Obama-appointed affirmative-action judges keep complaining Sidney Powell — whose lawsuits are backed by hundreds of sworn affidavits — lacks enough evidence of vote fraud. So when is one going to grant her DISCOVERY, so she can seize & examine a Dominion voting machine?

Obama judge calls Sidney Powell’s Michigan vote fraud lawsuit “an amalgamation of theories, conjecture, and speculation.” Apparently civil attorneys need signed confessions? How many? And how are they supposed to get them, since the courts grant them no SUBPOENA power, no power of ARREST, SEARCH, or DISCOVERY? Are the courts no longer interested in discovering the TRUTH?:

Justice Alito moves up deadline for Supreme Court briefing in Pennsylvania lawsuit challenging unconstitutional “mail-in voting” changes, to meet “safe harbor” requirement:


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Third suspect in Georgia ballot-stuffing Suitcase Scandal is Ralph Jones, Sr. – same man who lied about “water main break” as excuse to remove GOP witnesses from scene of massive Atlanta vote fraud:

Atlanta ballot fraud boss Ralph Jones Sr. is the father of Ralph Jones Jr. – official spokesman for Georgia Democrat/collectivist Senate runoff candidate Raphael Warnock:

“I won’t be able to be interviewed – I need an attorney” – Georgia’s wholesale ballot fraudster Ruby Freeman, caught red-handed on video, cancels interview and lawyers up. (But there’s “no evidence of vote fraud, none at all,” you understand):

Garland Favorito, co-founder of VoteGA, was ready to testify that vote-switching from Trump to Biden could ONLY be caused by an algorithm in the Dominion machine his group EXAMINED. So Georgia Senate leader decided not to let him testify – even as Georgia state officials ordered the certification of the electronically manipulated DOMINION MACHINE results, rather than differing hand-recount results:

On Nov. 5, federal agents raided a home in Fountain Hills, Maricopa County, Arizona, confiscated eight hard drives, three computers, and a bag of USB sticks related to ongoing vote fraud. So, who has them? After a month, why haven’t any charges been filed? Going to wait six or seven years for the statute of limitations to toll, as with Never-Trump conspirators Sally Yates, Rod Rodentstein, Comey, Strzok, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper? Is the FBI INVESTIGATING the fraud, or covering it up?

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Overworked Rudy Giuliani hospitalized after positive COVID test, but “doing fine”:

Donald Trump went down to Georgia:


Do you think the Sports Book would pay off on your bet if you claimed your team won a football game that was played for an extra couple of hours till your team finally went ahead on the scoreboard — only no one was allowed in the stadium so there are no witnesses? Or do you think maybe if you tried that you’d get your legs broken?

Sidney Powell updates Mike Huckabee on election fraud lawsuits:

Rudy Giuliani updates Maria Bartiromo on several Trump election fraud lawsuits:

Trump team begins forensic investigation of Michigan’s Smartmatic voting machines:


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Voting machines only supposedly “secure” if not connected to the Internet. So why are CHINESE-MADE PHONE MODEMS ATTACHED TO DOMINION VOTE-MANIPULATION MACHINES?

Amistad Project argues Electoral College “interim deadlines” are not Constitutional, and not “set in stone”:


Georgia county “can’t find chain-of-custody records for absentee ballots.” (The flying monkeys took them, apparently):

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Red Chinese state media brags their paid agent Joe Biden will stop U.S. allies from confronting Beijing:


Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs demands Bill Barr release findings of DOJ-FBI election-fraud probes (if any) to date:


Deep State propaganda organs NY Slimes, Washington Compost report Trump may generously give ineffective Deep-State windbag AG Bill Barr the option of “resigning to spend more time with his family” on or about Dec. 18 – since otherwise he’s real likely to be fired by Jan. 1 and replaced with someone who’s willing to, you know, actually prosecute criminals and traitors:

Data expert Edward Solomon identifies 200,000 votes hijacked from Trump to Biden in Georgia at the precinct level:

Trump expert witness says Georgia accepted up to 40,000 fraudulent votes, explains how to get rid of them:

EXCLUSIVE: Expert Trump Witness Says Georgia Has Up To 40,000 Fraudulent Votes, Explains How To Remove Them

Michigan GOP election observer was kicked out when he started to record vote fraud:

Michigan witness: “They didn’t disqualify a single ballot”:

Oh, great — Voting rights group informs DOJ of link between Pakistan, Nevada Elections email system:


One Comment to “Obama-appointed affirmative-action judges keep complaining Sidney Powell — whose lawsuits are backed by hundreds of sworn affidavits — lacks enough evidence of vote fraud. So when is one going to grant her DISCOVERY, so she can seize & examine a Dominion voting machine?”

  1. Brett Middleton Says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the vote switching found in Ware County, GA is very close to the vote weighting deduced by Dr. Shiva in his analysis of AZ vote reporting curves? As a scientist I tend to think quite highly of research where actual data matches mathematical predictions derived from similar data. It’s a sign that the research is on the right track and the model has some validity, though the Ware Co. dataset is pretty small. (This is much like the way we validate the predictive power of statistical models in my line of work. I guess the people who came up with the bogus convid death models skipped that part of their training.) Lord knows what a judge lacking any STEM training would make of this, though.