Comrade, do not worry! What the peasants are not allowed to see, cannot hurt us!

THE PEASANTS DO NOT NEED NO KNOW – Doodle, ScrewTube announce they will now purge any and all videos reporting or documenting 2020 election fraud:

. . . or see . . . :

“Biden is the president elect.” “It’s all over, Biden is the “president-elect.” “It’s all over, Biden is the “president-elect” . . .

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly — it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. . . . A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.” — Joseph Goebbels:

Like Nazis who knew they had to strop the Allies on the beaches in ‘44, the “Election Fraud Deny-ers” knew they had a week or two to convince Americans “There were a few anomalies. This happens all the time. The election is over and Biden won. No widespread fraud or corruption. Time to move along.” They failed. It turned out THERE WAS VIDEO.

Now, there will be books and movies about The Biggest Crime in American History. On Christmas night of ‘76, in the ice and snow, Washington crossed the Delaware. Then, in ‘81, came the miracle of Yorktown – “The World Turned Upside Down.” Then Gettysburg. Pearl Harbor. Then the Stolen Election of 2020:


Wow. I wonder if that would justify, like, an anti-Trust suit, or anything?

. . . or see . . . :

Anatomy of a stolen election – the fraud cannot stand:

Seven states will join Texas in lawsuit against battleground states that violated U.S. Constitution when officials OTHER THAN THEIR STATE LEGISLATURES changed their election laws to facilitate Democrat vote fraud:

The Texas lawsuit is huge:

Do you think the Democrats might now regret threatening to “pack the Supreme Court”?

Levin calls on Supreme Court to intervene in election fraud:

Tucker Carlson – Swalwell still on House Intelligence Committee despite having shacked up with, accepted loot from, Chinese spy:

Eric Swalwell didn’t just taste of the Chinese honey pot; he waded in up to his waist. And his “Trump did it” defense is a hilarious bunch of crap:

Statistician in Texas lawsuit says the probability of Basement Joe Biden winning an honest election was “one in a quadrillion.” (How many zeros is that?):

Jordan Sekulow calls Texas lawsuit the “end all, be all” case – even though it appears to omit the programming of the Dominion/Smartmatic machines to steal the election:

Democrat brief in Pennsylvania election fraud case appears to have been written by morons – high court shouldn’t take a case because it would have to make a big, important decision that could affect the nation? They think Clarence Thomas has forgotten Brown vs. Board of Education?


USPS whistleblower who hauled hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots across state lines says when Deep-state FBI agents questioned him they didn’t appear interested in the illegal ballots – instead wanted to know how he got on TV:

. . . or see . . . :

Amistad Project director says 280,000 ballots “disappeared” after being hauled from New York to Pennsylvania for use in massive Democrat election fraud:

Senate committees issue new report on alarming financial ties between Biden family, Red Chinese mass murderers (But don’t look for any reporting about this on ScrewTube, Facecrook, Doodle, or Twatter):

Colorado Congressman Ken Buck calls on AG Bill Barr to appoint special prosecutor to probe the hundreds of millions in Communist bribes flowing to the Biden family through Hunter Biden. (See above):

“Make them pay” – bald Michigan Democrat bitch wants to call out “soldiers” to take care of Trump supporters:

Michigan bitch who threatened Trump supporters stripped of her committee assignments, faces further disciplinary action:

This isn’t exactly the crack team from “Mission Impossible.” 3 a.m. backdoor van full of fake ballots HAD THE CITY CLERK’S NAME ON IT

Michigan van that showed up at 3:30 a.m. with 50,000 illegal ballots “had (Detroit City Clerk) Janet Winfrey’s name on it”:

DACA illegal alien charged with murder, child rape in Colorado. (But I thoiught they “just wanted to earn a living”!):

In New York’s 22nd District — betyween Syracuse and UItica — Republican challenger Claudia Tenney has defeated Democrat Congressman Anthony Brindisi . . . every time they count. So, of course, Democrats will keep ordering more recounts until they can figure out how to “come out ahead” JUST ONCE, at which point they’ll declare it’s all over. Then, should THAT fail, Nancy Pelosi will refuse to let her be seated in Washington. Ain’t “free and fair elections” great?

Georgia Senate candidate Rafael Warnock is a Marxist. Will rigged Dominion voting machines “elect” him anyway?:

“Evidence? We don’t need to see no evidence” – Predictably, corrupt Nevada Supreme Court (look up “Guinn v. Legislature”) throws out Trump vote fraud lawsuit without hearing a single witness:

Georgia state Senate challenges Raffensperger’s shady deal with Democrats on ballot signatures (or lack thereof):

Sean Parnell attorney – too much emphasis put on interim deadlines. “Yes, if you want to prevent Biden from taking office certainly I would say by January 6th hopefully you’d have some kind of relief from a court in order to prevent Biden from being being declared a winner of the presidential election. I think once you get past that date you’re looking at a Biden inauguration. But it is the case that even after people take office in an election if they prove fraud down the road, even years into someone’s term, they can invalidate an election after the fact or order special elections to replace a person who was fraudulently elected”:

Michael Flynn – many in FBI, DOJ, “intelligence community” are anti-American, do not want America to thrive under Trump:

Dominion took over remote control of Georgia vote-manipulating machines ON ELECTION NIGHT:

Sniveling GOP lawmakers mock Detroit vote-fraud whistleblower Melissa Carone, who had to move, change her phone number, and can’t find a job as a result of coming forward:

Democrat thugs still not allowing GOP witnesses to witness vote recount – make up new “COVID” rules, call police:

Read Trump’s massive Georgia lawsuit – charges 66,247 underage voters, among other things:

Coffee County, Georgia officials say they can’t certify their election results – can’t “duplicate results” on rigged voting machines (What a shock):

. . . or see . . . :

Four volunteers who took Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine developed Bell’s Palsy – FDA denies the temporary facial paralysis caused by the shot (of course):

UK issues government warning after two suffer “adverse reaction” during first day of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine:

Rudy Giuliani expects to leave hospital today (Wednesday.) Meantime, Jenna Ellis has now also tested positive for COVID-19, which is now killing virtually no one. (It’s called “herd immunity”):

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