President Trump addresses nation on election fraud, explains massive evidence will be presented in court — many state-socialist ‘news’ networks cut away or refuse to broadcast

President Trump gives 46-minute national address detailing election fraud State-socialist networks cut away or refuse to cover, of course, pretending they can determine — and have a right to deprive their listeners of hearing — what they assert are “lies” from the besieged President of the United States.

I do have a question for these characters: In August of 1964, Lyndon Johnson and official spokesmen for his admnistration claimed two U.S. destroyers were attacked by North Vietnamese gunboats in the Gulf of Tonkin, off Vietnam — this attack being cited as the reason for a considerable escalation in America’s role in the Vietnamese War, eventually costing tens of thousands of American lives, in an unimaginably badly managed conflict. (Obvious first question before proceeding: What is our plan to “win,” how long will it take to “win,” and how will we know when we’ve “won”?)

A teen-ager at the time, I watched some of the TV coverage. You now cut away from any statement by Donald Trump or any official spokesmen for his administration whenever you don’t like their mentioning things you don’t want your viewers to know about (as in, mentioning the Biden family being paid off with hundreds of millions of dollars in thinly disguised bribes from Red China, as confirmed on Hunter’s laptop and by his associates, or mentioning massive 2020 Democrat election fraud for which the evidence is now overwhelming), claiming “We have no way to confirm what’s being said.”

But I don’t remember any such cutting away from or refusal to cover the Johnson administration’s claims concerning the “Gulf of Tonkin incident.” Since it’s now pretty well established this “incident” never happened as reported — that American ships or personnel, being absurdly superior, were never in any substantial danger — how on earth were your networks able to instantly “confirm” what was being said — way back in 1964 — in order to justify not “cutting away”?

Now please repeat this exercise to explain why you never cut away from Barack Obama when he made any utterances about funding “shovel-ready jobs.” How did you instantly confirm what he was saying about “shovel-ready jobs” — without which confirmation it is now revealed that your policy is to immediately “cut away,” informing your viewers that “the president is lying” — given that Mr. Obama has since publicly admitted that there are in fact “no such things as shovel-ready jobs”?

. . . or see . . . :

Trump just gave “the most important speech” of his life:

LIVESTREAM VIDEO – Georgia oversight committee holds Dec. 3 hearing on election fraud:

Comrade Garcetti cancels Christmas, orders all Los Angeles residents to remain in their homes indefinitely — citing a “pandemic” which now kills hardly anyone, and for which “lockdowns” were originally announced to “lower the peaks” of hospital admissions DURING THE LAST TWO WEEKS OF MARCH, ONLY:

Why are we being turned into a slave state? Coronavirus hysteria simply too ridiculous to continue:

Andrea Widburg: Evidence supports Sidney Powell’s claim of global election fraud:

Detroit supposed “mail-in’ ballots arrived for counting with SERIAL NUMBERS IN SEQUENTIAL ORDER!:

Col. Phil Waldron testifies to Michigan lawmakers on the truckloads of late Biden ballots:

I find Georgia attorney Lin Wood’s revival-style preaching a bit over the top, myself — though surely SOMEONE needs to get the stunned “MAGA” victims of the blatant Nov. 3-4 election theft up and moving, . . . and I understand his approach is in the “born-again” Southern Christian tradition.

But the reaction of Brietbart news to this week’s Lin Wood-Sidney Powell rally in Georgia has verged on the weird.

Wood, wearing a red Trump “MAGA” hat, called on the Georgia Trump faithful to refuse to vote on rigged Dominion voting machines in the dual Jan. 5 U.S. Senate runoffs, there — to demand paper ballots, instead.

(This makes some sense. In fact, given that the “Smartmatic” programs used to manipulate votes on these machines were developed in Communist Venezuela for the express purpose of stealing elections, I don’t know why the president hasn’t ordered all Dominion machines and assets seized as a national security measure already — except that the Democrat-Socialist Ladies Auxiliary still quaintly referred to in some quarters as our “Mainstream Media” would immediately call him “Hitler” . . . again. Though of course if paper ballots are fed into programmable “optical scanners” — especially scanners LINKED TO THE INTERNET — the problem of “fractional” vote manipulation by foreign actors in Barcelona, Frankfurt, and who knows where else hasn’t really been solved.)

Yet Breitbart immediately went on a jihad against Lin Wood, mentioning that he has donated to Democrat candidates and has voted in Democrat primaries (which he acknowledged at this same rally) interpreting his call for a boycott OF THE OBVIOUSLY RIG-ABLE DOMINION MACHINES as an anti-Trump call to let the Democrats seize the Senate majority by boycotting the Jan. 5 U.S. Senate runoffs, entirely.

Again, I found Lin Wood to be a bit over the top — his calls for Sidney Powell and others there to be elected to high public office seemed to embarass them somewhat, and at one point someone onstage approached him and obviously told to wind it up. But the divisive Breitbart attack seemed over the top and almost pre-planned . . . :

People are seething about the stolen election, lack of FBI or DOJ investigation:

Wisconsin postal subcontractor Ethan Pease on 100,000 backdated ballots: “I couldn’t go to my grave knowing what I knew”:

Probe of Arizona 100-ballot sample finds 3 percent of Biden ballots fraudulent, justifies wider investigation:

Listen to CNN execs order their underlings to bury Hunter Biden laptop revelations from the New York Post:

Georgia Congressman Loudermilk — IT technician “effectively wiped” election data from servers in Fulton County:

Georgia voter group identifies 50,000 illegal votes – voted in county where they no longer live:

Lou Dobbs on Attorney General Bill Barr denying any substantial election fraud – “He’s either a liar or a fool”:

Has Barr stabbed the President in the back?

Gen. Mike Flynn to hold first TV interview since his pardon Thursday with Lou Dobbs of Fox Business:

Georgia Senate committees to hold back-to-back hearings on election fraud Dec. 3:

Georgia election officials reportedly filmed destroying evidence:

Gwinnett County confirms Dominion employee took data from election management system and filtered it to laptop:

Report: Georgia Gov. Kemp believes protecting Dominion’s Venezuelan Communist “trade secrets” is more important than rooting out fraud:

Federal Judge Batten postpones hearing in Sidney Powell’s Georgia election fraud case, citing plaintiffs’ notice of appeal to a higher court:

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks vows to challenge certification of Electoral votes:

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Seems a yank of their FCC licenses and a power cutoff to broadcast antenna’s might be in order.