The scam collapses

MGM Resorts, which operates one of the biggest casino-hotels in Las Vegas, announced this weekend that they’ll be laying 18,000 employees on Monday.

The move was made necessary by the drop in business due to the COVID-19 panic, according to MGM CEO Bill Hornbuckle.

(Not due to the COVID-19 flu. Neither employees nor hotel guests are dropping dead on the sidewalks. There is no more “plague” than during any other annual flu season. Due to the politically created and maintained COVID-19 “panic.”)

It’s unknown how many employees will be laid off in Las Vegas, proper. MGM employed about 52,000 people in Las Vegas, primarily at the “MGM Grand,” before the COVID-19 scam.

“For the protection of workers, federal law requires companies to provide a date of separation for furloughed employees who are not recalled within six months,” Hornbuckle said in the letter. “Regrettably, Aug. 31 marks the date of separation for thousands of MGM Resorts employees whom we have not yet been able to bring back.”

What’s going on here is that Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, purposely joined with other Democrat governors and mayors, nationwide, in tanking his local economy in hopes of hurting Donald Trump’s re-election chances.

Ironically, it hasn’t worked: The Trump train is building up steam toward a landslide re-election victory over a party of looters, arsonists and rioters who promise to burn down our businesses, steal our homes (turning them over to anti-Semitic black Muslims as “reparations” for something-or-other), and raise our taxes to pay for “free health care” for another hundred million illegal aliens – all led by a pussy-grabbing, little-girls-hair-sniffing Alzheimer’s patient hiding in a Delaware basement paid for with millions of dollars in thinly disguised Ukrainian and Red Chinese bribes. And the only hope the Democrats have for victory is massive, mail-in ballot-box stuffing.

These clowns seem to think that, come Nov. 5, they can announce, “All over. Just joking. You can come back, now.”

Sorry. Once Bolshevik New York Mayor Warren Wilhelm “Bill” de Blasio announced there’ll be a 14-day quarantine for people entering his city (due to COVID-19, you understand), with $10,000 fines for violators, the Broadway Theater, on life-support since the advent of television circa 1950, was pretty much doomed. (The few politically best-connected operators will soon demand federal NEA grants to stay afloat, like the opera and the ballet – watch for it. Though they probably won’t have the balls to do it, Republicans should respond by adding federal subsidies in equal amounts for stock-car racing and professional wrestling.) Many of New York’s already overpriced restaurants won’t re-open, either.


Las Vegas was already on the downhill slope. A town that used to hold a grand opening for a newly opened casino several times a year ain’t doing that any more. Billboards that advertised Sinatra and the Rat Pack 60 years ago, Elvis 50 years ago, then all the top musical acts of the ‘70s and ‘80s, now promote X-rated hypnotists (Now THERE’S A big draw!), hip-hop disc jockeys (DISC JOCKEYS?), and celebrity chefs. (Like Wolfgang Puck is really going to come out and dance on your table? Ask if you want pepper on that salad?)

Roy Horn got chewed up by one of the big cats; he and Siegfried retired; there’s no one left to make the elephant disappear on stage. In the era of “me-too” feminism, topless ladies strutting the stage with the grins of the newly lobotomized pasted on their faces seem to have largely passed from vogue. I no longer see billboards inviting visitors to “Come see the Titanic sink, twice a night.”

It’s the Adult Playground, Fun in the Sun! Only not really. While those provocatively clad co-eds (they fly in from L.A. for the weekend) nursing their drinks at the hotel bar on Friday and Saturday evenings probably aren’t nuns on Spring Break, nobody bothers to warn the tourists that prostitution is actually illegal in Las Vegas and the rest of Clark County – that the nearest legal brothel is a 90-minute drive away over the mountain in arid Nye County (if it’s open . . . COVID-19, you know. The governor’s edict offers no clarification, leaving the ladies in legal limbo.)

