If Mike Pence refuses to accept votes from states that failed to follow THEIR OWN election laws, Trump wins 232-222

Dr. Ted Noel points out that on Jan. 6, Mike Pence, president of the Senate, has full Constitutional authority to throw out the supposed “electoral votes” of states which did not conduct their presidential elections under the laws enacted by their own state legislatures. Will he?:


Trump calls for special counsel to investigate 2020 election fraud:

Trump offered special counsel role to Sidney Powell on Dec. 18, but says his staff is now blocking her from seeing the President:


. . . or see . . . :

Maybe it’s Donald Trump who decided Sidney Powell should not be the special counsel on election fraud:


“Election fraud? Much too controversial.” It now appears President Trump appointed to the Supreme Court three worthless cowards who dishonor the memory of all those who died to protect our republic:


Why the vote-manipulation truths uncovered by Sidney Powell cause the entire establishment to imitate Sgt. Schultz: “I see nothing! I know nothing!”:


Copying the Nazis, Washington Post depicts Republicans who challenge Greatest Election Fraud in History as “rats”:


Democrats, gaslighted by this increasingly desperate “no evidence of fraud” nonsense, should read the 30-page Navarro report. (It contains no “conspiracy theories”):


Read the Navarro Report here:

The truth about Smartmatic:


Trump tells staff to forget about packing to leave:


Mitch McConnell, with massive Chinese connections, will try to strong-arm Sen. Tommy Tuberville out of challenging rigged-election electors:

Trump blasts RINOs for not stopping the steal:


Increasing number of GOP lawmakers to contest Electoral College vote:

Trump warns weak-kneed RINO senators – “I will never forget!”:

To expose the fraud, start at the bottom:


Evil dwarf Fauci admits he has been systematically lying to the American public about “COVID”:

. . . or see . . . :


Resist the COVID overreach – take off that mask:


Rand Paul says cut off funds to COVID-crazed Dem mayors, governors:


460,000 “drop box” Georgia ballots STILL missing chain-of-custody documentation required by law:

What could go wrong? Affirmative-action Georgia judge says it’s fine for Democrats to leave ballot “drop boxes” sitting out unattended at all hours:


. . . or see . . . :

No fraud? Houston ballots all have same signature, same address:

The “Progressives” are dismantling America’s foundations:


Arizona School Board member indicted for ballot-harvesting vote fraud (but thank goodness “There’s no evidence of vote fraud”):

3 Comments to “If Mike Pence refuses to accept votes from states that failed to follow THEIR OWN election laws, Trump wins 232-222”

  1. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    Hate to say it, but if Pence doesn’t count the votes from states that did not follow their own election laws as set by the legislature, then Trump’s 15 electoral votes from North Carolina would also have to be thrown out.

    In June of 2020, the legislature and Democrat governor signed a new law for the elections, specifically taking COVID into account. Then the state board of elections and the AG decided to “settle” a lawsuit by agreeing to accept mail in ballots NINE DAYS after the election, the longest in the USA.

  2. Vin Says:

    Hi, Bill — The linked article says the authority of the president of the Senate is “plenary” — in essence, for these purposes, “complete.” If he has the courage (as Vice President Thomas Jefferson did, before him), Pence can choose his own list of “contested” state electors to either accept or reject.

    So you surmise the Democrats (and RINOs) would respond by calmly arguing “OK, throwing out the electors from those five states was fine, but you have to throw out those from North Carloina as well, because the executive branch in that state violated the Consittution, in the same way that those of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin violated THEIRS”?

    Really? The Democrats and RINOs are going to AGREE AND STIPULATE THAT MIKE PENCE DID THE RIGHT THING IN REFUSING TO ACCEPT THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES OF THE FIVE CONTESTED STATES? Instead of screeching “Hitler Hitler Reichstag Fire Military Coup Orange Man Bad Hitler Hitler!”?

    Of course, a larger and more immediate question is whether Mr, Pence has adequate courage and loyalty to Trump — and to the survival of the mostly honest elections that preserve this republic — to endure ther kind of slings and arrows such a move would elicit. But if the Dems and RINOs were to accept five and say “now you have to add a sixth state — North Carolina,” I would agree the Trump-Pence forces should have a counter-strategy prepared,

    For instance, in addition to declining to accept the validity of the electors from the five SO-FAR-contested states, Pence might very well say “We also have questions about the legality and constitutionality of the procedures in five other states. So subject to further INDEPENDENT forensic audits of their voting machines and mailed-in ballots, I’m not going to accept the electoral college votes of California, Nevada, Rhode Island, Virginia or Washington state today, either.”

    (You really think they haven’t been wallowing in widespread cheating, chicanery and fraud in THOSE juridictions for about the past 30 years?)

    He could then later “cave in” and accept the votes from four of those states in a gesture of conciliation — so long as no one challenged North Carolina — holding out on Virginia (which was DEFINITEKLY crooked) till at least Jan. 22.

    Just for example.

    — V.

  3. Henry Says:

    “Copying the Nazis, Washington Post depicts Republicans who challenge Greatest Election Fraud in History as “rats”:”

    Which is hilarious, because somebody who knows nothing about the political alignment of the named politicians can clearly see that the cartoonist has drawn them all as Democrat donkeys, with thief masks and rat attributes pasted on.