Trump’s not done

Trump says election-fraud facts on his side, time is not:

Georgia Rep. Mo Brooks: If only legal votes are counted, Biden did NOT win the Electoral College:

Steve Bannon predicts election will go from Supreme Court (which will bar certification of rigged swing-state elections) to Congress, where Trump will win (long podcast):

Trump ain’t done – while Basement Biden gets his marching orders from Wall Street and Beijing, the President plans mighty Georgia rally on Dec. 5:

Affidavit from former U.S. military electronic intelligence analyst — Dominion software was accessed by Chinese and Iranian agents to manipulate U.S. 2020 election (but than goodness there’s “no evidence of election fraud”!):

But it wasn’t only China and Iran – bad actors in Serbia and even Obama’s old pals at ACORN had access to manipulate Dominion machine vote tallies:

Twatter now showing “unsafe link” messages to stop people from seeing Sidney Powell’s lawsuit with its huge evidence of massive vote fraud:

Georgia witness: Fake Biden ballots had a different watermark – solid gray, not transparent:

Wait – All 900 military votes in Fulton County, Georgia, went to . . . Joe Biden?

Why were hundreds of millions – often you federal TAX money – spent on new Dominion voting machines in crucial swing states in preparation for 2020 election?

President Trump goes after the heavy-handed, partisan censors of Big Tech, who aim to keep Americans blind to the truth – “For purposes of national security, Section 230 must be immediately terminated”:

The energy policies Democrats want to impose on all of us – California Edison cuts off power to 5,000 homes ON THANKSGIVING, warn they could shut down another 100,000::

GET THEM OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT YOUTH PROPAGANDA CAMPS! – Governor of Vermont, A REPUBLICAN, orders schools to interrogate children about their families’ Thanksgiving activities:

And does Sidney Powell’s election-fraud evidence apply only to Georgia? Nope – though little noticed, similarly devastating lawsuit filed in Michigan Wednesday night, as well:

Election fraudsters have a big problem: Donald Trump’s legal Dream Team:

Pennsylvania data scientist says he “personally observed” UBS cards “being uploaded to voting machines” more than 24 times, that he and a DEMOCRAT poll watcher also documented seeing 60,000 to 70,000 unopened mail-in ballots — which later inexplicably disappeared — in a locked room:

Joe Hoft, former international audit executive, lays out the MASSIVE EVIDENCE of 2020 election fraud (but it sure is a good thing there’s “no evidence of election fraud”!):

Illegal alien thug, freed by California’s illegal “sanctuary” policies, charged with double homicide (Hey, it’s all about the compassion):

Trump removes warhawks, globalists from Defense Policy Board:

Has President Trump finally had enough of these braying activists posing as “reporters”? “Don’t talk to me that way – don’t EVER talk to the President that way”:

Doug Ross Journal creates infographics of Sidney Powell Georgia lawsuit:

You want statistical evidence? Voter Integrity Project (basically a bunch of very serious math nerds) tracks questionable voters, ballots (VIDEO):

Amazon censors book that challenges the Big Pharma narrative on COVID-19 – the “plague” that now kills hardly anyone:

The Left’s playbook when they can’t win an argument on the facts (which is to say, usually) – Censor, intimidate, coerce, attack:

Charles Koch was “horrified” when his bribed-up politicians didn’t stay bought, voted against policies favored by only 19 percent of Americans, such as “lots of cheap immigrant labor”:

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