Young urban professionals checking into a high-rise hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, learning that there are women swimming topless in the hotel pool and hieing down there in their swim trunks, have been known to encounter Metro Police patrolling the pool area with drug-sniffing dogs, cops who will haul you away to jail if you’re caught with a joint or a couple of the wrong kind of pills in that swimsuit. (My source? Their lawyer.) Having Fun in the Sun, yet, boys? Going to be coming back to Vegas again . . . ever? Didn’t think so.
What’s that? Nevada voters legalized pot in 2017? Wellll . . . “While locals and tourists alike can purchase recreational weed if they satisfy the requisite age and ID requirements,” explains the Web site of a local licensed “dispensary,” the “odds of being able to lawfully consume the drug are heavily stacked against tourists. Pot generally . . . may not be imbibed in any public location on the Strip such as a bar or casino. Fines of potentially one thousand dollars can apply to persons that are caught committing the infraction. Some hotels may allow guests to consume cannabis in hotel rooms that they have booked, but similarly harsh fines and penalties — such as being expelled from the hotel — can be imposed on guests at hotels that do not.”

As the high rollers have disappeared (My source? Card room dealers at the Rio), more and more casinos have fallen back on marketing to young urban blacks and Mexicans – not Americans of Hispanic descent, mind you, but Mexicans – by promoting boxing matches between – aw, you guessed – a young black fellow and some Mexican. Then they’re shocked – shocked! – when someone gets stabbed in a knife fight between these two adversarial groups (presumably debating Christian doctrine) on the sidewalk out in front of the joint in the early hours of the following morning.

Worse, far worse, Las Vegas is a sand bar on which the riffraff, drifters, con men and castoffs of California and Chicago have washed up (see “Jacky Rosen,”) bringing their politics with them. A few years back, out-of-towners with out-of-town money convinced these new-majority itinerant Democrats to enact a PUBLIC SMOKING BAN. Yes, a town that makes its money off the kind of people who like to play a slot machine with a cigarette in one hand and a cocktail atop the belly glass BANNED TOBACCO. Kind of like Hershey, Pennsylvania, banning chocolate; Switzerland banning skis; the Cote d’Azur requiring all bathers to wear burqas. (Wait for it . . .)

And what do you suppose that did to those Asian high-rollers that the Vegas casinos used to compete tooth-and-nail to attract? “Yes, please bring your millions to gamble with, Mr. Chin, but did we mention, no smoking allowed? Maybe next time you’d like to stay home and try Macau, Mr. Chin? Lots of this stuff still legal in Macau.”

Back on March 15, the CDC announced we had just 15 days to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 exposure – anything we did after March 30 would be pointless.

Yet it wasn’t till JUNE 26 that Nevada Gov. Sisolak (I’m struggling not to type the now more common Internet moniker “Swizzledick”) issued his edict (not a statute, debated and voted on by the Legislature, just a royal decree) that all Nevadans must wear masks at all times in public and maintain six feet “social distancing.”

It’s now Labor Day weekend, and this crap is STILL IN EFFECT!


“Hey honey! Let’s spend our honeymoon in Vegas! It’ll be so cool! Of course, we’ll have to wear masks at all times, even when it’s 110 degrees outside, even when we walk into a restaurant to EAT, and that six-foot social distancing thing – I guess we’ll have to ask for twin beds and see if they can move them at least six feet apart. But hell, you didn’t really want to have sex on our honeymoon, anyway, did you? Fun in the Sun, baby!”

And if the single fellow is lucky enough to find an (illegal) Lady of The Evening willing to come up to his suite, we presume she’ll bring along a six-foot pole to make sure proper “social distance” is maintained while he jacks off on the far side of the room.

(You think I make this stuff up? “Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Says People Should Wear Masks While Having Sex . . . though ‘going solo’ remains the lowest risk option”: )

Las Vegas is tanking. Yes, puritans have been erroneously predicting its demise for decades. But what with Indian reservation casinos spreading like crabgrass, the town has been running on fumes for awhile.

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson bought the daily paper a few years back so he could order it to run editorials in favor of his scheme to build a tax-funded stadium near the Las Vegas Strip for the peripatetic Oakland Raiders, who’ll now presumably take a knee to promote “Social Justice” rather than allowing any actual “fans” to attend any actual “games” played in the Negro Felons’ League – as though anyone was watching anymore, anyway. (The paper’s position on tax funding for the stadium switched 180 degrees as soon as Adelson’s team took over) Of course, Gov. Sisolak’s “no fans, no sporting events, no more conventions” policy is probably just as well, since they never did figure out what to do about the resultant traffic jams if any “fans” were allowed to attend.

(And how does having an NFL stadium in town boost local hotel occupancy if no one can attend the games, Sheldon? If “guests” can only watch the game on TV, it might as well be played in Labrador, or Guatemala.) But you can still trust the local Las Vegas news media to cover the casino industry objectively! Honest!

