No, American families are not living in ‘fear and terror’

At several chicken processing plants in Mississippi, officers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) last week rounded up some 600 illegal aliens who were working in this country illegally, having illegally stolen the identities and Social Security numbers of 600 U.S. citizens — half of which criminals were promptly released “for humanitarian reasons” — mostly meaning they’d left under-aged children at home unattended (Gosh, those ICE agents are sure heartless!)

Radical Democrat presidential wanna-be Kamala Harris, the millionaire pot-smoker who slept her way into her previous job putting thousands of Californians in jail for smoking pot ( ), promptly declared “These ICE raids are designed to tear families apart, spread fear, and terrorize communities.”

So Mrs. Harris (or is it Mrs. Emhoff?), whose former job was in LAW ENFORCEMENT, not only admits this nation now harbors entire “COMMUNITIES” of illegal aliens, who believe that with her help they can stay here forever with impunity, but also joins with the treasonous Castro Brothers of “La Raza” in complaining that the laws should not be enforced, because enforcing the laws causes law-breakers some inconvenience and causes them to live “in fear” that they may be caught. Wow.

We have Hispanic friends. (Call them “Latino” if you want, I don’t care.) They’re citizens, born in this country. They’ve never mentioned to me that they’re “living in fear” because Donald Trump is encouraging a handful of federal agents to make this token effort to enforce our immigration laws.

“Heels-Up” Harris and the Castro Brothers are playing a tired old game, trying to conflate (mix together and confuse) proud American citizens and other legal residents of Hispanic descent, with the despicable illegal alien criminals who have invaded and are trying to destroy our country and its rule of law.

(If you don’t think Americans’ precious ability to choose our own government wasn’t diluted when at least 800,000 illegals vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, see: , . . . or . . . .

If ILLEGAL ALIEN “Latinos” in this country are now living in fear (of which I see few actual signs), that would be a good thing. A very good thing. I hope they get a lot more afraid. I hope they get so afraid that they go home (taking their families with them, so no one has to be “separated”), and either install free-market, capitalist, substantially less corrupt governments back where they came from, or else gain enough high-value employment skills that they can apply to immigrate here legally on a “merit” basis.

Yes, self-improvement and education are possible, even in an impoverished environment. You think it was easy for the LEGAL American immigrants (or children of legal immigrants) living in impoverished urban ghettos during the Great Depression to become the physicists who built the atom bomb and launched thousands of today’s American profit-making companies?

Remember, every illegal who sneaks across our southern border is cutting in line in front of qualified professionals with valuable job skills — including doctors — who have applied to come here legally from Eastern Europe, from India, from many countries without a convenient land bridge, who learn English, study our Constitution, work to acquire advanced degrees or certification in a valuable trade, and then wait . . . and wait . . . and wait.

I’m of half Polish descent. From time to time — especially in New England — Polish illegal alien workers get rounded up and deported. (Yes, really.) Does this cause me to “live in fear”? Not in the slightest. I’m all in favor of Polish illegal aliens being rounded up and deported, so Americans can take those jobs (even if employers –heaven forfend! — have to voluntarily raise wages a bit), and other law-abiding Americans can avoid having their credit ruined by illegals (illegally) using stolen Social Security numbers.

Do I worry I might be pulled over and told, “Hey you look kind of Polish. Are you an illegal alien”? Not in the slightest. Heck, I have to show my “government-issued photo ID” to board a plane . . . or even to use my debit card to buy a two-dollar book at the Goodwill thrift shop. (I wish I didn’t, but who’s brought us to this point, Mrs. Democrat politician?)

If Americans of Hispanic descent do have such worries, they should be (and may very well be) the first to speak out loudly for enforcement of immigration laws, and AGAINST states including California issuing driver’s licenses and voter ID to illegals, which can indeed (quite purposely) “muddy up” the distinction between proud Americans and loathsome criminal aliens.

In fact, many are doing just that. These foundering race-baiters (Mrs. Harris is now at 7 percent and falling in the national polls; the total support for Joachim’s brother Julian Castro in his quixotic pursuit of the Democrat presidential nomination apparently amounts to six people at one of the tables at Ramiro’s Taqueria in Alameda, California) are in a panic because they know immigration-law enforcement is POPULAR with many Hispanic groups -– especially Cuban-Americans, who helped Trump carry Florida.

Heck, Steve Bannon is now predicting Donald Trump may carry 40 to 50 percent of America’s Hispanic vote, neat year:

The only tools these manipulators have left are race-hate and whopping falsehoods shouted at the top of their lungs in a desperate gamble to impose . . . what? Fear.

Meantime, about the supposed “outrage” of ICE rounding up 600 illegals in a series of raids over a couple of days in Mississippi? Let’s do a little math.

Presume Donald Trump wins re-election, as is highly likely despite the Enemedia shrieking their “racist!” lies 24/7. (Donald Trump was in business for 50 years. He outraged his neighbors in Palm Beach by declaring both blacks and Jews would be welcome to play golf at the golf course at Mar-A-Lago under his management. (Read it again. He outraged his oh-so-high-toned Palm beach neighbors not because he promised to BAR blacks and Jews, but because he promised that for the first time they would be WELCOME.) If he’s a “racist,” let’s see his signed memos demanding that black employees and customers use the side entrance and not be served in the main dining room, that Hispanics not be promoted into any jobs beyond those of busboy or groundskeeper. Come on. Fifty years. The paper trail must be a mile wide. Stand and deliver your goddamned EVIDENCE.)

Assume Republicans also hold the Senate after throwing out a few corrupt RINOs via spring primaries (yes, “early retirements” count) and manage to shut down sufficient systematic Democrat vote fraud to win back the House (though they’d better get started real soon.)

Now presume Donald Trump has finally wised up and is going to stop trying to “cut a deal” on amnesty for 22 million illegals with Democrats who want nothing better than a chance to stick a shiv between his ribs. Assume instead that on Jan. 21, 2021, he calls in his chief immigration enforcers and says, “OK, we tried it the ‘kind and gentle ‘ way, and what thanks did we get? Instead, I want ’em rounded up and put in the holds of slow boats that will dump them all on the beach in Honduras . . . after making stops in the Philippines and Borneo. Give them a niiiiice long cruise, like Eisenhower did in ‘Operation Wetback.’”
( )

Let’s do the math. There are about (at least?) 22 million illegal aliens in the United States. Let’s assume we’ll never get them all; we all know it can take as much energy to grab the final 10 percent (of anything) as the first 90 percent. So our goal is to deport just 20 million illegals.

No, don’t assume you have four years. Republican politicians — masters at grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory – could again go for the big Wall Street/Communist Chinese/globalist bribes and again lose control of at least one house of Congress in 2022. So you’ve got just two years — 730 days — of which let’s be generous and assume federal agents (allowing for holidays and vacations) might work 500.

You have 500 working days to deport 20 million illegals. At first glance, that would appear to mean you have to round up and deport forty thousand illegals per day, every working day — though in real life, even managing 10,000 a day would likely speed up a lot of “self-deportations,” when the criminals realize that going home is now inevitable.

Even that level of apprehension and transport is going to require a concerted national effort — perhaps not quite on the scale of the build-up in southern England preparatory to D-Day, June 6, 1944, but still big.

And the communist traitors and hypocrites are squealing and wailing about 600 rounded up in a few days . . . of which 300 were promptly “released for humanitarian reasons”?

What’s that? “If there are that many then it’s hopeless; let’s just give up before we try”?

Right. And it was because there were more than 12 million people in the German armed forces in 1944 — 12 million people who were SHOOTING BACK, mind you — that Dwight Eisenhower announced in May of that year “We’re not even going to try and land on the shores of France and liberate Europe; it would be very expensive and frankly just too much trouble. Better to just give up, don’t you think? Surely we can reach some kind of ‘accommodation’ with Herr Hitler.”

