In Texas lawsuit against improper election law changes, U.S. Supreme Court is the court of first impression

Texas sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, challenging their election procedures – case goes directly to the U.S. Supreme Court:

Texas SCOTUS case highlights non-legislative election rule changes in battleground states:

Donald Trump: “The case has been made. You’ll see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days”:

Links for live coverage of Election Fraud Truth Summit, 4 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 8:

Rep. Daniel McCarthy announces Arizona legislators invoked Article 2, Section 1, meaning Arizona’s is now an officially a contested election:

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis is confident legislators in at least one battleground state will appoint electors for the actual winner, there — President Donald Trump:

State Legislatures appointing Trump Electoral slates not only fully Constitutional and good for the Republic – it’s also good politics:

Despite news blackout, 47 percent of Americans realize election was stolen:

OAN video – Of course the election was stolen, says former Army Intelligence officer Dan Ball:

Hostile foreign ties behind Dominion, Smartmatic voting machines:

Was President Trump really “caught off guard” by Communist adversaries scheming to steal a U.S. election with voting machines and software originally designed to help Communist Hugo Chavez steal his own “elections” in Venezuela?

Retired Naval Intelligence officer J.E. Dyer writes:

“I . . . can’t help noticing that no matter how disappointing Barr and Durham at Justice look to Trump’s well-wishers in the public, Trump keeps them on.  Two weeks before the election, Barr appointed Durham a special counsel – which, while Trump remains in office, mainly empowers Durham to file his own indictments in federal court, without referring them to a U.S. attorney staff.

“Then, this week, Barr disclosed that he had made the Durham appointment. A friend asked if I thought that was a signal to potential cooperators to get their bids in. It may well be. If it is, that means time is short.

“On Wednesday, 2 December, Trump made “the most important speech I’ve ever given,” outlining instance after instance of probable fraud, and undoubted vote discrepancies that ought to put the election in question.  The speech was the statesman’s case for his main effort, the one focused on honest government, rescuing the Republic, and securing America’s future.

“But when I listened with my ears, I noticed that Trump barely mentioned the probable source of the most deeply embedded and pervasive vote manipulation in at least four of the battleground states.  He made almost no reference to Dominion and Smartmatic.

I don’t think that’s because their effect is minimal or too hard to establish.  It’s certainly not because there is no reason to be concerned about their potential connection to foreign influence. . . .” (Read more at: . . .)

Chinese spy raised money for smarmy Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell, placed “intern” in his office . . .

. . . and he was sleeping with her. (Eric, that thing in your pants? It’s not your brain):

Chinese delete video of professor bragging the Communist Chinese now have “people at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence”:

Jenna Ellis: “Safe Harbor” deadline has no practical effect on Trump lawsuits in battleground states:

Sidney Powell to Greg Kelly – “We’re going to proceed with an emergency appeal, we expect to get relief from the Supreme Court”:

. . . or see . . . :

Update on IT inspection of Michigan’s Antrim County Dominion vote-manipulation machines:

Michigan Rep. Matt Hall “Hopes he won’t have to” subpoena Dominion CEO for election fraud hearing:

Carl Jackson went to Trump’s well-organized, exhilarating Valdosta, Georgia rally. A lot of Trump’s “white supremacist” supporters must have been in disguise – because they sure looked like Latinos, Asians, black folk, and Rastafarians:

Epoch Times editorial: Americans must speak up on election fraud:

Inauguration committee properly declines to identify Joe Biden as a “president-elect”:

Now with audio: Georgia Election Fraud supervisor George Jones, Sr. — evidently realizing Democrats hadn’t set their machines to cheat ENOUGH, and thus would have to go to “Plan B,” the suitcases full of fake ballots — announces on Nov. 3 that counting would stop at 11 p.m. (No, Republican witnesses did not all just happen to leave at the same time because it was “past their bedtime”):

“USB guy” was filmed cheering after inspecting ballots hidden under the tables in Atlanta on election night:

It was Supervisor Shaye Moss – Ruby Freeman’s daughter – who “yelled out” for Georgia election observers to go home, and who then pulled the suitcases full of ballots out from under the tables after they were expelled:

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward slams “cowards” who are not living up to their Constitutional duties:

Ted Cruz offers to argue Pennsylvania election case in Supreme Court:

Rudy Giuliani feeling fine, has no fever (hardly a surprise, since COVID deaths have been absurdly overcounted all year, and are now virtually nonexistent among otherwise healthy Americans):

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