And now Gubbiner Steve Sisolak has driven in what may be pretty close to the final nail. Watch for carpenters to start pawning their tool chests so they can afford to get out of town.

What’s that? Masks are necessary to curtail the spread of the terrible COVID-19 Plague?

Oh . . . horseshit. The British study that predicted 2 million American deaths was a total fraud. As was the Lancet article that claimed Hydroxychloroquine (at 4 cents per pill) doesn’t work. That one’s been withdrawn completely.

In the New England Journal of Medicine of May 21, 2020 (this year) Michael Klompas, M.D., M.P.H., Charles A, Morris, M.D., M.P.H., and others associated with the Harvard Medical School wrote: “We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection.”

(Yes, they all later agreed you should follow any government order to wear a mask. Did medical reality change? Can you spell “financial and political persuasion”? About that big grant you thought you and the hospital were in line for . . .)

Back in March, CDC infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci (who drove up America’s coronavirus death rate by discouraging the use of hydroxychloroquine with zinc as soon as symptoms appear, likely in hopes of raking in more millions when a dangerous, ineffective vaccine is finally produced) told an interviewer for the CBS news magazine show “60 Minutes”: “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

While masks may block some droplets, Fauci said, they do not provide the level of protection people think they do. Wearing a mask may also have unintended consequences: People who wear masks tend to touch their face more often to adjust them, which can spread germs from their hands. And requiring widespread masking “could lead to a shortage of masks for the people who really need it,” according to Dr. Fauci.

(He needn’t have worried about that last part. At my local supermarket, kids just pull their turtlenecks up over their mouths, and ladies tie pantyhose around their heads. )


And you know those 180,000 COVID deaths for which the Democrats (including Democrat Hollywood and the Democrat News Media) are trying to blame Donald Trump?

In the first place, did you ever hear of “The Enlightenment”? Most people brought up in Western Civilization, post-1700, no longer believe the King or Pharaoh can intercede with the gods to prevent disease or famine, or cure people (as Jesus is reported to have done) with a touch.

Nor that they can cause the fields to lose their fertility if they fail to sacrifice to the gods in the proper manner.

When Donald Trump blocked those exposed to the new Chinese flu from traveling here from China and then from Europe (after lots of Chinamen working in the Italian garment industry returned from their Lunar New Year vacations), Sleepy Joe Biden and the Democrat media assailed him as a paranoid, a xenophobe, a racist. Yet now they say he didn’t so ENOUGH. The blood of 180,000 dead is on his hands!

Nearly every year, 20,000 to 40,000 older, at-risk Americans die of the latest version of the flu virus, during the winter flu season. SARS, H1N1, swine flu, you name it. But did our news media ever tell us Bill Clinton and George W. Bush or Barack Obama was personally supposed to CURE the flu and prevent those deaths? That the “blood” of all those flu and virus victims was “on their hands” if they failed to raise their arms like Moses and send the demons of disease scurrying back to hell? I can’t recall that.

Like “Russian Collusion” (which Christopher Steele’s primary source, Igor Danchenko, now tells us was based on a bad barroom joke about whores peeing on a Russian mattress – not a word of truth to it); “Obstruction of Justice” (by providing millions of pages of documents and unlimited access to his staff for befuddled figurehead Bob “I Don’t Recall” Mueller); displeasing that fat boy Alexander Vindman by failing to ask VINDMAN what our national policy should be before placing a phone call to the Ukraine; like proving he’s a dictator by REFUSING to send in the National Guard to quell Democrat riots unless invited, . . . this is just one final try by the lying scum to “Find Something We Can Blame on that squeaky-clean Donald Trump, on whom all our wiretaps have turned up NOTHING, who won’t even accept a SALARY, dammit.”

And one other thing. That number of Americans who have died of COVID-19, and COVID-19 alone? Turns out it’s not quite 180,000. It’s . . . um, just a little lower. It’s actually . . . um . . . nine thousand, two hundred and ten.


The Guardians of the Official Let’s-Destroy-Trump Party Line are busy censoring this data on sundry Web sites as fast as they can (pretty much as fast as I can link to them — the first to disappear was

), . . . but no matter how fast they race to hush this up (or “clarify” how it’s been “impermissably interpreted,” “in violation of Twitter’s rules,” etc.), the economies of entire states have been trashed not just for the past five months but in some cases quite possibly for DECADES, because nine thousand Americans who weren’t already at death’s door due to multiple (average 2.6) additional “co-morbidities” have died of the COVID-19 virus.

