatened tariffs on agricultural commodities specifically targeting American farmers whose congressmen could then he counted on to run whining to the White House. Cute!

How’s that all working out for you, Justin? How rosy does Canada’s economic future look, now that you and Ms. Freeland have rejected the chance Mr. Trump offered you to re-negotiate the NAFTA “back door” though which you’ve been trans-shipping tariff-free Chinese and European aluminum and steel and autos?

Heard you’re having a little problem with the Saudis, too. (See: .) Just a coincidence, I’m sure. Donald Trump would NEVER be masterful enough to encourage a member of his new Mideast coalition to hit you on your blind side, like that. I mean, it’s not like this guy wrote a whole chapter about “Revenge” in one of his books, or anything.

But meantime, Trump doesn’t get any credit for taking the risk, leaving the air-conditioned comfort of the Oval Office or Mar-A-Lago, trundling out across the countryside to put his political capital on the line to try and strengthen his own party at the grass roots?

Who do the Democrats have who’s exerting this kind of energy for the troops in the field — and who can attract this kind of crowd? Dianne Feinstein with her Commie Chinese staff? ( ) Chuck Schumer? Nancy Pelosi? Two years ago, in the midst of a hard-fought presidential campaign, Miss Hillary had trouble drawing 200 teen-age girls to a college gym!

(See , . . . or . . . , . . . or . . . , . . . or . . . .)

But not to worry. The Democrats have David Hogg (see: . . . ), Rosie O’Donnell, Adam Schiff ( ) and “the new face of the party,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! ( .)

Anyway, an object lesson may now present itself, in the celebrated “objectivity” of The Associated Press and the rest of our Yellowstream Media:

Should ANY ONE of the candidates supported by President Trump lose today, The AP has clearly set us up for a Wednesday morning headline declaring that “Trump fails! Clearly The End Is Near for Trump and His Carnival of Clowns!”

On the other hand, should two-term state Sen. Troy Balderson win in Ohio, will it be “Trump Triumphs! Red Tsunami Gaining Strength!”?

Of course not. Instead, watch for: “Ho-hum: As Predicted, Even With Trump’s Endorsement and Personal Help, Well-Funded Republican Barely Hangs On in an Ohio District Which Has Been Republican for Decades, and Which Trump won By 11 points in 2016. Unimpressive Showing Means Trump’s Political Future Is On Shaky Ground”

Even though — thanks to the usual Hollywood and bi-coastal donors — the Democrat’s campaign spent $2.25 million on advertising . . . to Republican Balderson’s $507,000.

4 Comments to “The Set-Up: No outcome can ever be allowed to produce the headline ‘Trump Triumphs!’”

  1. Vin Says:

    And . . . checking to see how well our prediction fared, one day later, after ALL FIVE Trump-endorsed insurgent Republican candidates won on Tuesday Aug. 7 (even though Kobach in Kansas led by only 180-some votes as the sun rose on the GOP gubernatorial primary, making a recount likely, there) . . . . In races which the AP assured us yesterday “will help determine the political landscape — and Trump’s standing within his own party,” the Associated Press headline as of 6:15 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 8, after Democrats lost and Trump’s candidates won EVERY DAMNED RACE, was . . .

    “Primary night takeaways: Democratic optimism, women advance

    “THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018, 6:51 a.m.

    “Democrats didn’t walk away with a clear win Tuesday night. But they didn’t have to. They essentially battled Republicans to a draw in a central Ohio congressional district that should have been an easy win for the GOP. Even a too-close-to-call result was a sign of Democratic momentum and offered clues for how to run in November.

    “Some takeaways from another round of voting ahead of the fall midterm elections:


    “Democrat Danny O’Connor’s strong showing in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District” (remember, he LOST, by 1,800 votes) “offers his party a roadmap to the House majority: Galvanize suburbanites to join the party’s urban base and offset the Republican advantage in rural areas.

    “O’Connor came close to upsetting Republican Troy Balderson” (meaning . . . he LOST?) “by running up his numbers closest to Columbus, performing better than Democrats recently have in the district’s suburban core, and even managing to dent the GOP advantage in rural areas. O’Connor won 65 percent of the vote in precincts closest to heavily Democratic Columbus.” (Is this sounding like he LOST, while ALL of Trump’s endorsed candidates triumphed?) “He ran ahead of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential marks across the district: about 6 percentage points ahead of her mark in vote-rich Delaware, small-town Licking and rural Morrow counties. . . .

    “Many of the districts Democrats are hoping to flip in November are more favorable to them than the Ohio 12th,” the AP reports. (Gee, as of yesterday I thought The AP considered Ohio 12 to be ILL-SUITED to a Trump victory, since it “features a far more affluent and educated voter base than the typical Trump stronghold,” meaning Trump can apparently only win in places that look like the set for “The Texas Chainsaw Murders.”)

    “If they can compete there, they’re well positioned in the key battlegrounds,” The Associated Press continues.

    “The tight outcome also underscores lingering questions about President Donald Trump’s value — or liability — to Republicans in the districts that will determine whether the party maintains its control of Congress.” (Remember: Every candidate endorsed by Trump Tuesday WON, in races which The AP told us yesterday “will help determine the political landscape — and Trump’s standing within his own party.” What the heck would they be writing if Trump’s hand-picked candidates had LOST?)

    “Trump won the district by 11 percentage points in 2016, and he rallied on Balderson’s behalf ahead of Tuesday’s vote,” The AP continues. “While Trump declared Balderson the winner, the close margin, several thousand provisional votes and absentee ballots, and Ohio law putting off a final count means it will be weeks before the outcome is known.


    “There will be at least eight Democratic women running for governor in November. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Laura Kelly of Kansas joined the list Tuesday. Both will face Republican men. . . .”

    Wait a minute. Where’s the part where they admit “Trump Triumphed; Red Wave Smashes All Obstacles”? Is this The Associated Press, or some Democrat Party house organ, spinning like mad?


    “The narrow results in Ohio leave Democrats confident that they can win voters by running full-force against the GOP tax plan. . . .”

    Oh, enough. Starting to get an idea why the President calls these guys “Fake News”? How does all this “Democratic optimism” stuff differ from what the AP would be churning out if Trump’s candidates had LOST? Do you think a single person involved in grinding out this Democrat happy-talk voted for Trump in 2016? A SINGLE ONE?

    Only over at The Daily Caller (which the Good Old Boys of the Washington Media fraternity fervently HATE) do we learn that in “Tuesday’s special election in Ohio and primaries across the country . . . the biggest losers were the Democrats in Ohio and the far-left candidates endorsed by socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, though you’d be hard-pressed to know it if you watched MSNBC or CNN.

    “Whether you win by one or one hundred, you’ve still won, and the GOP won the special election last night in Ohio while all three candidates Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez campaigned for lost their primary races,” The Daily Caller reports. “Will this lead to stories about how the shine has come off the diamond of media darling Ocasio-Cortez? Likely not. . . .”

    — V.S.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Vin — I bet that in Ohio they are waiting for all of the ballots that will be accidentally found in the trunks of various poll officials over the next couple of weeks to be counted. Hopefully the Ohio R’s decide to fight.

  3. Michael Says:


    Prescient as usual. Nailed the mainstream response word for word. Fun to read your words.


  4. Steve Says: