It’s all a vicious game of ‘Let’s pretend’

By now most folks have likely heard about the case of Nigerian-American Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi, 24, also known as Seun Noibi.

On June 25, America Flight 415 from New York’s JFK to Los Angeles was two hours into its journey when passengers in the upscale “Main Cabin Select” section complained that the man seated in 3E reeked of body odor, the L.A. Times reports.

A stewardess — pardon, me, a “flight attendant” — asked the man for his boarding pass and was surprised to see it was from a different flight and in someone else’s name. She alerted authorities; Noibi went back to sleep in his black leather airline seat. When the plane landed, authorities interviewed Noibi but chose not to arrest him — not seeing any need to make a fuss about the fact he’d obviously stolen hundreds of dollars worth of air travel. Instead, they allowed him to leave the airport … and try the same trick again, five days later.

On Wednesday, June 29, Noibi was arrested again, trying to board a Delta flight out of Los Angeles. Once again, our smiling clown had managed to pass undetected through security with an expired boarding pass issued in someone else’s name. Authorities found on his person at least 10 other boarding passes, none of which belonged to him.

Law enforcement sources told The Times they suspect Noibi has used expired plane tickets to sneak on to flights in the past. On his Web site, Noibi describes himself as a “frequent traveler.”

Noibi was again able to move past multiple checkpoints — at the security screening areas and at the gates — with his expired boarding pass and an expired Michigan university ID, despite the fact the TSA Web site says a university ID is not sufficient for boarding.

At one point, it’s reported he got through simply by asserting “They told me to go through here.”

Noibi appears to be a smiling, cherub-faced young man. Presumably there was also some reluctance, in today’s Politically Correct environment, to be accused of “racism” for getting tough with a black man with a discernible foreign accent — though in fact young black and Arab men with foreign accents fit precisely the profile of would-be terrorists — unlike, say, 95-year-old, wheelchair-bound, white leukemia patient Lena Reppert, who had her adult diaper searched in a humiliating hour-long ordeal at Northwest Florida Regional Airport on June 18.

I have actually heard a lady call a national radio talk show, arguing the Noibi incident proves nothing, since it was “just one slip-up,” while the system has “worked successfully tens of thousands of times.”

No it didn’t, unless by “work” you mean that tens of thousands — nay, millions — of times the TSA offended the dignity of Americans and legitimate foreign visitors who didn’t have the slightest intention of doing any harm, meantime shredding the Fourth amendment “right of the people to be secure in their persons, … papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,” unless served with a proper and specific warrant, etc.

We’re told visitor volume is up at McCarran Airport, here in Las Vegas, these days. That’s great. Yet the Southern Nevada tourist economy still appears to be on life support. Why?

I suspect a big part of the answer is that, while businessmen and conventioneers still fly on business, and young honeymooners with a couple hundred bucks in their pocket may still visit Vegas for a long weekend (God bless ’em), the wealthier tourists, especially those from Europe and Asia, have simply stopped coming, in a silent boycott of the ruthless and insane antics of our beloved Homeland Security Abteilung and their blue-gloved goons.

The main reason the TSA’s oppressive, misdirected nonsense appears to have “worked,” we are left to conclude, is that hardly any serious adults are trying to damage our planes, any more.

Glamorized or not, I believe there’s considerable truth underlying the published adventures of Richard Marcinko, who reports on Special Forces teams sent to test such supposedly “secure” facilities as U.S. embassies overseas, only to determine anyone could sneak in the unlocked door to the smoker’s patio and then — armed with nothing but a convincing-looking uniform, accent, and clipboard — successfully gain access even to the supposedly sacrosanct “code room.”

Are we really to believe any such team of professionals, given a couple weeks, couldn’t land low-level jobs at any of our busy commercial airports, scope out the sieve-like “security” on the lower levels, and load up the cargo bay of a randomly selected 737 to look like a Hawthorne munitions bunker?

Didn’t the Transportation Security Administration announce in June it plans to fire 36 workers, including two high-ranking officials, for failure to properly screen tons of baggage at Honolulu International?

For that matter, anyone wishing to cripple U.S. commercial aviation needn’t get through a single security checkpoint or anywhere near a plane. Simply wheel an explosive “carry-on” into one of those serpentine lines forming up OUTSIDE our security checkpoints, wait till you’re in the middle of the room, then leave your bag behind after telling the person behind you that you really, really have to go use the bathroom.

The culprit heads briskly AWAY from the security checkpoints — in a system where all attention is focused on stopping unauthorized persons who might try to PENETRATE the checkpoints — and you’re telling me that room would be evacuated and the suspect piece of luggage covered in anti-explosive mats within, say, three minutes?

I don’t think so.

The resulting graphic footage of airport carnage on the evening news would probably be MORE effective than bringing down a plane in turning our airports into ghost towns.

Why has this not happened? Is the more likely answer a) because of the supreme effectiveness of the TSA, and the terror their ruthlessness strikes in the hearts of our enemies, as exemplified by their handling of Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi, or b) because no competent adult is really trying?

After Osama bin Laden was killed, most American news broadcasts were careful to stipulate “Of course this doesn’t mean we should expect the airport searches to end.”

Why? And who told them to say that? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for an independent “news” organization (as opposed to a government propaganda outlet) to aggressively ASK why this shouldn’t mean an end to the blue-gloved goons?

When our bloated federal government hits the wall and is forced to lay off half its drones, watch and see how quickly the TSA starts to be identified as what it actually is — a “jobs” program without which tens of thousands of highly-paid, lavishly “benefitted” federal union employees with few other identifiable job skills will be thrown on the dole, Oh! The Humanity!

By the way, Jean Weber of Destin, Fla., who herself was intensively frisked at Northwest Florida Regional Airport on June 18 for the offense of bursting into tears at the way her 95-year-old mother, leukemia sufferer Lena Reppert, was being treated, calls the TSA’s claim about not removing her mother’s adult diaper “a lie.”

12 Comments to “It’s all a vicious game of ‘Let’s pretend’”

  1. Jerry A. Pipes Says:

    Vin, we can’t let our guard down now! Not after the announcement of belly bombs! -cue dramatic music-

  2. Bruce Says:

    You nailed it again. The real goal isn’t to do what they say they’re going to do, it’s to look like they’re doing it. As to ‘security’, why not leave it up to each individual airline. If people really want to be that safe, they can pay extra to be subjected to the emotional rape involved. No government organization ever solves the problem so they can be put out of work. Black Arrows inside city checkpoints are not far off I fear.

  3. GunRights4US Says:

    I think that there is something a tad more nefarious in the TSA’s existence than merely being just another gubmint jobs program. The heavy-handed treatment they are bestowing on John and Jane Q. Public smacks of conditioning to me! Somewhere the power brokers have had a backroom conversation regarding what limits that can be placed on their treatment of the American people, and the consensus around the table was (and I would bet money that it happened just this way): “Let’s see just how far we can push this thing. Treat ‘em like the sheep they are!”

  4. liberranter Says:

    The resulting graphic footage of airport carnage on the evening news would probably be MORE effective than bringing down a plane in turning our airports into ghost towns.

    Effective indeed – at extending the life of the TSA molestocracy and the Heimatsicherungsdienst in perpetuity. Count on any such incident in the future being a “false flag” operation, one set up from beginning to end by Our Ruling Elite as a means of reversing the current nascent awakening among the sheeple as to the TSA’s true purpose (which GunRights4US sums up perfectly). Odds are that these same sheeple will quickly abandon their skepticism, swallow the state media’s depictions of the carnage at face value, and resume their infantile demands for more government “security.”

  5. John Taylor Says:

    Was the suppression of the “Whiskey Rebellion” about whiskey?
    Was the “Civil War” about slavery?
    Was the “Spanish American War” about the Maine?
    Was the “Vietnam Conflict” about Communism?
    Was the TSA about terrorism?

    [Yes, GunRights4US sums it up perfectly]
    [And Vin hits the nail on the head once again!]

  6. J. Brook Says:

    Can’t speak for others, but wife & self have drastically curtailed flying. Former Gold and Platinum levels for many years, now one flight a year to visit daughter who lives too far to drive.

  7. Burke101 Says:

    The heavy-handed treatment they are bestowing on John and Jane Q. Public smacks of conditioning to me! Somewhere the power brokers have had a backroom conversation regarding what limits that can be placed on their treatment of the American people,

    There is truth to this statement, alas. Look at the TSA on top of no-knock raids, DUI checkpoints, SWAT Teams busting down doors, asset forfeiture, real ID, speech codes, surveillance cameras up the wazoo, et alia.

    The question is, why are Americans so passive these days?

  8. liberranter Says:

    The question is, why are Americans so passive these days?

    The short answer: Freedom means assuming personal responsibility and the ability to think critically. Amoricons shrink from both of these like a politician shrinks from telling the truth.

    The long answer: See the short answer.

  9. R Says:

    “The question is, why are Americans so passive these days?”

    It isn’t easy to resist alone – in fact it’s downright self destructive. People who would push back have so much to lose – their children, homes, jobs, if they individually tried to put up an effective resistance. I see a parallel with the Civil Rights marches and luncheonette sit-ins; hundreds of people could link arms and peacefully march in protest into the airports. With such a large support group, getting arrested and facing charges would go over much easier since everyone could rely on their compatriots to assist in legal fees and keeping food on the table for their family. I could see where hundreds of people continuously sitting-in at airports would have a significant impact on ending this Fourth Amendment travesty. How could freedom loving rabble-rousers find each other and get together in large enough numbers to make such a resistance meaningful?

  10. Joshua Liberty Holmes Says:

    It’s a lot easier to do civil disobedience if you know that fifteen of your friends will show up to your arraignment on Monday morning, or that fifty people will call flood your jail to demand to know why a non-violent person is being detained. Free State Project for the win.

  11. jharry3 Says:

    Why do fliers put up with this? They have LOTS to lose.
    The fact they can afford to fly tells you their station in life.
    One cross word to a TSA goon and you are facing jail time.
    Be quiet, recognize you have a gun pointed at your head, and you get through.
    Try to rabble rouse this into protests? How, and lose our jobs?
    Fliers are not union members and paid protest marchers getting funded by diverted federal and business dollars.

    The government knows who it can oppress and who will fight back.
    If you ain’t got nothing you ain’t got nothing to lose. That ain’t fliers.

  12. Curtis Says:

    Oh heck. Why don’t we just make it easy for Jihadi Hajji? I am still waiting for hundreds of crowded weekend bars throughout Amerika full of freedom loving Amerikans to be blown to pieces. I mean … what is it about those Jihadi Hajji’s? Is it some sexual fetish that it has to be airplanes that they blow up?

    This is the biggest mass psyops con job bestowed on the Amerikan peoples and they fall for it.


    Muslim. BOO!