Courts apparently intend to slow-walk election-fraud cases and their evidence till coronation of bribed-up Red Chinese agent Joe Biden is a fait accompli

Supreme Court rejects two of Sidney Powell’s Dominion election-fraud lawsuits (meaning even if she wins the remaining two, bribed-up Red Chinese agent Joe Biden could still have enough fraud-enhanced Electoral College votes to be sworn in) — then allows remaining defendant states FOUR WEEKS to respond, meaning by the time justices can hear arguments and rule (after Jan. 14), the illicit Jan. 20 coronation of senile Joe Biden, cackling witch Kamala Harris, President-In-Fact Valerie Jarrett, et al., will probably be accomplished, and the publicly threatened hunting down and destruction of Trump supporters well underway, allowing the court to dismiss all remaining questions as “moot”:

Now, admittedly, the three justices appointed by Trump do not owe it to him, out of personal loyalty, to hold for him and his supporters if he is/they are WRONG on the facts, the law, or the Constitution. But to not even give the damaged plaintiffs – the VICTIMS of the fraud (including the vast majority of the American people) the chance to PRESENT THE EVIDENCE OF FRAUD before Jan. 14 – whereas the Congress is likely to OK the fraudulent Electoral College vote on Jan. 6 – means the Supreme Court (probably excepting heroic justices Thomas and Alito) have just stabbed Donald Trump (AND US) in the back, condemning us to an indefinite future of Democrat fraudulent-count “victories,” no matter HOW the people actually vote . . . assuming we continue to bother with the now-laughable ritual of “voting,” at all.

Why? Reportedly because they’re afraid if they hear the election-fraud cases, paid Democrat agents provocateurs “might riot.” So they prefer to sell us out to a bribed political class and corporate media elite – open our borders to millions of illegals, shut down our energy industry, cripple us with vastly more taxes and regulations, condemn us to permanently fraudulent elections, sell us out to Communist China – as long as it can all be done WITHOUT ANY DISTURBANCES?:

Hear Texas Congressman Matt Patrick, reporting Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts IS AFRAID:

. . . or see . . . :

RINO Mitch McConnell – who’s NEVER been loyal to Donald Trump (which is to say, to the patriotic hopes and aspirations of the majority of American who celebrate the president’s successes) – now warns GOP Senators not to object to the fraudulent Electoral College vote when it comes up for approval on Jan. 6 (presumably because he doesn’t want the American public to have its eyes opened, to see how many GOP Senators would vote to SWEAR IN JOE BIDEN.) The cowardly REPUBLICAN battleground-state Legislatures have balked at the chance to declare fraud and appoint Trump Electors (as they clearly had the power to do, under the Constitution.)

Once we add to this the Supreme Court now stabbing President Trump and the freedom-loving American majority in the back, with governors and secretaries of state of BOTH PARTIES having sold out (quite literally) to Dominion and its creators and backers, the Venezuelan and Red Chinese Communists, while Bush tool Bill Barr if finally fired for refusing to probe or prosecute massive, systematic election fraud — AND the traitors at the FBI and CIA having remained part of the Deep State “Never-Trump” resistance for all four years of his first term — what options does President Trump have left, other than to abandon the American people to endless Democrat computer and mass-produced mail-in ballot fraud — backed by HOSTILE FOREIGN POWERS — Time Without End?

(And make no mistake, at 74 the billionaire certainly has every RIGHT to retire to the golf course and a few years of peace with his grandchildren. You think he hasn’t fought hard ENOUGH for the American people? If not the courts, not the Congress, not the state Legislatures, and CERTAINLY not the so-called “objective news media” will come to his aid and defense, you think it’s not TEMPTING to throw up his hands and say, “OK, if starvation and Communist tyranny are really what you PREFER for your offspring . . .” ?)


Pentagon halts Biden defense briefings – says it’s only a “holiday pause”:

Trump was to meet with Defense Secretary Chris Miller in the Oval Office Friday afternoon:

DNI Ratcliffe refuses to sign off on Election Fraud report until Deep–State, Never-Trump Intel officials (who should really resign to spend Christmas with their families, don’’t you think?) agree to include damning info on Red China’s schemes, actions to rig 2020 election:

Nurse passes out on live TV after injection of Coronavirus vaccine:

In Grand County, Colorado, 40 percent of “COVID deaths” turns out to actually be gunshot victims:

Michigan Secretary of-State official caught of video telling volunteers to count “multiple ballots with the exact same signatures” during supposed “audit” of Antrim County ballot signatures:

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors refuses to comply with subpoenas to turn over Dominion voting machines for audit:

Georgia state Supreme Court slow-walks Trump’s election-fraud lawsuit – has yet to even assign a judge:


And now the Mainstream Media is covering up the fact that . . . smarmy Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell was humping a known Red Chinese spy:

. . . and Deep State FBI is covering for him, too . . .:

China expert Gordon Chang says Smarmy Eric Swalwell was pushing Chinese propaganda by shouting “Russia Russia Russia”:

Sen.-elect Tuberville could also back Electoral vote challenge:

. . . or see . . . :

U.S. hit with a “Cyber Pearl Harbor”:

Former Kemp staffer helped Dominion land $107 million contract to sell their vote-manipulation machines to Georgia:

Georgia will supposedly conduct “statewide signature match review” of absentee ballots. (Including the thousands that were pulled out of suitcases and run through the Atlanta machines over and over again in the wee hours of Nov. 4, after all the observers were sent home due to that fake “water main break”? You really think those are still LYING AROUND? How do you “match the signature” on a shredded ballot . . when the signature was on the ENVELOPE, in the first place?)

Rep. Mo Brooks, 18 colleagues, request election-fraud hearings before Jan. 6:

Even under Trump, ATF trying to turn more firearms owners into criminals with typically ill-defined, undisclosed rules concerning “arm braces.” (“arm braces”? Deadly full-automatic assault “arm braces”?):

3 Comments to “Courts apparently intend to slow-walk election-fraud cases and their evidence till coronation of bribed-up Red Chinese agent Joe Biden is a fait accompli”

  1. Leslie Fish Says:

    …And of course the major media will smother the story, hoping our memories will fade. Well, I predict that a *lot* of resentful citizens and lesser officials will make certain that Biden/Harris get the same treatment that the Democrats gave Trump, in spades. Be sure than only the secondary news media will cover the stories, but the news will get out. Soldier on, citizens.

  2. Brett Middleton Says:

    Something I’ve been trying to figure out: if an absentee ballot envelope fails to pass the signature verification, what is the remedy? If there is no way to match a ballot to the envelope in which it came, then you can’t simply discard that ballot. (If there IS a way to match a ballot back to its envelope, then ballot secrecy is a fiction, which would be an outrage in itself even if you would be able to discard the ballot.) So the best they can do is count the number of verification failures, meaning they know the number of ballots that should not have been counted but do not know for whom those ballots were cast. They could have all been Trump votes for all anyone knows, which would change the margin but not the end result.

    So what does the number of failures signify? Is there some numerical cutoff beyond which the certification must be revoked? If so, how was that number determined? If not, then in what way can this count affect the election?

  3. Henry Says:

    “Reportedly because they’re afraid if they hear the election-fraud cases, paid Democrat agents provocateurs “might riot.”

    Wait until they see how patriots riot.