We’re in a war, and for the first time in 30 years (as with China trade), we’re finally fighting back. As in 1942, when German submarines stalked our Atlantic coast sea lanes virtually unopposed, of course we start way behind, with lots of catching up to do. Why? When the “Open Borders, No National Sovereignty” Far-Left Democrats got Ron Reagan to sign that big amnesty for a mere 2 million illegals in 1986, they swore that would be the LAST ONE, that they would SEAL THE BORDER and this would never happen again. Right?


How you doing at keeping that promise, Mafia Nancy?

How are you doing keeping that promise, Globalist Chuck?

Grant “amnesty” to 22 million illegals now, and to how many will you be granting amnesty by the year 2040 — 200 million?

It’s estimated there are currently about 20,000 ICE employees in approximately over 400 offices within the United States and 46 other countries

What we need now is a massive mobilization, using many of those billions in tariffs flowing in from Red China and elsewhere, to hire and train a whole LOT more ICE agents – 100,000 would seem to be reasonable hiring goal in the year 2020, possibly doubling that in 2021 . . . while we rent some off-season football stadiums as holding pens, and buy a whole pantload of boxcars and used school buses and tramp steamers . . . mucho quicko.

Or do you no longer want to live in a country where there’s any reliable “rule of law”?

Because if Washington politicians are no longer going to be held accountable under a “rule of law,” there’s only one other way to “reform the system.”

Slow-Pitch Joe Biden may not know Jefferson was once our president ( ), but he was, and it was Jefferson who reminded us “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots . . . and tyrants.”

— V.S.

9 Comments to “No, American families are not living in ‘fear and terror’”

  1. R. Hartman Says:

    To what use do you think those stadiums (FEMA camps) and those 100.000 ICE agents will be put once the dems take over again?

    I sure see the problem, but the real, bigger problem is that government cannot be trusted. Your call for expansion for your goals may well be used for their goals, against you, 4 (or even 2) years on.
    Expanding the state has never helped liberty.

    As for Trumps re-election, which should be a walk in the park, that may well be jeopardized by his increasing anti-2A rhetoric. Even while pro-2A voters realistically have nowhere else to go.

  2. Henry Says:

    “Heck, Steve Bannon is now predicting Donald Trump may carry 40 to 50 percent of America’s Hispanic vote, neat year”

    That would all depend on what percentage of “America’s Hispanic vote” is legal, and what percentage is illegal…

  3. Vin Says:

    Your opinion is respected & welcome, Rene. I agree with you about Trump now being closely watched by gun-rights voters. (Though so far it’s been the Democrats, weirdly enough, who have saved him from his own “Let’s make a Deal” instincts, by refusing to make any deals. One can still hope that, down the road, he’ll be saying “Hey, I offered them a deal for ‘better background checks’ in exchange for sensible immigration reform — THEY’RE the ones who wouldn’t deal!”

    Meantime, what’s the “non-governmental” solution to 20 million (or more?) illegal aliens who commit further crimes (always including “identity theft,” and in plenty of cases rape and homicide) every day? I’m certainly not going to call for 100,000 private militiamen to set themselves up as “vigilance committees,” rounding up anyone who “looks and talks like a furriner.” Governments, at least, are SUPPOSED to provide due-process protections for the innocent.

    King Alfred had to raise a sizable army to push back the Danes who were trying to occupy England, as did Charles Martel to drive out the marauding Muslims (a job that looks like it may soon need to be done again — and how on earth is that to be accomplished in rump Western Europe “nations” that won’t even identify rapists, rioters and murderers by their countries and cultures of origin?)

    How long is it likely to take a gentlemanly law-enforcement staff that now raises squawks and shrieks of outrage from the Lying Left when it rounds up perhaps 1,000 illegal aliens a week (releasing half of them for “humanitarian reasons”) to deport 20 million invaders? Slightly less than 400 years, by my math.

    America has nearly always happily welcomed large numbers of immigrants (yes, yes, there was the noxious Chinese Exclusion Act), on the presumption that we’ve got plenty of land, and as those new Americans assimilate they will adopt our culture, come to appreciate and make use of our (relative) economic freedoms, and CREATE more jobs than they “take.”