Nine thousand, two hundred, ten.

A number derived (so far as I can tell — the Forces of Evil keep deleting all “non-official” calculations, interpretations, and explanations) from the official “weekly update” numbers issued Aug. 26 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. (The underlying data appears to be at — or at least WAS posted at:

And how do we know even NINE THOUSAND is a legitimate number? The CDC numbers are just compilations of death certificates. But Dr. Deborah Birx – she of the colorful neckerchiefs, whose daughter works promoting vaccines for Bill Gates – has admitted all along that no blood or tissue testing is required to declare a “COVID-19 death” – no need even to determine the PRESENCE of the virus, let alone a viral loading sufficient to cause death.

They coughed or sneezed before dying? OK! Write it up as another COVID-19!

Just the way the Africans discovered, years ago, that they could get more handouts from the West if they listed all their traffic accident victims as “AIDS deaths,” creating the big, fake, otherwise inexplicable “African AIDS epidemic.”

If no blood or tissue samples were taken prior to declaring a “COVID-19 death,” what chance is there now for anyone to go back and conduct forensic autopsies to double-check even those 9,000 reported causes of death?

Not that a, um, . . . slight downward revision should shock us. Rachel Maddow and George Stephanopoulos and Lawrence O’Donnell DID tell you about the man who died in a Colorado motorcycle crash but was declared a COVID-19 death,” . . . right?

Lester Holt and Fredo Cuomo and Chris Wallace DID tell you about the 35-year-old Florida roofer who was struck by lightning, fell off the roof and died . . . and was declared a COVID-19 death . . . right?

These things didn’t start to give you a little HINT that “180,000 deaths” might have been, if I may again use the correct, technical term . . . horseshit?

Way to go, Andrew “Typhoid Mary” Cuomo. Way to Go, Gavin “Hijo” Newsom. Way to go, Wilhelm “Carmine” DiBlasio. Way to go, Steve “One-Term” Sisolak. Time to move on, gentlemen. The owners of tens of thousands of small businesses which will never again open their doors will remember you; I think your work here is done.

4 Comments to “The scam collapses”

  1. Rob Gillespie Says:

    This crap is going on everywhere. In April, in southern Alberta, a man in his mid-40s was refused surgery to have a defibrillator installed. His life-saving heart surgery was deemed “non-essential” because the Health Ministry had ordered the hospital held empty to be ready for the huge influx of CCP virus patients they just KNEW was coming. He died in July, and a nurse let slip to his wife that they were putting it down as a CoVid death because it was… “connected”. If you or anyone else reading this is interested in more detail, look up the YouTube vid by Rebel News, dated July 21: “Alberta man dies after “non-essential” PACEMAKER surgery cancelled due to COVID 19. It contains some other interesting statistics from Canada’s socialist government response to this mess, which I’m sure parallel those from Dem-ruled states down there. (And, btw, I think you’ll find Rebel Media a very interesting source of not government-controlled coverage of news mostly of Canada, but not excluding the rest of the world. Just put Rebel Media into the YT search bar.)

  2. Kingsnake Says:

    I said in front of witnesses, the first week of March, that this would be no worse than the normal seasonal flu. “.1%”, I said. (Not 1%, point 1%.)

    I was wrong.

    It was lower.

  3. Noah Body Says:

    Good reason not to get a COVID test. In Ohio, people testing positive are entered into a police database:

  4. Brett Middleton Says:

    Kingsnake, speaking of the fatality rate for regular flu, have you thought about where those numbers come from? Have you ever had the flu and actually gotten a diagnostic test to confirm it, or known anyone who had the flu who actually had a diagnostic test done? I think most of us don’t even go to the doctor. We just take a couple of days off, get plenty of sleep, and drink plenty of fluids. No big deal. So what evidence do we actually have that the flu numbers are not at least as fictional as the CONVID numbers and not wildly inflated to sell the public on the need for that annual flu vaccine, conveniently available in the lobby of any pharmacy? (Ka-ching!) The 0.1% number is calculated based on the estimated number of cases during the flu season, and we all know now just how good the CDC is at estimating things.