Bolshevik scams exposed — starting with the COVID fraud

Rand Paul exposes COVID scam – masks “are all about submission”:

Robert Kennedy Jr – they’re lying about COVID to get control of every detail of our lives:

More people dying of drug overdoses than of COVID – even assuming we can believe any of these overblown “COVID death” claims, which include deaths by gunshot, deaths in motorcycle accidents, and the deaths of people struck by lightning while working on the roof ( ) :

Congressman Matt Gaetz promises to “object to electors” on Jan. 6 “from states that didn’t run clean elections”:

Trump announces massive Jan. 6 protest of election fraud:

Trump praises Navarro report on 2020 election fraud:

Redacted information in Dominion audit shows races were flipped:

So-called Michigan ballot audit doesn’t allow “the opportunity to challenge the fact that we have multiple ballots with the very same signature” . . . and it’s on tape:

Justice Roberts — the “conservative” who OK’d Obamacare by ruling it was a tax one day, and not a tax the next day — is keeping the Supreme Court from hearing evidence of massive 2020 election fraud. Is that because he’s a compromised buddy of Jeffrey Epstein? Owned by George Soros?

How else is “Justice” Roberts compromised?

Video – Fight for Trump, Save America:

Terrified Democrats start accusing election fraud whistleblowers of “sedition and treason.” (Remember – both Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky advised their followers to “accuse your enemy of that of which you are guilty”):

Lin Wood calls on Trump to confiscate Dominion machines, declare martial law in seven states:

Trump dismisses “martial law to re-run elections” as “fake news”:

Army “has no role” in dealing with stolen election, say Commanders-in-Chief Ryan McCarthy and Gen. James McConville. Or, wait . . . is SOMEONE ELSE commander-in-chief over these pencil pushers? Is there SOMEONE ELSE whose legal orders they’ve sworn to obey?

Mexican-owned Democrat propaganda sheet “New York Times,” none of whose reporters were present, reports Sidney Powell and General Flynn met with President Trump in the Oval Office Friday, discussed appointing Powell a Special Prosecutor to deal with theft of the 2020 election by criminal Democrats, Communist Venezuelans, Chinese:

. . . or see . . . :

. . . or see . . . :

Corrupt Bolshevik corporate media paved the way for minority mobs to destroy America:

Battleground state Legislatures can still designate Trump electors . . . if they care:

One strategy for saving the Republic, proving beyond question that President Trump won the 2020 election:

Testimony of witnesses to Georgia election fraud:

. . . more . . . :

. . . more . . . (but it sure is too bad there’s “no evidence,” eh?):

Security analyst behind Michigan Dominion audit expects further evidence to “change playing field.” (Since “evidence” has no value unless anyone with the power to take action actually LOOKS at it, we’re no longer holding our breaths):

Lin Wood sues Georgia over administration of Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections:

Video – fraudulent Arizona election:

“Simple math” shows Biden claiming 13 million more votes above number of registered voters who actually voted:

Linda Lee Tarver says evidence of election fraud in Michigan is “overwhelming” (Is that because she’s a racist?):

Kevin McCarthy finally receives FBI briefing on Rep. Eric Swalwell humping Chinese spies:

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  1. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    And Youtube (Google) deleted the video of the opening statement of Trump’s attorney, made to the U.S. Senate committee investigating voter fraud.