Supreme Court (other than heroes Thomas & Alito) can’t see how anyone in Texas was sufficiently harmed by THE BIGGEST ELECTION THEFT IN AMERICAN HISTORY – by COMMUNISTS, who seek to take away our guns, cripple energy production to leave us freezing in the dark, & PACK THE SUPREME COURT – to find that any state has ‘standing’ to sue

So, if we’re faced with the biggest organized fraud in American history – the theft of a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION which Donald Trump probably won by 10 million votes (and the likely theft of a fair number of down-ticket races, too: look closely at Martha McSally’s in Arizona and John James’ in Michigan) – but no one has “standing,” and you can’t file before the election because you can’t yet show any harm, but if you wait to file after the election you’re too late – we like our cases to take at least 18 months to “percolate” and you obviously threw this thing together in a rush and you can’t expect us to actually read all these damned affidavits from NON-LAWYERS and listen to a bunch of statisticians who give us a headache with all their numbers which they say will prove this result was statistically and logistically impossible without electronic vote manipulation (which, OK, is what the Communists DESIGNED the Dominion/Smartmatic system to do) – and besides you don’t have enough proof and we won’t grant you the “discovery” you need to use “compulsory process” to go seize voting machines & perform forensic audits to get the proof . . . what good are the damned courts?

The courts that were supposed to give us a last peaceful alternative short of, you know, just shooting the bastards?

Supreme Court showed “zero interest” in hearing evidence of fraud:

Someone finally dares to say it — the Supreme Court is AFRAID of the violent, revolutionary Democrats:


Sidney Powell asks Supreme Court to de-certify crooked election results in Michigan, Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin:

Traitors at Justice Department have been probing Biden Crime Family crimes for years, but never mentioned it – didn’t want to interfere with Biden’s election:

Bill Barr “should have stepped up”:

FBI, which has been working against Trump for four years, is by definition treacherous and disloyal, now serves as the “KGB for the Democrats”:

New video patiently shows how tens of thousands of votes were SWITCHED from Trump to Biden ON LIVE TELEVISION:


“We have serious, serious evidence of foreign influence with Dominion voting machines.”

So why haven’t they all been seized & destroyed, along with all the firm’s assets? If they’re not there to defend us from foreign saboteurs, why do we have an FBI, a Department of “Justice,” a U.S Marshalls Service, and an Army?

In Michigan – covering up the evidence that the Dominion voting machines are rigged:

. . . or see . . . :

Dominion machines have the ability to CREATE BALLOTS:

IT expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, inventor of the QR Code, explains how easy it would be to prove there was massive fraud in this election . . . if anyone had “standing” to get into court, of course:

Democrat SturmAbteilung “Antifa” cowards stab Trump supporters – but watch, when decent Americans finally get fed up and start shooting down these street scum like rabid dogs, it’ll “all be Trump’s fault”:

. . . or see . . . :

OK, most demented leftists insist Trump – who has done far more for the well-being of black Americans than Barack Obama ever did – is a “racist,” and “You just want to overturn our carefully planned election fraud to keep your king in power.” But are “impartial justices” of the Wisconsin Supreme Court actually supposed to say that out loud?

. . . or see . . . :

Resistance to the COVID fraud finally rising:

. . . and also see . . . :

. . . or . . . :

5 Comments to “Supreme Court (other than heroes Thomas & Alito) can’t see how anyone in Texas was sufficiently harmed by THE BIGGEST ELECTION THEFT IN AMERICAN HISTORY – by COMMUNISTS, who seek to take away our guns, cripple energy production to leave us freezing in the dark, & PACK THE SUPREME COURT – to find that any state has ‘standing’ to sue”

  1. R. Hartman Says:

    “…a republic…, if you can keep it.”

    Well, I guess this answers that.

    What did Madison say about democracies again?

  2. Henry Says:

    “the likely theft of a fair number of down-ticket races, too: look closely at Martha McSally’s in Arizona”

    Not even worth pursuing. Do-Nothing McSally was the product of the McCain wing of the Arizona GOP. She thought her job as a US Senator was to attend to the federal equivalent of potholes.

    She lost her first election to a “Prada socialist,” was appointed to the dead man’s seat as a consolation prize, then lost her second election to the second-biggest gun-grabber in America.

    She might even have carried the election off if she had run ads telling Arizonans that “Kelly is going to take your guns and I’m not,” but she treated Republican gun owners like distasteful, embarrassing relatives instead of supporters, same as McCain always did.

