Will the American people stand for an end to free elections?

Sidney Powell to Glenn Beck: “I can’t even express how angry this makes me from whatever the involvement of our government is, to its failure to do anything now, to its promotion of it around the world or turning a blind eye — whatever it is, it’s absolutely hideous and appalling and un-American and contrary to everything our founders set this country up to be”:


Las Vegas reporter tests electronic “signature verification,” finds it has an 89 percent failure rate:

Alan Dershowitz – Trump will win his Pennsylvania case in court:

Our votes – OUR votes – were stolen in Pennsylvania:


Data scientist flags 90,000 votes in Pennsylvania – voters say they did not request absentee ballots:


Rita Cosby – Pennsylvania vote challenge likely to end up before Supreme Court:


Michigan Republican Senate candidate John James asks for two more weeks to sudit before vote certification:


Trump threatens their multi-billion-dollar mutual back-scratching:


The Left is pursuing its road map to tyranny:


Any threats of violence or intimidation from the radical Left must be “dealt with swiftly, with force”:


Watch the streets:


Georgia governor calls for audit of signatures on ballot envelopes:


Projection – Republican David Valadao defeats Democrat incumbent TJ Cox in California 21 (What was Nancy Pelosi’s margin after the “Blue Wave,” again?)

Devin Nunes: ‘Biden team is putting on a facade that they’ve won’


Trump may sign executive order to end “birthright” citizenship:

New report shows how lockdowns have harmed health care:


One Comment to “Will the American people stand for an end to free elections?”

  1. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    We have secret ballots. My understanding is that mail-in ballots have to be verified based on the signature and/or witness on the envelope or insert. The ballot does not have anything to identify the person who filled it out. If the mail-in meets passes the initial scrutiny, the anonymous ballot goes into the scanner with all the other votes.

    So, even if it is proved that X amount of mail-ins did not actually meet the requirements to be counted, how would any state go about subtracting those votes from the final totals? There is no way to know which ballot those mail-ins contained.

    Regardless of the Electoral College results, these lawsuits need to continue to show how voter fraud is committed.


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