FBI told legal owner of bombshell Hunter Biden laptop to ‘keep his mouth shut’

And now, Twitter is BLOCKING THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN from posting new evidence of the Biden Crime Family’s angling for millions from corrupt Ukrainians AND RED CHINESE . . . claiming Hunter’s computer was “hacked,” which it was not. (It became John Paul Mac Isaac’s property UNDER THE REPAIR CONTRACT when it was abandoned.)


Why did Chris Wray’s FBI bury this Biden Crime Family evidence, acquired in late 2019, when it clearly would have blown the sham Trump impeachment (for asking the new Ukrainian reform government to look into the Biden bribes) out of the water?

Do they now have the Hunter laptop “safely stored” at the bottom of the ocean, right beside the Anthony Weiner laptop . . . which reportedly contains thousands of “top secret” Hillary emails as well as graphic evidence of what Miss Hillary does with small children?

How long are we expected to maintain a polite silence, allowing these scum to use our tax dollars to keep all this evidence of Deep-State corruption and conspiracy buried in their vaults?

When will Donald Trump fire the 100 top ranking traitors at the FBI and DOJ, pour encourager les autres?

One Comment to “FBI told legal owner of bombshell Hunter Biden laptop to ‘keep his mouth shut’”

  1. Dave london Says:

    Not soon enough Vin but we can always pray


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