Shut down the secret court, flush the FBI

On Sept. 1, William Barr’s Justice Department announced more “Reform and Oversight” of the FBI. (See: .)

Specifically, Mr. Barr’s second of two memoranda that day “requires the FBI to develop procedures to ensure appropriate disciplinary action for those who knowingly misrepresent facts to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.”

Problem is, it’s not within the power of the FBI to “develop procedures to ensure appropriate disciplinary action” for those who lie to the court in order to acquire “two-hop warrants” so they can spy on presidential candidates . . . or Presidents. (And if they can spy on the PRESIDENT – which they did – who do you think is safe from these arrogant, totalitarian scum?)

What’s the proposed FBI punishment? Limiting them to only two free donuts – one chocolate-glazed and one jelly-filled – on Monday mornings? NO THIRD DONUT! BAD McCABE! BAD STRZOK!

Only Bill Barr’s DOJ has it in its power to impose an appropriate punishment for that (especially when it’s demonstrably part of a seditious conspiracy to sabotage and overthrow the duly elected government of the United States) – a public trial in a federal court, demanding a judge and jury impose at the very LEAST a sentence of 12 years in federal prison – one of the lovely ones in California where black and Hispanic gangs regularly knife each other, not one of those places where the “inmates” get to play golf – with the possibility of four years off for good behavior.

Instead, these numb-nuts – busy selling us the same old bill of goods (“Trust us! We’ll do better! Why, just last Thursday we sat through an hour-long Powerpoint presentation on how important it is to Follow All the Rules!”) – let chubby-cheeked FBI Squirrel Kevin Clinesmith off with one charge of “not being fully candid with a fellow FBI donut-muncher,” at which point they actually allowed him to get away with telling Judge Boasberg (who’s as honest as a December day is long) that he “didn’t mean to mislead the court.”

Really? He changed an email which was going into the official court record – in a process where the intended victim isn’t told what’s going on, has NO CHANCE AT ALL to appear and plead his innocence — from saying it would be inappropriate to consider Carter Page’s contacts with Russians to be evidence he might be a Russian spy (thus authorizing the FBI to spy on anyone who talked with anyone who talked with Carter Page – meaning DONALD TRUMP) because Carter Page in fact was A CIA AGENT . . . to instead read that Carter Page’s contact with Russians WERE suspicious, because Carter Page was NOT a CIA agent.

But he “didn’t mean to mislead the court”? Yeah, and when Jeffrey Dahmer cut people’s heads off and ate them, he “didn’t mean to cause them any discomfort, or to interfere with their future dating plans.”

Here’s what I wonder. The Democrats who currently control the U.S. House of Representatives (thanks to hauling in piles of fraudulent ballots to polling places in Southern California DAYS AFTER THE POLLS CLOSED two years ago, as they now plan to do in Pennsylvania and 17 other states . . .

. . . aren’t good for much. For two years now, they’ve done virtually nothing but try to “get” President Trump – not one of their legitimate functions, as I read my Constitution.

(Why on earth would the Founders have spent so much time delegating — and limiting — the powers of the President, if they intended the House to start impeachment proceedings before the guy was even sworn into office? Was that what they intended the House to do to General Washington? To Secretary of State Jefferson? On what planet would that be a recipe for “effective governance”?)

But given how they’ve always claimed to be champions of “Civil Liberties” and all, couldn’t they do ONE USEFUL THING for us in the four months they have left? Couldn’t they repeal the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and close the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Budget: zero!), while they’re at it?

Neither of these outfits is authorized to exist in the U.S. Constitution; they’re clearly all a bunch of arrogant, scheming sons-of-bitches who mean to eliminate any freedom or privacy we have left . . . and they’re obviously not going to put EACH OTHER in jail for doing so . . . are they?

(Note that when Judge Collyer was asked for the transcripts of the court hearings held before they authorized the FBI’s “Carter Page” (Donald Trump) spy-and-wiretap warrants, she blithely replied that the secret court HELD NO HEARINGS AT ALL. Collyer, Boasberg, John Roberts et al. are there to “protect our liberties”? Not if it would interfere with their morning coffee and donuts. They don’t GIVE A DAMN.)

In documents released today (Sept. 16, 2020), by the way, Bill Barr’s Department of “Justice” acknowledges for the first time that ALL FOUR of the Carter Page FISA applications were “corrupt upon origination” – that ALL FOUR submissions “contained material omissions and violations of ‘the duty of candor’ (ie., lying) by the FBI investigative unit and the DOJ team that assembled the applications.”

( .)

But nobody’s growing a bit perturbed over all this? Not as important as putting 97,000 small businesses permanently out of business . . .

. . . or threatening to jail people for failing to wear diapers on their faces, now that NO ONE’S DYING OF COVID-19 ANY MORE? . . . all just to justify mass mail-in ballot fraud – the Democrat Party’s Last Hope?


The only real power Congress has is the power of the purse strings. This country got along just fine for 150 years without an FBI, and for TWO HUNDRED years without a “secret spy court.” We’ve known about the crap they’ve been pulling – that the MAJORITY of the secret data base searches and “unmaskings” by unnamed “contractors” were ILLEGAL – literally for YEARS, now.

They’re not going to “reform themselves.” Pull the plug!

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