We’re the American public: We’ll fall for ANYTHING!

Wow! Breaking news today that convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — who could have testified to the sex crimes (with underage girls) of the heads of the Clinton Crime Family, members of the British royal family, several U.S. Senators, etc. — was found this morning shot twice in the back during what police are treating as a 4:20 a.m. botched robbery near his apartment in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C., even though his murderer failed to take his wallet, cell phone, keys, watch or necklace. Oh, wait: Wrong Arkancide. Here, this is TODAY’S file:

In THIS Arkancide, being passed off as a jail-cell “suicide” at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center while the surveillance cameras were, um . . . not working . . . after a year-long IG investigation by Michael “Mr. Magoo” Horowitz, Bill Barr’s crack team of “prosecutors” at the federal Department Of Justice will “decline to prosecute” the jail supervisor who told the two guards who normally would have been checking on Epstein to go take a three-hour “break” Friday night, because “We doubt we could prove ‘intent,’ as well as the fact it would be moot to try and prosecute after said supervisor coincidentally drowns in his bathtub next month.”

The surveillance camera apparatus? It appears it was somehow pounded into little pieces with hammers after being taken into custody by the FBI, just like the FBI “helped out” with Felonia’s phones and laptops. See:
( https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/08/breaking-unbelievable-deep-state-fbi-helped-hillary-clinton-erase-and-bleachbit-data-off-laptops-and-hammer-her-phones/ .)

You can rely on the trusty FBI, “Always ready to keep the Deep State out of deep . . . well, anything.”

The sound you hear is the Ruling Class pointing at you and laughing out loud. They’re not even PRETENDING, any more. How do you like it?

Epstein told authorities someone tried to kill him in his previous jail-cell “suicide attempt”:



Yet he wasn’t on any kind of “intense watch”? Given the wealth and power of the people he’d obviously been blackmailing (on behalf of whom, we wonder? — https://observer.com/2019/07/jeffrey-epstein-spy-intelligence-work/ ) — whose secrets may now come out — this guy should have been in hiding in a cabin on some ice-bound fjord, guarded by a gunboat and 35 Navy SEALs!

And there was no shooter on the grassy knoll — people’s brains normally blow out the back of their heads when they’re shot from the REAR. And Jack Ruby was just an outraged citizen who happened to be coincidentally walking through the underground parking garage a second time when they finally brought Lee Oswald through, and realized to his surprise at that moment that he just happened to be carrying a snub-nosed revolver . . . and it was just a coincidence that Ruby was terminally ill . . . and no one could EVER find that Jack Ruby — a STRIP CLUB OWNER originally from CHICAGO — had any ties to Organized Crime . . .

. . . and of course they couldn’t allow the autopsy to be performed right there in Dallas, they had to fly JFK’s remains all the way to the Bethesda Naval Hospital so Admiral George Burkley could make sure the job was REAL THOROUGH, except for his ordering them not to examine the throat wound, of course, and in the end he followed PERFECTLY NORMAL PROTOCOLS by hauling away half of President Kennedy’s brain in a bucket . . . I know all this because Allen Dulles told me . . . right after he helped steady Earl Warren’s hand while the old codger lifted his head off the desk to sign that “report.”


And the Branch Davidians burned themselves to death — including their wives and children — because they were so distraught after they ambushed that innocent group of ATF agents who just happened to be driving by their church on their way to a picnic.


Remember why our forefathers embraced a system of evidence, prosecutors, juries, sentencing judges, and legal executions — back before the current FBI, DOJ, and Democrat judges set up today’s “Get Out of Jail Free” system for Washington insiders, since of course no one can ever prove they “INTENDED” anything bad . . . even after they brag on TV about leaking classified documents or destroying thousands of emails that were under subpoena. Because if the people have no confidence in such a system, they go back to older means of achieving justice, which may be quicker, but which unfortunately offer considerably less “due process” for the accused.

Coming soon to a breathless television news account near you.

— V.S.

6 Comments to “We’re the American public: We’ll fall for ANYTHING!”

  1. Thomas Mitchell Says:

    To coin a term: Arkancide. Nice one.

  2. Rich Says:

    I am pleasantly surprised to see the number of people calling BS on this one – from all sides of the political spectrum. It may not be the media talking heads, but social media and water cooler talk is running over with opinions that he was murdered. The collapse is coming – probably about halfway through Trump’s second term.

  3. Henry Says:

    The solution to this is for the FBI to determine that Epstein had “no actual intent” to kill himself, and therefore no suicide was committed. The trial can now proceed, and the guilty parties be determined and punished.

  4. Marty Says:

    There is no way he was murdered. He was spirited away to a kibbutz. Did you see the pix of the “corpse?” No strangulation there. Geez, even when Merikans are smart, they’re stupid.

  5. Kingsnake Says:

    Anybody who didn’t see Epstein’s “suicide” coming since he was arrested hasn’t been paying attention since the Clinton’s slithered out of Arkansas …

  6. Brett Middleton Says:

    And now it is officially a suicide. Vin is right — they don’t even bother to PRETEND any more. They, in their monstrous arrogance, know that even though nobody believes them, all they have to do it pass off the disbelief as “conspiracy theory” and we become helpless. They’ve been perfecting their techniques for longer than the 63 years I’ve been around. See, just for starters, James Forrestal, JFK, MLK, RFK, shooting of Reagan, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, TWA 800, 9/11, Benghazi, and an uncountable number of “X-gate” investigations … So far their success rate seems to be 100%.