Sebastian Gorka — How Trump wins:

Dr. Sebastian Gorka – How Trump wins:

In Georgia, real-time video of the biggest election theft in American history starts to change everything:

No vote fraud? Georgia election workers caught on video pulling suitcases full of ballots out from under tables to process them after State Farm center had been “closed” due to a “burst pipe” (which never happened), and after all Republican observers had been sent home:

. . . or see . . . :

Crooked operative pulling out & “processing” suitcases full of ballots in Georgia IS IDENTIFIED. (Bill Barr says “no evidence,” presumably waiting for someone to bring him signed confession):

New video shows crooked Georgia vote counter Ruby Freeman dealing with piles of ballots, working alone WITH NO GOP OBSERVERS IN SIGHT (but it sure is too bad there’s “no evidence,” eh, Bill Barr?):

Crooked Georgia supervisor filmed pulling out suitcases of ballots after GOP observers were sent home due to fake “water main break:” is identified — IT’S RUBY FREEMAN’S DAUGHTER:

Trump team has Dominion voting machine from small Georgia county – shows votes switched from Trump to Biden (but “WHERE’S THE EVIDENCE?”, right?):

Batch of 23,000 Georgia ballots – 98 percent for Biden – shown to be fraudulent, more than enough to reverse Biden’s supposed 10,000-vote lead:

Kenneth Timmerman, who was co-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 with Ambassador John Bolton for his work on Iran, tells Attorney General Bill Barr re. widespread SWORN TESTIMONY of election fraud: “Do your job!”:

Walter Williams, 1936-2020:

Gee whiz, we thought Georgia was “all settled”: Georgia Gov. Kemp orders compromised Secretary of State Raffensberger (who admits “some ballots were counted illegally” only now that he’s been SHOWN PICTURES) to conduct SIGNATURE AUDIT of Georgia ballots:

How Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger “got played”:

Read explosive report on Dominion Voting systems given to state legislators by Trump team:

No, the Democrat election heist is not “too big to fail.” The Supreme Court lies in wait:

What’s going on with the Dominion server seized in Germany?

Nevada voting machine USB drives had vote totals changed overnight, witness testifies:

Nevada judge DOES NOT RULE on Nevada vote fraud case – USPS is blocking Postal Service witnesses from testifying concerning wide-scale orders for workers to deliver ballots to nearly 8,000 “undeliverable” addresses – which ballots were later “collected, turned in, and presumably counted”:

In Nevada, Trump supporters have real evidence and are about to get their day in court:

Trump lawyers: 1,500 dead people cast ballots in Nevada, 40,000 voted twice. (But it sure is a good thing there’s “no evidence iof election fraud,” eh?):

Nevada judge hears evidence of election fraud:

Michigan lawsuit seeks urgent election audit:

Michigan Secretary of State trying to delete election data amidst calls for audits:

Trump files election lawsuit in Wisconsin:

Sidney Powell seeks seizure, forensic audit of ARIZONA voting machines, as well:

Lou Dobbs interviews Michael Flynn:

Trump and John Ratcliffe continue to tighten the screws on “Rules? What rules?” Red Chinese crooks:

TGP’s Joe Hoft discusses statistically impossible vote patterns in 2020 election with former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens:

VIDEO: Full six-hour Georgia Oversight hearing on election fraud, with witnesses and jaw-dropping video evidence:

Trump calls Lin Wood, Sidney Powell re. Georgia runoff elections:

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