    Nope, you couldn’t find a loser who could quench the fire in the bellies of Arizona conservatives and libertarians like McSally did, if you deigned one from scratch.

  3. Vin Says:

    Hi, Henry — I’ve never liked McSally, either — nor understood why that appointment didn’t go to Kelli Ward. Check McSally’s comments from earlye 2017 on Trump’s border wall: she hemmed and hawed, said we didn’t need “a 2,000-mile continuous wall, no,” that some fences might be OK, on a case-by-case basis.

    Would you protect a toddler from drowning by putting a PARTIAL fence around a swimming pool? Should nuclear facililites and ammo dumps be protected with PARTIAL fences? (And yes, I’ve written to Martha McSally on this topic — though I suspect I know where THAT message went.)

    Beyond that, she’s from a BORDER STATE — swarming with illegals!

    In 2016, 2018, and 2020, my own Nevada congressional district — polluted with too many Las Vegas Democrats but also embracing plenty of conservative Nye County to the north and west — has been saddled with RINO congressional candidates who refused to embrace Trump or his issues, whose Web sites declined to even MENTION Donald Trump, instead settling for 1980s-vintage rhetoric about balanced budgets and allowing prayer in the government schools, which are all well and good (though the solution to the government youth propaganda camps is to get kids OUT of them, not let their union schoolmarm lead a daily group prayer to the Goddess Gaia.)

    But as you say, 1) these are not front-burner issues that are likely to generate much excitement in the Trump era, and 2) these are long-stale promises on which voters KNOW, after 40-some years, Republicans are NEVER GOING TO DELIVER, unlike the promsies on which Trump HAS delivered (even the ones Barry Hussein said couldn’t be accomplisahed without “a magic wand.”)

    Within my limited means, I gave money to all these characters (including McSally), sent them detailed emails pleading with them to get on board the Trump train. I never got so much as a robot form-letter thank-you (unlike actual patriots like Devin Nunes and John James, who sent me thank-you LETTERS and family photos, in answer to much smaller, drop-in-the-bucket co0ntributions) — let alone any substantive response to my pleas to TEAM UP WITH DONALD TRUMP AND EMBRACE HIS PLATFORM.

    So I understand your point. I too am pretty damned tired of holding my nose and trying to help “Republicans” who (like scorpions hitching a ride atop the frog) then promptly stab Donald Trump in the back. I just believe — with Sidney Powell — that the Dominion/Smartmatic Vote Manipulation Machines gave every Arizona Democrat a 35,000-vote head start — that the Big Bald Gun-Grabber did not actually win a U.S. Senate seat from Arizona.

    And that if neither the U.S. Supreme Court nor the REPUBLICAN state Legislatures of four or five specific states will now gather the courage to blow the whistle on this crap, the Bolsheviki will now be counting our votes — “Oh, what a surprise! We win again!” until America expels the blue states by force, until we’re annexed by Red China, or until someone nukes Washington City . . . for the second time.

    — V.S.

  4. Brett Middleton Says:

    As a scientist and statistician, I know that statistics not only allows for coincidence, it DEMANDS it. If improbable, even very improbable, events never occurred, then statistics as we know them do not describe reality. However, when such an event DOES occur, it MUST be scrutinized closely because there are more ways that bias can be responsible for the event than ways in which it can occur otherwise. If the result is unbiased, it may be a great discovery. A biased result is an experimental or analytical error.

    It is, for example, highly improbable that 10,000 coin flips in a row will produce 10,000 heads, but statistics tells us that it can and must occur at some point even if it takes a gazillion years. If it does happen, though, one had better check the coin to see if it is weighted before accepting the result. This is especially true if the coin flipper tells you in advance to expect that result. (“Red mirage” anyone?)

    As for the cowards of SCOTUS, do they really not know what they’re playing with? I would argue that the current situation is vastly more explosive than the lead up to the Civil War. Back in 1860 we were still essentially one people, with some serious inter-regional political differences but philosophically unified (except on the question of slavery) and sharing the same notion of reality. Now, however, the divide is almost entirely philosophical, with wildly divergent perceptions of reality that seem irreconcilable. Each side sees the other as essentially psychotic. But when all those who accepted the duty to mediate such disagreements stick their heads in the sand, it makes the situation worse by taking discussion off the table. And they think this will somehow save them? Unbelievable.

  5. Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger Says:

    The Antrim forensic report is out.

    You’ll especially like the part where someone tried to zero out the machine.