    But the “Greens” now aim to shut off the empty lands from settlement or productive use, forcibly concentrating the populace in urban nests where they (we) can be more easily propagandized and controlled, as they systematically work to destroy the traditional American virtues of hard work, saving, investment, and self-sufficiency — actually tearing down statues of our Founders, and painting out high-school murals of George Washington.

    Are we just supposed to shrug and say “Oh well, a free America of sturdy, largely self-sufficient folk with God-given rights and a rule of law was a nice dream while it lasted, but it’s time to change with the times. Obviously, everyone is now in favor of Open Borders, “Sanctuary” jurisdictions for law-breakers, a 70 percent income tax, jailing the “greedy rich corporate bastards,” and Female Genital Mutilation. Get with the program!”?

    — V.S.

  4. R. Hartman Says:

    Dear Vin,
    Thanks for an extended reply and, unfortunately, there’s nothing to argue with here, as I’m lost for a ‘libertarian’ solution to this very non-libertarian problem, created by our common enemy, the state.

    It’s gotten to the stage where we’re caught between a rock and a hard place. Expanding the state is a requirement to address the problem, as you described, but on the other hand, the state has sufficiently proven to not have their subjects in mind.

    As expanding the state guaranteed will backfire and further limit liberty going forward, the solution would be to close the borders, evict those caught, and not worry about those not caught, as the problem will go extinct in time. No point in expanding the state when the next set of #rulers will open up the borders again to secure their future and use the extra manpower against their subjects.

    It took the socialists over a century to get where they are today, there’s no quick way to roll that back in 4 or even 8 years, let alone two.

    The only solution is to return to constitutional values, but even that would require state power, which is never going to happen, even while the Constitution is supposed to be the Law of the Land. States, once existing, only expand, not shrink. So returning to the Articles of Confederation, let alone creating an anarcho capitalist society, will remain a pipe dream.

    I’m convinced that expanding the state even further, while possibly creating a short term improvement (like those tariffs) will exacerbate the problem in the long run (again, like those tariffs).

    Hey, I guess I’m arguing, despite my opening statement .

  5. Vin Says:

    There is one possible area of compromise, Rene.

    One of our friends is a judge with considerable expertise in immigration law. He’s long said part of the solution would be to bring back the 1942-1964 “Bracero” program, which eventually became the largest “legal foreign worker” program in U.S. history.

    In effect,, instead of DEPORTING many illegals, this might have the effect of allowing many to voluntarily CONVERT into legal, seasonal workers.

    Basically, the program allowed Mexican workers to legally enter the U.S. under contract for part of the year — in most cases the harvest season or for a sequence of harvests — the workers being promised decent living conditions in labor camps, with adequate shelter, food and sanitation, as well as a minimum wage.

    But (as I understand it) they remained Mexican citizens, for the most part left their families at home, and were expected to return to Mexico for at least part of the year.

  6. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    That Bracero program exists now, called the H2A visa (for agricultural workers) or H2B (for non-agricultural seasonal workers… beach and ski resorts, construction, etc.). The visa is for less than one year, and the workers must go home before they can get the visa again to return. They are limited in number, however, and demand exceeds the supply.

  7. R. Hartman Says:

    Bracero sounds like a halfway station between two extremes, and imho just goes to show that when you meet parties halfway they’ll still be discontented.

    The problem (for the Dems) with that program would likely be that it presumably didn’t grant voting ‘rights’ to those workers…

  8. Joe Bano Says:

    Vin, Your judge friend is correct, that would be the best solution. It worked for years with little problems. K. Bill, We started using the H2 program 25 or so years ago and have had the same group of guys coming back every year for 9 months then they go home. Paid well, happy, no problems. The program now is almost impossible to use due to the ever increasing regulations. More paperwork every year for the SAME guys that have been coming for 25 years with no problems. They don;t bring family that is on welfare, use the medical system, etc. none of that. Guess it works to good for the gov so they have to screw it up.

  9. Vin Says:

    Illegal aliens “are just here to do jobs Americans won’t do”?